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  1. I don't think Palin did that badly in the interview - especially given that she was not exactly comfortable with the subject matter. I have listened to many politicians less coherent. I have no doubt that Biden could drive her into the ground if he wanted to but perhaps at the same time generate even more sympathy for her. The VP debate is the same night as the sole English language Canadian leaders debate. I am going to watch the Joe and Sarah show since Canadian debates are too chaotic and I already know whom I am voting for.
  2. You didn't see it of course but my tongue was very firmly in my cheek. I've never really given any thought as to who I would prefer to win since for me it's hypothetical. I look at it more in the context of what would be in the interests of Canada and in terms of who would get along better with the Canadian government. On October 16th Canadians are going to re-elect Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. For which I am hugely happy. I think he can work with either Obama or McCain. Perhaps better with McCain. I can see some sparks with Obama if he (Obama) were to pursue a protectionist agenda.
  3. I'm not saying that I want to McCain to win. I said that in those areas of interest to me I think McCain would be better for Canada. If that is splitting hairs, fine. I work in the field of politics and maneuvering your way around Ottawa where one party is in power but it's another whose votes count I find that I have been splitting a lot of hairs over the last 2-1/2 years. If the American people choose Obama so be it. It's their country, their choice.
  4. What I have said is that in my areas of interest (foreign policy, the economy) McCain would be better for Canada. But I would not participate in a poll which asked me to express a preference as to who should be the President of the US since I would regard it as none of my business. I have lived in the US during elections and have avoided getting into political discussions. My views would be the same regardless for whom foreigners had a preference.
  5. I believe that McCain will win - I came to that conclusion several weeks ago. It's up to Americans to decide if they want him. But Obama created this by giving a campaign speech in a foreign country. When McCain came to Ottawa it was to address a business group on business issues. It didn't read the way I wanted it so I changed it.
  6. It also prevents the Democrats from using the experience factor. I watched a special on McCain and Obama on CNN about a week ago. I thought it was a fair review of the two men, warts and all - such as "The Keating Five" issue. But it did bring home how little experience Obama has. Short time in the Senate and nothing relevant beforehand.
  7. Dead on. These polls that show that 80% of the (non-American) world want Obama as president surely must piss off Americans. If I see a poll in the next six weeks telling me that the majority of people in Uzbekistan want Jack Layton as Canadian PM I would have to wonder why a bunch of foreigners want to give their views on something that is not their business.
  8. Yes, that's right. Obama has been a dog since the primaries. The appeal to the Democrats that he engineered into a victory over Clinton doesn't seem to resonate with the public as a whole. McCain realized that Obama was selling personality and an MLK speaking voice so what the election needed was a face newer than Obama's . Which he has produced. But the issue is: can it last until November 4th? There is no doubt Palin is entertaining. But will the public get tired of someone who really has a limited grasp of the issues? But will it matter? The election is about the two at the top of the ticket, not the bottom.
  9. I don't think this election is going to rise or fall on Gov Palin's pronunciation of "nuclear" or whether she thinks dinosaurs wandered the earth 4000 years ago. Got to give her kudos though on pronouncing Amadinejhad. The Demos are not going to win this election by Sarah-bashing.
  10. We once had a lawyer from Prince Albert. I doubt a city council member from Dawson Creek could be any worse. I think the equivalent to Gov Palin would be the Premier of the Yukon.
  11. Nothing to do with Americans. I would make the same observation about Canadians too - that they are more interested in domestic issues than foreign affairs.
  12. People will not care what she thinks about creation, contraception, God's role in the war in Iraq or her thin CV. Biden will try to embarrass her and she won't be able to name the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. People won't care about that either. People voted for Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. And that was for President. This is only for VP. Anyway since the primaries finished Obama has been on a slide - and that will continue all the way to November 4th. Palin has been around the block enough times to be able to handle herself. She will be weakest in foreign affairs, the issue people are least concerned with.
  13. I sent a friend of mine in Nashville a copy of the Mallick commentary, being discussed on another thread. My friend is a Hillaryite who thinks Obama is more sizzle than substance. Her response to the Mallick column was this: I personally think McCain has struck gold, which will propel him to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
  14. If they were THAT concerned about the environment they would be Liberals.
  15. It's not relevant. The Greens, NDP and the Liberals are all making GHGs a huge issue. That vote will split. May is brighter than Layton and speaks English a lot better than Dion. She will look attractive (politically, I mean) to the environmental set. The big loser could be the NDP.
  16. By all means let her speak. If it gets her votes it'll be at the expense of the NDP or Liberals.
  17. I believe you have the elections mixed-up. You are thinking of Sarah Palin.
  18. No. I apologize if it was read that way. It was definitely not intended to be a commentary on other poster's efforts. It was to add a little color to the gray format of this forum. It's now a grand total of four days since Gov Palin was selected at Sen McCain's running mate and I'm not sure I have much of a picture of her yet. Sure I read that she is anti-birth control, wants to have creationism taught in the schools (surely not a federal matter) but that she was agreeable to benefits for gay couples employed by the state of Alaska. I'd like to hear her talk - perhaps answering the questions bound to come up about her social views. And I want to hear her on the economy and on foreign issues - like Russia's warmongering. And of course the debate with Biden.
  19. I didn't realize it annoyed people. I can just as easily not use it.
  20. What I said was: Not that she promotes it; but her election as the first female to the office will be seen as a "landmark". Whether she actually "promotes" women's rights will be seen after November 4th.
  21. Only those with a perfectly healthy family may apply?
  22. No matter how Americans vote they will be making history. Either the first black Prez or first woman Vice-Prez. Whoever makes it might be a flop but will still be a "first". And that of course will happen even as they vote in the here-and-now and not worry about about what future historians might write.
  23. And a woman too. Not for the first time but one with more spunk than those juiceless females the Dippers had as leaders.
  24. Some would regard her as more representative of women than Hillary Clinton who just rode on her husband's coattails. History will forget that she wanted "creationism" taught in the schools but she will be known as the first woman Vice-President of the United States.
  25. If McCain wins the election - which is what I expect - Obama and H Clinton become minor footnotes to history (as is the case always with the losing side in a Presidential election) and Sarah Palin immediately becomes a major figure in the struggle for women's rights.
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