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  1. In the last election when the Greens tried to get in the debate Harper did not oppose it. Layton was the most adamantly opposed since he expects he would lose votes to the Greens. Can't see the CPC losing votes to the Greens. Anyone for whom the environment is a big thing is not likely to be voting for the Cons in the first place.
  2. Nothing more useless than an on-line poll. Let's see how Palin does. The convention is as spontaneous as a Papal encyclical so we won't learn anything there. But I want to hear how she handles the credit crunch, Iraq, Afghanistan and Russia's saber rattling out on the hustings and when scrummed by the media. And of course the debate with Biden. She is only marginally less qualified for the job than Obama and half the US population seems like it is prepared to vote for him as Prez. I'ts too early to make an assessment of her.
  3. Dion has put his all into the GHG issue - if he flops then the Libs, and he, are dead. The environment is the Green's reason for existence. By running candidates they will seep votes away from the Libs. The Greens are just a rump group. They are the ones that should withdraw their candidates. May is a far more effective speaker than Dion and will come across better in the debates. It's not a surprise that the one leader not opposed to the Greens in the debates is Harper. He has the most to gain.
  4. That's a good point. In some cases there were nine or more candiadtes involved. What makes the Canadian format messy is all the interrupting. Hard to follow when three people are talking at the same time. I've felt for some time that the rules in our debates have to be changed. Now that it looks like it's five players there is even more need to clean it up.
  5. What May should do is to withdraw all her candidates and tell her supporters to vote Liberal. The GHG vote is going to split three ways. As I said before the winner here is Harper.
  6. I never watched with four because invariably it was just a babble. It'll be even worse with five. Good news for Harper. May will pick up votes from the Libs and Dips.
  7. It already is. Tory support of Bill C-484 has come up in the by-elections as "evidence" of an anti-abort animus on the part of the CPC. That's why the Justice Minister distanced the party from it. If abortion becomes an issue it will help the Liberals.
  8. In a world of quick sound bites Palin is the latest star. Her 15 minutes will soon be over. She is not the savior for McCain as socons would like us to believe. But she is not the klutz the liberals tells us she is. She was elected governor so she can handle herself in public. She will make the odd gaffe, but then so might Biden. The debate between the two should be of some interest. This election is about McCain and Obama and after a flurry of shots of Ms Patin when she was a "glamor queen" focus will return to the two guys at the head of the tickets. BTW, if she does become Prez at some point I am sure she will be able to give Vladimir Putin some tips on the art of cooking moose meat.
  9. This Bill is now dead after what Nicholson did. It'll die anyway with an election.
  10. What are you referring to? Bill C-484? There have been recent developments.
  11. And many who criticize him were planning to vote against him anyway. The economy, Afghanistan, Dion's carbon tax and our usual fight over medicare will ensure that this particular procedural matter will not be a factor in the election.
  12. We don't need a majority government in Canada. The Tories haven't earned it and I haven't trusted the Liberals for years.
  13. Absolutely none whatsoever which makes me think that all this is Tory disinformation. He would be subject to much criticism in calling an election and negating by-elections and of course he couldn't justify it on a "dysfunctional" Parliament. Dion is still sounding like Hamlet in what he will do after the House gets back. Harper should let things go as they go. Dion will be pestered by the media as to "will he, won't he" when it comes to an election. Meanwhile if the Oppos become obstructionist Harper will have an excuse to pull the pin.
  14. On the other hand the Oppos could split the left wing vote. There is grumbling about Harper, of course. But not enough to replace with a questionable leader who is proposing tax hikes and no doubt will have grandiose spending plans. And if Harper is so bad why does he continue to lead in the polls? And in Quebec the Libs huge margins in parts of Montreal overstate their popularity province wide. Dion has had plenty of opportunity to force an election and every time he has chickened out. He's the guy not sure of an election.
  15. One thing I have never seen is a poll where the Liberals were actually ahead of the CPC. Even yes, but the consistent reality is that the CPC is more popular. And if there has been one it's an exception. The one thing that will kill Dion is the carbon tax. That by itself will lose him the election. But it would be silly and not to his advantage for Harper to call an election now. Two weeks after Sept 15 and he will have what he needs to show that the current House can't work.
  16. I would suggest advantage Harper. One thing I don't see is the CPC getting LESS seats than now in a general election. I think that will be clear after September 8th where the Liberal vote will be lower than expected.
  17. How does he justify it? He has said he would call an election if the other parties don't permit him to fulfill his agenda. He can only do that AFTER the House resumes and there is evidence of a problem.
  18. And between now and September 2nd there will be at least another half dozen other rumors from an "unnamed confidant". If Harper is going to pull the pin he will at least meet the House and then claim the Opposition is continuing to be "disruptive". I just heard Labour Minister Blackburn say he he is being called back to Ottawa in a few days for a special meeting. To organize the party's Christmas party, perhaps?
  19. Because the best way to get re-elected is to show how your opponent is a goombaa? How many premiers are now opposed to the Green Shaft? Four, or is it Five? And look what a carbon tax rip-off is doing for Gordon Campbell's popularity?
  20. It'll be cheaper if the alternative is to keep them in prison.
  21. Imagine what it will be like after the House resumes. Time for an election to clear the air. And not let's just blame the CPC. The Oppos in the committee voted down any witnesses proposed by the Conservatives.
  22. If they pose a threat of violence why are they being let out at all? Surely those are the ones that should remain in the bucket and those who are NOT considered violent are the ones who should be let out with the monitors on as a precaution.
  23. In the eyes of some, since the anti-aborts don't have the votes for a frontal attack, they are trying to get it through the back door.
  24. Maybe, or maybe not. Bush pulls the plug in just over five months. I wonder if the new President will order him kept in prison even after he has completed his sentence.
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