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  1. Which would be just as illegal as if Dion were to implement it.
  2. It sounds like Steph is proposing a trade war. We impose tariffs so other countries retaliate. Wait and see what that does for our economy and unemployment levels.
  3. They are both controlling...in their own way. Leftists want to ban "hate" speech. Rightists want to ban "gay pride" marches.
  4. You mean like the way Dion implemented Kyoto?
  5. And he will blink because all indications will be that if we have a fall election it will be a return of the status quo. And that means bye bye Steph.
  6. I see the environment as the biggest single issue in the election. Dion will try to make it that way, the Tories will dump on it, of course. Afghanistan is a non-starter since there is no real difference between the Tories and Grits. And of course Tory "integrity, transparency and accountability" but I'm not sure how big these issues are with the public. Most of all, another minority government and no election this fall.
  7. I can't see any way that there will be a majority government. Only two ways that the Libs can win - the population go for his carbon tax in a big way and/or more Tory scandals.
  8. You learn bugger all from by-elections. Outremont will go back Lib in the next general election.
  9. The Libs are in damage control mode. They won't win the next election; it's a question of maximizing the seats they can win.
  10. He has had plenty of chances to bring down the government and didn't. It's in his hands. I think it's more idle talk. He won't force an election.
  11. I'd prefer Edward and his wife. They are not pompous asses like the other royals. And they have been to Canada before. But, worrying about who will open the Games while they are going to spend billions of our money is like trying to organize a shuffleboard game as the Titanic sinks.
  12. Don't worry. Paul McCartney will make up for her absence.
  13. The success of the Vancouver Olympics will be determined by the quality of the athletic endeavor not who presides over the opening ceremony. Similarly, who opens the Beijing Olympics is irrelevant.
  14. And nobody remembers and nobody cares. As will be case in Vancouver.
  15. That sets the protocol. If QEII is not interested and the GG has better things to do then the Olympics will be opened by the Chief Justice of Supreme Court.
  16. Which is obviously not a problem if the GG opened the Calgary Olympics.
  17. Why not the GG if it was he (or she) or did the job in 1988? After all, that it is what the GG's role is - to represent the Queen.
  18. The G8 has become pretty irrelevant. It doesn't include China or India. Maybe now is the time to disband it. Nothing useful at all came out of their latest meeting.
  19. 6 dead in attack on U.S. Consulate in Turkey TERRORISM
  20. Only in the eyes of the Canadian media.
  21. Harper is like the little schnauzer puppy that knows that the Big Bulldog Bush will protect him. He's very courageous with his stand on GHGs when he knows the US will back him up. It'll be different next year with President Obama in attendance at the G8 meeting.
  22. Easy to do when you know you are not going to win any seats in the province.
  23. It's more than that. The feds have to give money to groups to have a Canada Day celebration. At one time they gave away flags!
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