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  1. Holy F--k! That's one of the groups that got a grant. If the program's recipients have included "a general radical," and "a left-wing and anti-globalization think-tank" why not just tighten up the criteria for a grant?
  2. A set-up perhaps between Beijing and Washington? Bush makes his comments in Bangkok, China makes its "angry" response and then Bush goes on to the Olympics and everyone enjoys themselves? It also helps with Bush back home to be seen to "be doing something" with the Chinese. Something, but not too much.
  3. Well, Bush won't be around when he gets out.
  4. This is number one on the lib-left's hate list. But it does have some following since it passed at 2nd reading. It is now before the Commons Justice and Human Rights Committee where I have no doubt it will get bogged down.
  5. We've been told that with an aging population it's time to gird the loins. Now it seems that there is one view that too many kids will be a drag on the economy.
  6. And of course they would have kept him in prison even if he had been acquitted.
  7. I agree. Bernier is yesterday's issue. Do you think the Libs are going to raise it an election so the other parties can remind the public of the Sponsorship scandal - which occurred in a government of which Dion was a member?
  8. Our phone is continually in use. That is why the tele-marketers are such a pest. We'll stick with the hang-up route.
  9. And I know what it's like. They once mistook me for a drug dealer they were looking for. I've always assumed they could seize anything they wanted if they felt there was justification.
  10. Nobody knows if Dion will grow any balls or not during the summer and force an election this autumen. So, from now until the mandatory election in the fall of 2009 it will be all politics - just like happens in the US.
  11. Let's not confuse this with democracy. These are all opposition witnesses. The opposition majority on the committee voted not to hear any Tory witnesses.
  12. Like the Pope's apologies for the pedophile priests. They seem to mean less each time they are repeated.
  13. The PM might have set the standard with the apology for residential schools and other groups may expect no less.
  14. My approach is always the same. Say I'm not interested. In 80% of the cases they hang up. If they continue to babble then I hang up. I'm always polite - at first. After all, these are just working stiffs doing their job.
  15. Welcome to 21st century labor relations. Nothing odd here. Workers vote on union contracts and if the majority want a Muslim holiday, so be it. The plant also has a prayer room, not a common provision in labor contracts.
  16. This is what is going to make the debates so interesting. Will it be the young hotshot vs the tired old man or will McCain make Obama look reckless and inexperienced? (Note: unlikely reckless since Obama is doing the things all candidates do after securing the nomination - moving to the center).
  17. Spot on guy! Nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing that one is acting in one's enlightened self-interest.
  18. It's over three months to the election. They have to go through the conventions, the campaign ramps up and there are debates. By then, who knows? The Dow might be down another 25% and Fannie and Freddie may in far worse shape than now with the mortgage crisis for individuals worse, not better. You can guarantee events (not good) in Iran/Iraq/Pakistan/Afghanistan/Palestinian territories. Will anybody care about a speech in Berlin in July?
  19. I have both British and Canadian citizenship. And I have worked and lived extensively in the US. In NY and MN. Yes, and I was working on the railroad. Each year many Canadians go to the US for medical treatment not available in Canada or because of shortage of facilities. Without the US as a safety valve the shortcomings in the Canadian medical care system would be even more apparent. And if the G8 were being reconstituted Canada and Italy would get the heave to be replaced by China and India.
  20. People in Canada also die while awaiting medical treatment. And I don't doubt some out of work auto workers will be losing their homes.
  21. Right. Millions want to live in the US (and will court death to get there) but few want to move out of the country.
  22. He will be judged on his policies and not that he had 200,000 Germans cheering at him, many of whom didn't have the foggiest idea what he was saying. If those policies are congruent with what Europeans want to hear, fine. But if he is just saying things to make Europeans feel nice that could all backfire. But he didn't pull punches. He made it clear he wants the Euros to belly up to the bar in Afghanistan. I doubt that went down well in many governments.
  23. Easy to be brave when the House is adjourned. Let's see if Steph's testes are quite as firm come September 15th. Of course, if the Libs go down the toilet in Westmount nobody will be talking election.
  24. The Tories are going to have a field day with this. They will taunt Dion into revealing which countries he will erect tariff barriers against. He won't answer of course, making him look like a wuss. Canada is very trade dependent. We would be nuts to start a trade war. If Dion had any sense he would talk about incentives for those countries with green footprints. Carrot, not stick.
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