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  1. If you think political-correctness alone can win a war you are wrong. For example, Indians have freedom of shitting on this public beach, but I guess nobody here wants to go to that beach even if he or she is an Indian Canadian: This video is age restricted. Make sure you are of age before click the link. Nonetheless, political reform did play a rule on defeating Soviet in the Cold War. Just imagine, nowadays if black citizen still had to sitting on the back on a bus and in a cinema, I bet China after Mao's Death, alone with many other none west countries, would join Soviet side, not team up with US and the West, which would change the tide of the Cold War in 1980s. But this isn't the proof of the victory of political-correctness. Back in the time before 1960s, racialism was political-correct and mixing white kids with black kids in the same school was politically incorrect then, at least incorrect in some states of US. It was the courage of choosing to do right thing over follow political-correct books which was left by the founders of the system hundreds years ago helped US to win the Cold War. Nowadays the US's problem is their elite class wrongly interpreted the cause of US's wining and misled the whole nation to believe that cold war/hot war/trade war....would be easy to win if just clinging on politically correct books. No need hard working, no need sacrificing a bit of your freedom for greater good to achieve final victory... Using China, US and India for examples: China: Sacrificing a few months of freedom of roaming on streets and business losses results both daily life and economy almost back to normal since then: US: A few months of mask-free election campaign resulted the covid infection number great again... As for India, a few days of freedom of dreaming of "vaccine superpower" has become the greatest humanitarian disaster after the cold war. Indian Today Mar 9, 2021: Just less than 2 months later: Political-correctness can't help you to achieve the victory against Covid19, but doing right thing at right time can. And the "Right" isn't judged by political doctrines but by science. China wins because except a few weeks in the early stage, the government and people strictly following scientific measures. The US and India failed because their national leaders put political considerations over science.
  2. When a true humanitarian crisis happens, those politicians who used to care fake humanitarian crisis and roar aloud disappear from the world completely....
  3. Make a big rocket to colonize Mars I suppose.....since all other places on earth have already been colonized by civilized, freedom seeking and human rights respecting nations....πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
  4. I don't know what I should write here...I'm speechless. I think if Xi Jinping watched these, he would be very proud of himself for not asking Kim Jong-un to provide porker for China during the porker shortage in China in 2018-2019... And if Kim Jong-un watched these, he would be very proud of himself that he would refuse to help even if Xi made the request...
  5. Kim Jong-un: Nuke is good. I have nukes so I have survived and you are died. Saddam Hussein: You have survived because your country borders with China and Russia. If I had nukes, Iraq would have been wiped out by US's nuclear strike... When you compare two things, you need to put them under same the same condition. If you put all the sanctions which NK bears on SK, you will see "market or freedom" won't save the day. If you had ever paid attention to the long line before the return counter when you were shopping at Walmart, Costco or Best Buy after Boxing Day and though through it, you would know "individuals choose their own way" didn't mean they would certainly choose the right way.... If US indeed believed in market solutions, why would it need to put sanctions on anyone? Why would it just let individual companies choose if they wanted to trade with NK, Myanmar, Russia.... or not?
  6. It seems like US presidents are no better than those incompetent mask factory manager and worker: 04:09 Let me reiterate, our support for the release of detained Chinese.....😜 It seems like President Biden accidentally leaked the topmost national secret of US and Canada...πŸ˜‚
  7. I used to think BC was a male until I noticed the "Gender: Female" part under her ID.
  8. When I said Trump would fail his voters, I didn't mean Trump himself would cause the failure, though I have to agree that Trump is more stupid than I thought. I meant that Trump would fail his voters because his promise MAGA was a mission impossible. And if you watch the videos below, you will know why: At 0:52 in the first video, a worker even didn't mask her nose when dealing with these medical products, so you can imagine how many workers would do the same if the manager and reporter weren't there. And I suppose you have noticed that they didn't wear protective clothes to prevent these medical products from being contaminated by their daily clothes. You can also see the manager even picked up a medical mask without wearing gloves. How could they MAGA without taking their jobs seriously but only whining, blaming China for stealing their jobs, complaining government for not funding them, and begging customer to buy their poorer quality products with higher price? Make something great again means it was great before. Trump, Biden or any president couldn't make America great again without the people who made America great before. That is what I meant to say then.
  9. If you read my reply to myata you would know Trudeau turned to India for help since currently there is no help from US and UK... I remember I told you last year that Cansino was a private company. 3 of 4 founders of the company are Canadian citizens and another one is a Canadian PR. The company raises money from HK stock market and invests heavily on dozens of vaccines but none of them have been approved to sell in Chinese market yet. Its Ad5-nCoV vaccine is developed by its partner Dr. Chen Wei's team who work for the Academy of Military Medical Science of PLA, which means at least part of the funds to develop the vaccine are from the government so it isn't up to Cansino to give its intellectual property away to a foreign countries. A total control doesn't mean it has better controlling effectiveness than a smart partial control. Local anesthesia sometimes is more deceiving than general anesthesia, which means you think you are conscious and know what's going on in your body but actually feel nothing when the surgeon cuts a big piece of flesh off you back....
  10. China has never been as such small mind as US government and media. If you knew a Chinese private company bought the right of selling BioNTech vaccine in China before Pfizer bought it, you would not bet. BioNTech, Fosun Pharma initiate Covid-19 vaccine candidate trial in China There is a real story which sounds like a joke. The Taiwanese separatist President vowed to ban any Chinese vaccines in Taiwan and told her voters that she would buy vaccines from US. But when she approached Pfizer, Pfizer told her that it couldn't sell Pfizer vaccine to Taiwan since Fosun Pharma had already bought the right of selling BioNTech vaccine in Chinese market from BioNTech, and Taiwan was include in Chinese market.πŸ˜› Now she has to pay extra money to Pfizer so Pfizer could pay Fosun Pharma as compensation, and She still need to wait in queue until all her American masters get shots first. And if you knew where the active ingredients of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine are made.....
  11. You sounds like there were many vaccine makers waiting in queue to sell their vaccines to Canada so Canadian could be a little picky.... But in reality: India to β€˜do its best’ to get coronavirus vaccines to Canada, PM Modi tells Trudeau Now Trudeau is begging India to sell vaccine to Canada. He forgets weeks ago, he angered Modi by expressing support to Indian farmers who rioted against Modi's new farm acts.
  12. I bet the majority of western people don't know that Chinese "unproven" vaccines have been sold to dozens of countries worldwide. You told me I would lose the bet because a Chinese inactive vaccine showed less effective than US mRNA vaccines...😜 For you information, inactive vaccines are theoretically meant to less effective than mRNA vaccines because mRNA can get into your cells and trigger both cellular immunity and humoral immunity, but inactive vaccines only count on humoral immunity since they are dead virus which couldn't get inside your cells. But effectiveness is only one factor to evaluate the worthiness of a vaccine. Inactive vaccines can be stored in normal fridge temperature, which give them advantage on storage and transportation. This is why there are so many countries buying these inactive vaccines. Since the dead virus can't get into your cells, inactive vaccines are supposed to have less side effectiveness. Millions worldwide have been injected these vaccines, no serious side effect being reported yet. mRNA on the other hand....though serious side effects are rare, but still lots of people are afraid of it and reluctant to take the shots:
  13. I bet most Canadians, Americans....have never known that Chinese vaccine makers have sold their vaccines to dozens of countries in the world because their so-called independent mainstream media don't meant them to see these, which would definitely raise doubts to the effectiveness of the authority and the system. Controlling public to access unfavorable information to keep the system safe isn't the exclusive patent of dictatorship.....
  14. If you take in idea of someone or something (like politburo, God, government, media, your professor, your book, "independent source of information" or your dad...etc.) blindly without any your own thinking, you are worship someone or something. God gives you a brain to think, not just take in information from so-called independent sources to store them like cheap a USB thumb drive. You need to do analysis to any information, regardless it from dependent or independent source, before taking it in. Take Chinese vaccines for example: After seeing so many countries buying Chinese vaccines(showed in video below), my analysis is that I could hardly believe that all of these countries' doctors and scientists are fooled by CCP politburo and suggest their governments to spend hundreds millions $ to buy so-called "unproven" Chinese vaccine....πŸ˜› The fact that hundreds of millions foreigners receive these vaccine itself is the prove that their safety and effectiveness since CCP's politburo has no control over these counties' people's mouths. If there were some people died or got seriously ill after being vaccinated by Chinese vaccine, we would see it on VOA, BBC, CNN, FOX..... Serbia: UAE: Indonesia: Zimbabwe: Parkistan: Hungary: Colombia: Turkey: Brizal: Thai: Egypt: Philippines: Seychelle: Equatorial Guinea: Congo Republic ......
  15. I wasn't pissed by anything. Today I happened to be idle so I randomly replied in some thread which interested me to spend time. Though sometimes my replies are short and full of movie clips and jokes, but it doesn't mean they are meaning less. The last one for example: China was, is and will be taking advantage of the stupidity of US politics just like Rita takes advantage of morons in that film, so does many smart parties like EU and Russia. This thread is valid now and will still be valid for years even for decades since though Trump has gone, but the stupidity in American politics will still linger.....even the "America First" has not gone with him yet-----this is why Canada can't get vaccine from US right now.... Besides, I don't think there is much room for any serious discussion. Just look most posters in this forum, instead considering and questioning others' reason and logic, they questions others' motive and identity. Jokes are better ways to reminder them how illogic and ridiculous they are.
  16. Rita takes advantage of a fool......😜 It seems like this is also universal even in the future.
  17. Putting belief over logic......this is why God has abandoned his believers-----he built hundreds $ worth CPUs in their head, but they only use them to record what holy books tell them like $5 worth USB thumb drives. What disappointing creations. 😜
  18. The so-called independent evaluation is myth. For example: If you want to buy a F-35, how could you find an independent expert who knows F-35 better than those who work for Lockheed Martin? If you were a Canadian expert on vaccinology, before you decided to bad-mouth Pfizer's or Moderna's vaccine, should you consider that maybe someday you had to work for them when Canadian government sold your company or department to US just like they sold Bombardier C Series to Airbus?
  19. I remember years ago I red a joke from a comment under a YouTube video: Reporter: Mr. President, why does US ban Huawei 5G network? Trump: Because Huawei steals 5G technologies from American companies. Reporter: But....but American companies don't have 5G technologies.😜 Trump: They haven't the technology because it was stolen by Huawei....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
  20. 1. If there was sufficient supply your family doctor would decide what kind of vaccine you should receive. But since the supply shortage, the government will jab any vaccine they could get into your arm regardless whether it would fit your physical and health conditions or not....πŸ™„ 2. The wealthy and powerful always have more choice than common people. After last year Trump's bizarre covid infection and rapid recovery story, my wife came out a conspiracy theory that Trump wasn't infected by Covid-19 virus but was secretly ejected with Chinese inactive vaccine. The active ingredient of an inactive vaccine is dead virus. When it is injected into human body, the recipient will be tested positive science it has the antigen in its blood. But since dead virus can't duplicate, they will be neutralized shortly after the recipient's body begins to produce antibody and will no longer be tested positive a few days later. The true infected patient usually needs far more time to recover since the virus still duplicate even the body begins to generate antibody. The result won't turn to negative until the antibody generation enters "mass production" phase, which usually needs many weeks or even many months. I usually hate conspiracy theory, but I have to admit her theory sounds. Trump had motive to be vaccinated before began his election campaign because he didn't want to wear mask to tarnish his tough man image before his supporters, and then not like US, UK and Russia, Chinese inactive vaccines were tested in many foreign countries like Brazil and UAE, where Trump's friends were more easy to lay their hands on these vaccines. 3. "Approval" means if China or Russia do something which the Western countries haven't do it before, it is an unproven method to deal with the covid-19. For example: After their vaccines passed phase II clinic trial, which means the safety of the vaccines have generally been proven but the effectiveness hasn't been proven yet, China and Russia began to use their vaccine on high-risk group populations like doctors and nurses under emergency use. Their logic is simple: even if these vaccines not work, they won't cause more harm than not using them since phase II clinic trials have showed they are generally safe; but if they works, they will save many lives. Since Western countries didn't think this way, the western media immediately began to attack Russia and China "using unproven vaccine" on people. But.....but recently, due to some bad planning and management, many recipients in Western countries have found there are no vaccine for the second shot after they received the first one, so the authorities tell them they can wait longer than "proven" 4 weeks interval---like to extend the interval to 6 weeks to many months, or use other vaccine instead, like the first shot is Moderna and the second they give you an Oxford.... My question is: had these western governments proven these methods before to use them on the general public?😜 And where are these so-called independent Western mainstream media?πŸ˜‚
  21. I think the intellectual property transfer was supposed to happen after the clinic trail began. Since the clinic trail has never started, it seems like Cansino's Canadian partner hasn't received any key technical stuff yet.
  22. In Hollywood sci-fi disaster movies, we used to see the leaders and people in the Western world behaving noble with dignity when the world meets its end... But in reality......πŸ˜œπŸ˜’ Scientifically, Trump is right on one thing---the covid-19 pandemic is just another the Spanish flu, which means lots of people will die, but it won't end the world. But politically if there is one thing worse than the death of people, it is that the pandemic has revealed the true color of the Western world. Currently due to the shortage of covid vaccine, Trudeau is under fire by Canadian media and opposite parties for "sticking too long to Chinese vaccine". But my question is: Is the delay of ordering other vaccines really because Trudeau only stuck on the Cansino vaccine, or because he tried to stick on something else? Firstly, let's see what is the content of the Cansino vaccine deal: How Ottawa utterly botched Canada's COVID vaccine acquisition So it would be a really good deal for Canada by saving hundreds million $ on search without needing to mention saving the more valuable thing in the world----time......if the deal worked. But it didn't. The first thing I suppose everyone here understands is: a deal means it will benefit both sides of the deal. If you walk into a car dealer's shop to buy a car, he gets your money and you get his car. But we can't see what Cansino would get from the deal. The vaccine had already passed phase I and II clinic trails in China since these two phases only test side effects of the vaccine so they don't require an epidemic area to do the tests. What Cansino really needed was the phase III clinic trail, which needed to test in a community with high infection rate, this is why all Chinese vaccine makers need to test their vaccines in foreign countries since the infective rates had dropped to nearly zero in China before their vaccines entered this phase. Unfortunately, or fortunately I mean, the pandemic was also under control then in Canada. So if Cansino stuck on the deal, it would get nothing by handing over its intellectual property freely to Canada. After read these, some Canadian may think Trudeau is too stupid to stick on the unrealistic deal. But he didn't. I bet he probably hadn't been counting on the deal from the beginning. If Canada government did count on the vaccine, it should approve its phase III trail from the beginning, not asking to redo the phase I and II clinic trails which would delay the whole progress for months. The only reasonable explanation of the intentional delay on the phase III trail is that Trudeau just wanted to use the deal as a bargaining chip to strike deals with other Western vaccine makers. This isn't the first time Canadian government uses this method. I remember a decade ago when I first come to this forum, there was a thread on build a pipeline to export oil to China. I saw lots of comments saying like "who cares about China's feeling". I remember I commented "If you don't care about China's feeling, at least you need to pretend to want making a deal with China so you can use it to bargain with US". It seemed someone in Harper's inner circle thought the same, so Canada began the endless and fruitless discussion with Chinese oil companies on the pipeline and used it as a bargaining chip to make Keystone Pipeline XL deal with US. Besides, once the phase I/II clinic trails began in Canada, Canada still could get the intellectual property transfer from Cansino even if the phase III clinic trail would never happen due to the reason I have stated above. This is why Trudeau appeared to "stick" to the deal even if he knew the shipment of the vaccine probably would never come. Secondly, Trudeau didn't stick to the Cansino deal but stick to the liberal political-correctness---equal, fairness.., etc. He wanted Canada's Western allies acting like first movie clip I attached above, by distributing vaccines via WHO or COVAX mechanism, so did Emanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, now both of them also had some vaccine supply problem. So it seems not bad that the three tried to play the good guy in the first video above.....until they realized others would not hesitate to play the bad guys in the second video.πŸ˜… Then they turned themselves as bad as the guys in the second video, by securing more doses of vaccines than their countries' need to secure their political career and left poor developing countries behind. This is why Trudeau doesn't want to explain the reasons of his decisions publicly. Because if there is one thing worse than being a bad guy, it is that a bad guy who used to pretend being good guy has to uncover his true face to the public... πŸ˜‚ LOL. Maybe, I think I can say I believe that Trudeau isn't that bad. I think he genuinely tried to be a good guy but finally end up had to be not much different with the guys in the second video since liberal political-correctness just can not overcome human weakness which is defined by our DNA. It's kinda like that an idealist liberal politician comes to Africa and lectures impala "don't fear lions. If you stick together and point your antlers outward, you can defeat lions." But when lions appear on horizon, all impala begin to flee. Realizing he is alone against the whole lion pack, the politician jumps on his SUV and flees faster than any impala. Should we blame him for fleeing faster than impala? Probably not....😜😒
  23. Just assume: Before ww2 if US was bordered by Poland in Europe and Soviet was located by Canada in North America, would US still win the Cold War or could even exist until the Cold War began? I mean there would still be a cold war but it would probably be between Soviet and Nazi, not US vs CCCP at all. The "Market System Always Triumph" theory is just a political-correct day-dream which was created by fiscal conservative nerd professors. Even those conservative politicians and economists in power don't believe the theory. If they truly believe the theory, why do they always blame China for subsidizing state-owned companies since the non-marking method would result that China eventually fail? If the CEO of Boeing believed the theory, why would Boeing sue Bombardier for getting subsidies from Canadian government to kill the CSeries? Since subsidizing wasn't a market solution and was deemed to fail according to the theory, why wouldn't Boeing just wait for CSeries failed by itself? Without Chairman Mao's state-owned factories which had trained hundreds of millions of Chinese illiterate peasants to skilled industrial workers during 26 years of Mao's rule, where would you assume that Deng Xiao Ping could find so many workers to fill in Walmart factories in China? If Americans truly believed that an individual should be free to be what the person is, why should they ban Trump free to be what he is on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, 😜Tik TokπŸ˜’, mainstream media .... and even try to ban him as the President of US----I mean the impeachment?
  24. When I was a littler kid in China, there was a soldier who was made a model citizen by communist party's propaganda department because he reportedly always did selfless things to help others. When the soldier was killed in a car accident, Chairman Mao wrote an eulogy praising him: "It isn't difficult for a man to do a few good things selflessly, but it is hard to be a man who always does good things selflessly, never does anything bad or selfish." After Mao died, some Chinese began to use Mao's words, with a bit alteration, as a joke to describe a bad person...exactly the worst of bad guys: It isn't difficult for a man to do a few bad things selfishly, but it is hard to be a man who always does bad things selfishly, never does anything good.....😒 When making Return of the Jedi, George Lucas added a bit good in Darth Vader, the main villain of the first Star Wars movie, so he could re-define Vader/Anakin Skywalker as a good person, then exploit Anakin's story in prequel trilogy to round up extra billions $ for him. If Trump was truly a good businessman, he should see it would be a good investment for him if he added a bit good in his image, especially Pelosi as well as his republican comrades will throw him into a jail to eliminate his chance of return in 2024 anyway.
  25. I'm serious. I know it is politically, legally.....incorrect. But I think one of these true universal values which beyond race, culture, ideology....is: if some one does a favor to us as we requested, we feel obliged to do something in return once he or she has trouble for doing it. I think most of these rioters wouldn't be criminals but common normal people if they didn't believe in Trump. And they did the crime for Trump. I know it seems not right according to all kinds of political-correct books, but since Trump has done many not-right things, what does it matter if he does a bit more wrongdoing? Maybe someday Hollywood would make a movie President Trump. Would it be a noble ending that in the last day in the White House, the president, after all those dumb things he had done, signed a pardon for his nobody brainless followers, knowing Pelosi would use it as evidence of inciting a riot to throw him into a jail?
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