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  1. Confused dudes with mustaches are beautiful women...repeat as needed.
  2. Is he now? Gosh, it's cold out when one is living in a trench in a wind swept pasture.
  3. My city has certainly improved under Dear Leader's reign. I get my daily fitness by dodging twitchy meth heads and leaping over their pools of vomit.
  4. He's the avocado toast sorta fascist.
  5. How to Get Offended in 2022 Awaken With JP
  6. How Ukraine – Not Russia – Floods Social Media With War Propaganda On Twitter, Zelensky is a post whore....my observation.
  7. Kari is pretty awesome as a candidate. There's NO reason for Hobbs to be there AT THE DAMN COUNT. Even if she's not doing anything...looks very bad for her to be THERE.
  8. My wife is super ticked that he's gaining political points with Drag Race while ignoring and breaking numerous promises to the gay community.
  9. Hobbs shouldn't be anywhere near the ballots...but there she is.
  10. Kiev was the greatest victory in WW2 for the Third Reich. Didn't help.
  11. That's totally crazy that it's done that way in AZ. Incumbent runs the election, eh? Tammany Hall revisited.
  12. The Democrats elected a dead guy. Beat that...lol.
  13. According to Suetonius, Caligula promoted his horse to Senate consul. I figure we're around there in terms of the Fall of the Empire. Pass that gold-leafed Harvest Crunch to Fetterman. He looks a bit hungry.
  14. I still stand by everything I posted. I even doubt the Paul Pelosi was actually attacked at this point. You're entitled to your opinions and I'm entitled to mine. The funny part would be if myself and the other members with similar opinions all stopped posting here at MLW, you'd be eating your own inside a week.
  15. I'm famous for having other things to do during the day rather than be online with you.
  16. They have managed to convince an entire generation that farmers and truckers are the real enemies out there. One really has to admire that ability to turn things on a dime.
  17. I admire Christianity for the concept of there being rights that no human can take away.
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