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  1. As Jimmy might say: "Look at all those Ukrainians trying to hail a cab at a soccer match."
  2. It was a Ukrainian S-300 that tried to knock down a Russian cruise missile...malfunctioned and hit Poland by latest accounts. Do you warmongers still want WW3?
  3. Unfamiliar with the likes of the FTX scandal, hey Nazi lover? Or were you also knee deep in laundering money and merely wish to deflect?
  4. Can you perhaps also say some kind words about your leader, Klaus? Thanks.
  5. Remember, Klaus Schwab is NOT a Nazi. Just because he looks, acts and speaks like one is no indication of how much he loves you.


  6. Now that Ukraine's status as the money laundering cesspit to the 'elite' has been brought into the open, we now see why some folks LOVE Ukraine and the Nazis. Looking at you Joe Biden...Trudeau...et al.
  7. Anybody not 100% behind NATO's efforts to start WW3 would fall into that group, I'd imagine.
  8. 'Life only as a burden.' Pre-WW2 propaganda in support of Nazi Germany's new euthanasia program. The claim being that it's all done for humanitarian reasons...and at the request of the suffering...of course. Mention of the financial savings it would provide Germany was touted, as well. Doctors involved were legally protected from any form of prosecution if 'mistakes' were made. But this time it's totally different. Right?
  9. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Yeah...pay here.
  10. And we all have seen what those two are worth to the fascist Liberals and their zombie supporters. You'll be justifying murder right alongside them...with a straight face.
  11. No worries. Be sure to bundle-up as you sleep in the park.
  12. It's just the start of Canada's version of Aktion T4. The longer this Trudeau dictatorship goes on, the more heinous it will become. Sterilization for humanitarian reasons...they'll say. Murder because they care sooooooooo much will be justified and rationalized to the growing zombie public. It is, as you say...sick. But that's the sort of things these new fascists do. Sick stuff.
  13. I have no dog in your beloved war. I couldn't care less for either side. Canada has zero business being there other than in its new role as the 4th Reich's biiitch...which you clearly support. I hope they all freeze in darkness and you along with them.
  14. Not just over the top, but much of the trench war involved vigorous underground mining operations by both sides. Some of the biggest pre-atomic era explosions were the results. https://en.wikipedia.org//wiki/Mines_in_the_Battle_of_Messines_(1917)
  15. So are Canadians. Are you going to sleep outside tonight? No? Didn't think so.
  16. Be sure to hand over all your warm clothing to Herr Trudeau. Perhaps buy a few of his junk War Bonds while you're at it.
  17. Yeah...start listening to our propaganda, instead.
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