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  1. If you say so. A dangerous path, n'est ce pas? One surely doesn't WANT another US Civil War. But fellows like yourself seem dead set on igniting one. Is that your ultimate goal? War with the MAGA crowd?
  2. Winning friends and new Democrat supporters wherever you go...
  3. The word is week. I get paid by the Russians exactly the same amount you get paid by the Ukrainian Nazis.
  4. No it isn't no matter what wikipedia told you. As mentioned, it uses a dedicated and very specific radar homing guidance provided by auxiliary vehicles or separate mounts in the Navy version. One doesn't just slap a GPS unit on one and turn it into a ballistic missile. If Russia needs old ballistic missiles, it will break-open the old Scud garages and let them out.
  5. Follow John! All those painted foot prints across Canada.
  6. I'm assured by fellow posters here that sleeping outside for months in freezing weather (as the bullets fly) is being looked forward to by the always victorious Ukrainian soldiers. And they're certainly always victorious. Civilians? Oh yes...them. Well, whadayahdo? They will love it, too.
  7. Someday, this war is going to end. Republicans can not fight amongst themselves.
  8. He said it in front of an angry mob gathered at the SC. Damage done. He can retract it in the same fashion as Alec Baldwin can retract a bullet in flight.
  9. “I want to tell you Gorsuch. I want to tell you Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.” ---Schumer
  10. More likely: recent claims that the relatively short ranged S-300 can be used as a ballistic missile (by completely retooling its very specific 30N6 FLAP LID homing-radar guidance system to "GPS") are intended to cover-up similar stray impacts on friendly targets throughout Ukraine by the Zelensky government. Russia did it...not us! Never us... A lot of S-300s are being fired...not all of them hit an aircraft. Not even close to all...
  11. Voter says what is on everybody's minds (outside of the Democrat thieves, that is).
  12. You're a racist and support Nazis. I owe you nothing.
  13. Tony: "I already have one....and Mr Williams here, he doesn't play." Furio: "Stupid f*cking game."
  14. CRT is disseminated by those that teach it...either officially in a class or unofficially by those that believe in such racist garbage...at any level of schooling.
  15. As mentioned...heh...this was a Ukrainian owned S-300. Now the warmongers are in the position of defending their mistake. Suck it. The S-300...and 400/500 series are very BIG surface to air missiles. Not for shelling elementary schools, hospitals...or Polish farmers. But, it does have reliability problems during launch...not so much while in flight. Quite deadly to aircraft. But, less effective vs a cruise missile. Reliability during launch?? Yup...it's a terror to its own crews. Once the pop-charge forces the missile out of its launch tube, the main engine fires...but not always. One runs as fast as possible at that point... All rockets can fail...Patriot failure below. But the S-300 is notorious...
  16. I don't imagine you care if it's a Ukrainian S-300. All you're looking for is your version of the Gleiwitz incident. You desire WW3 and here's your casus belli. So have at it.
  17. Someone sure is... But you and the rest of brain trust want WW3...here's your big chance.
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