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  1. Technically, that is a lie, given that Yahweh put the deceiver in Eden with the purpose of deceiving. Would you take the serpent's god given job in the story away from it? If you did and there was another choice made, we would not be here as A & E were too stupid to know of reproduction. That is why Christians sing that Adam's sin was a happy fault and necessary to god's plan. Seems you want god's plan derailed. Regards DL
  2. Should A & E have followed the command to stay stupid and not touch knowledge? As to free choice. They had none. The choice you see is the tree of knowledge or life. Would you choose a life of stupidity and ignorance of good and evil. IOW or would you choose not to be a vegetable brain? A & E did not know what good or evil was and only the stupid will say they had a free choice. Regards DL
  3. Interesting that you think homophobes cannot be taught to not hate without a cause. Live and let live has you sitting back and letting immoral homophobes abuse gays without a just cause. They put sex above love and that shows their evil ways. Go away and let me live and let you live in your immoral thinking. Regards DL
  4. Contradict yourself much? I am done here if all you want to do is ignore what I put on live and let live instead of arguing your case. Regards DL
  5. He did the opposite by putting Satan and the talking serpent in Eden to pester Eve. Regards DL
  6. So you too would let your children starve or die needlessly. Ok. Regards DL
  7. I know. You do not seem to know your duty to do so to humanity. Loving people means telling them when they do evil. Regards DL
  8. Insuring your actions do not kill your children is what god should have been doing. He failed and in fact insured their death. Nice to know you would starve your children to death to make them stronger. Fool. You are as vile as you god, while looking at my biases. Regards DL
  9. They do, as shown with their homophobia and misogyny. Have you not fucking noticed? If you have women or gays in your area, and do not care of the discrimination without a just cause, you are a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. Regards DL
  10. Ignoring my quotes does not negate them. You cannot do apologetics on what I put and are just hypocritically deflecting and turning to gratuitous insult. Regards DL
  11. Yes, of our elevation and not our fall, for the reasons you state. You might wonder, given the benefits you see, why the genocidal god wanted to deny us what we intelligently took. Your own bible says A & E became as gods in the knowing of good and evil. Why did god murder A & E by neglect and locking away the tree of life that would have kept them alive? The tree of life? Regards DL
  12. Do you not see homophobia as discrimination without a just cause? If there is no just cause, then you would be turning a blind eye to evil. To let evil go unchallenged, is only done by evil people. To support a vile religion that preaches against the law of the land, is evil. Regards DL
  13. Sentiments not shared by his homophobic and misogynous religion. A sentiment they want others to take so that they can continue to preach for their vile theology. Regards DL
  14. Those who would say, live and let live, are not decent human beings, as they would allow homophobia, misogyny and the adoration of vile and immoral genocidal gods to go unchallenged. For evil to grow, all one needs do is live and let others live, while they harm others. The evil people love to hear immoral people say live and let live. Regards DL
  15. To the Jews, the talking serpent is good. To Christians, it is deception and evil. Christians never question why Yahweh put the deceiver in Eden and allowed it to do what god put it there to do. Deceive, or teach, depending on if you go with the original Jewish take, before Christianity reversed everything and made gaining knowledge a sin. Now that is really stupid. Regards DL
  16. Are you talking of what Christians sing? Do you know why they sing it? Regards DL
  17. A flat out lie. As you continue to do by making claims you cannot prove. Now you judge god's actions and show his incompetence. What you have shown is that god did have an impact, and as scriptures show, just to glorify himself. Let's all go out and kill first born to glorify god. Scriptures do say we are to be as perfect as he is. That reason and more is why Gnostic Christians, the only good Christians, have condemned Yahweh to hell. All good and moral Christians will. All on the undecided god sideline will as well. Regards DL
  18. Strange that you do not see honoring a genocidal prick and his homophobic and misogynous religion as evil. Evil loves you because you cannot and will not argue for the immorality you adore. Regards DL
  19. A & E did not have a free willed choice, given that they had no clue as to what parameters they were choosing from. They did not know if evil was good or good was evil and only poor thinkers like you will see a free willed choice. Pick from 1 or 2 for me. One choice I kill you, the other I do not. Make your choice on the same info A & E had. What choice goof. Was your pending death a freely willed occurrence? All that aside, you bible is clear that we do not have a free will. Look at the Pharaoh story and god hardening his heart. He is our proof of concept for no free will. Your gambit fails. Regards DL
  20. Yet hypocritical Christians will take their consequences for their sins and transfer them to Jesus and use him as their scapegoat. That abdication is a sin and quite immoral in and of itself. Christians love to sin. That is why they sing that Adam's sin was a happy fault and necessary to god's plan. Enjoy sinning. It is necessary to god. How can Christianity make moral people when they preach an immoral genocidal loving homophobic and misogynous religion? Even against our own governments laws of equality!! Regards DL
  21. Who murdered who by locking away what would keep who alive, the tree of life? Who murdered who by willful neglect and synonymously, starve his two first children to death? You know who. Come on now. Say the name. Regards DL
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