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  1. You seem to describe our consciousness. Define what you mean by soul. Regards DL
  2. Hi. Define your view on soul. Do you think in substance dualism terms? If you do not, you seem in a small minority. Regards DL
  3. What other Gods is your genocidal one referring to when giving the 1st Commandment? Likely mine as he is way more moral and honest that you are. Both science and religions now admit to having Gods of the Gaps. Fools remain idol worshipers of a really nasty God. They were likely abused as young Christians children. Stockholm Syndrome tells us why. Regards DL
  4. True. I cannot understand how a person would let his thinking deteriorate to the belief in some supernatural God, who is depicted as the worse prick one could ever imagine. Fools like you call that prick, good. St. Hitler would concur. Regards DL
  5. So because you like a genocidal, homophobic and misogynous God, and cannot explain why, you deflect, like the moral coward you are, by attacking an avital. You are the morally dim bulb here buddy, and I can show you why. Firstly, I reject the prick of a God you idolise. Bright people know evil when they read a fiction of it. Regards DL
  6. How firmly do you believe in talking serpents? Which creation of Eve is correct? Made from clay or from a rib? Regards DL
  7. There is no problem of evil in Christianity. Christians adore a genocidal, homophobic and misogynous God! Christians call evil good, --- so cannot have a problem of evil for what they see evil as good? Remember that the Christian hymn, Exsultet, calls Adam's sin a happy fault and necessary to God's plan. What you and I call evil, Christianity praises as good. Regards DL
  8. Ignore all the moral truth you want, to maintain your love of a genocidal prick. Regards DL
  9. Judgement, from a satanic God, who seems to always kill and never cure, --- when he could just as easily cure,--- only a fool would have faith in. What makes you think a genocidal, homophobic and misogynous god can judge justly? Regards DL
  10. Intelligent Design was thrown out of court by a qualified judge for lying. Are you a better trained judge? Regards DL
  11. No. I am not into spontaneous existence from nothing. I am not a brain dead theist. I can say, I don't know, to something instead of lying about a thing I cannot possibly know about. Like a supernatural God. Regards DL
  12. A computer generated life is sure sure easier to believe than some guy in the sky God who wants to die for us. How stupid do believers want to be? Regards DL
  13. Jesus was, what, the 6th God to die for mankind? It is not hard to invent when you are just adding on. Further, what is grand about a genocidal Armageddon, homophobia and misogyny? Only a really evil person would see "grand" in Jesus ever showing his face again. We can and do better. Regards DL
  14. The theory of evolution has proven itself to be a law, just like the Big Bang theory. Both science and religions now have a God of the Gaps. To ignore laws and hold to fantasies of a sentient supernatural creator is becoming the stupid position. God has a problem of evil while nature does not. Regards DL
  15. As you quote word as if not interpreted from a dead language, as if we really know what they mean, tell us. How do you deal with the scriptures that say that God put's lies into the prophets mouths? Regards DL
  16. My wife likes it, so do the kids. Leave us have our fun. Regards DL
  17. Just to remind. We have no real clue as to who the real writers were for the gospels. They are all anonymous. Only 4 of many were selected and that number, stupidly, because there are only 4 Cardinal points. Given that only the foolish will read them literally, who care whos myth one follows? Regards DL
  18. It is a shame to build an immoral theology on an outright and demonstrable lie. Dead people stay dead. Regards DL
  19. Why would a God create such abominations if he did not want them around? Regards DL
  20. Forgive them for what exactly? What did the creator put into them to forgive, that he did not like? The first dibs on forgiveness belong to the victim. How can we victimize a God? Regards DL
  21. Medieval warfare had well-organised 'ransom market' - BBC News That is modern and humane history, as compared to other efforts and wars to reduce the young male populations. I have seen some war footage of hundreds after hundreds of soldiers trying to run up a hill, knowing that the hundreds and hundreds before them, they would have to climb over. Old is nice. Doing ones duty for women and children is better. Many live long, yet never mentally prosper. Regards DL
  22. Indeed. Yahweh was a moral coward when he chose to volunteer Jesus to die for the ransom that Yahweh himself craved. We old are being as vile as Yahweh, a G. D. genocidal, homophobic and misogynous God. We deserve to die for the conditions we created and not our young and future. Jesus should have told Yahweh to kiss and quote him the law. Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. Deuteronomy 24:16 (ESV) "Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin. Regards DL
  23. The last war reduced my own lineage and they were a part of the population. Yours was not a bright statement. Regards DL
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