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  1. By Satan, do you mean Yahweh? Is your God a dualistic one or just one sided? Regards DL
  2. Given that 50% of households are maned by women, and no longer have men to help, I am not surprised that women are shedding even their like of what todays man is. We have been reduced to less than what a woman's fingers can do. Shame on us. Research has shown how we have let our young men down as a society. We are only seeing the tip of the vile habits we have spawned --- do to men forgetting their duty. Regards DL
  3. What color and religions rule in the West? Answer. ---- A weakening white, Judeo Christian, led people. The West basically rejected the main principles of Christianity, and brought Christianity to heel, by ending slavery. The color of the leadership remained predominantly white Anglo Saxon Protestant and Catholic. To your last. I agree that some non-white colors have fared better than the vast majority of other other colored and way more numerous as to negate your little sampling. Good points though. Regards DL
  4. God told me that supernatural thinking was not the best thinking. Who knows the limits of a supernatural fantasy. Regards DL
  5. I leave that to dysfunctional homophobes. You must have meant the Royal You, and that makes you a full fledged ass hole, which does not apply to the moral people. Regards DL
  6. I go with moral facts and you reply with fantasy. Cowards die many times. Regards DL
  7. So do I. Most men have forgotten their duty to humanity. About 50% of all households are maned by single women. That is the worst example for a man to have. How does he learn to be a man from a woman? Generally, women don't masturbate and have no clue as to how debilitating a chemical testosterone is to a male mind. I do not think it healthy for a nation to have that many dysfunctional households. We have to train our boys better if we want better men. Regards DL
  8. Wrong. I mean non-white. As to non-whites being overrepresented, that is what the white system is designed to do. It is natural for the non-oppressed to be more law abiding, because the law and the white protecting system serves whites well. It is natural for the oppressed non-white colors to raise hell, as our oppressed characters do not take to oppressing and injustice well, and the oppressed will naturally fight the oppressing whites. Get used to it as the oppressed seem to be just about fed up. Go oppressed go. Civil War or a new Social Contract time is near. Regards DL
  9. Lurkers on my mid perhaps. Why find a believer? They all run away from any meaningful moral debate like all moral cowards. Regards DL
  10. Jesus taught Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. Deuteronomy 24:16 (ESV) "Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin. You would have Jesus break his own law. What kind of Christian are you? Regards DL
  11. Free will that your God says he controls, which negates free will. Again you ignore what your oen bible teaches you. Either read it, or go away. Are non-believers doomed by Divine Design? Scriptures say that God decides if a person will be a believer or non-believer. Those scriptures are shown in this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byHYeHN4ZUQ Those quotes seems to really screw up the free will notion that Christians say God gives us. The free will that God offers is kind of a joke anyway given the number of people whose free will to live is ignored in the billions of adults, children and babies that God is shown to torture and murder in scriptures. If the bible and Yahweh are to be believed, and as a non-believer, I, of course, cannot believe it, thanks to God, by God’s design and will against me, then why did God deny me belief or faith? Even more important to believers, might be to answer the question of; did God make you a believer in things that you can only hope exists and can never confirm? Are you happy with God ignoring or negating your free will to think as you please? I have assumed that God’s work of creating both believers and non-believers is working. If that is so, and you believers must think it so, just as I as a non-believer cannot think it is working, --- and Jesus said that those with faith could do all he did and more, --- then there is not even one believer or person of faith that has ever existed. Either the bible and Christianity is all a lie, or there must be some who can do what Jesus did. What is your choice of those two options? Is the bible and Christianity a lie, or is God just not creating any people with faith, --- which would make all Christians who say they have faith, --- liars. I mean no insult here but someone is definitely lying, if we read what is written and look at reality and listen to Christians. What do you think is the truth? Is it just for God to create people doomed to hell even if they wanted to believe? Regards DL
  12. Doubtful. As to fear of judgement. If a Christian, I have to think that judgement has passed in God's mind, and the bible, that says that none of us are lost to God. That is his will, and he always gets his way. To think a supernatural God would lose anything he creates would be foolish. All his creations are perfect, even with their flaws, that are illusion, given that God makes no flaws. -------- Not being delusional, Gnostic Christians recognize that we cannot know of anything real after death, because we have no one to prove it. Even if one such person did reappear, without confirmation, it would not mean that we would all share the same fate. Supernatural thinking is Dark Age thinking while Gnostics are the light. It is not that I look forward to death, but I do not fear it. I am enjoying the ride way too much to worry about the end. God is bias to a fault and Jealous of all his precious perfect creations. It is demonstrable that we were created by nature for our best possible end. If God can't do better, why call it God? Regards DL
  13. Oh ye of little faith. Did Jesus not say he came to serve ands not be served? Yes he did. Read your bible for the first time. What the hell do you think you have that a god would want? We were talking service. Pay attention. Who judged you as unfit, and why did you believe that lie? Again you show lack of faith in thinking your creator screwed up. Again, I have to teach you your bible, that says we are to judge all things and hold to the good. Google it. Holding to a genocidal, homophobic and misogynous God and religions is not good. Go Gnostic and save your soul. Send Yahweh to the hell his ilk deserve. What service did Jesus want to render? He seemed to think he owed humanity something. I think I do. Don't you? When you do, you can say you have a Jesus consciousness, and try to take it to a Christ mind. I like mine. I skipped over the rest of your stupid rant, but wondered why,--- again, --- you contradict the bible that sys that God saves us all, given that he wills that none be lost. You make God a loser while the bible makes him a winner. And you question my understanding. Regards DL
  14. I see the great predominance of colored in U.S. jails, and their inability to vote, as a slow but continuing genocide against colors other than white. I do not think the colors other than white will take it much longer. Believe in god or not, but let us all fucking pray. Regards DL
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