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  1. That has a talking serpent and donkey and a water walker and you think such a book of imaginary characters is some kind of truth. You show how poorly you understand religions and morals, given that the God you posit as creator is an evil God. Are you not concerned with your moral sense? What is intelligently designed in your genocidal, homophobic and misogynous God? His morals are not intelligent at all. Too bad Christians do not care if they follow Satan. Regards DL
  2. I usually ask those like our friend to post even more, because when Christians show their stripes, they help kill their own religion because few these days like homophobes and the misogynists or a religion that has parents haying their gay or female children. Regards DL
  3. What of talking serpents and donkeys? What of Jesus, as a God who cannot die, dying? Regards DL
  4. If we are to give reality to Jesus, based on the bible, then a reader must give reality to the talking serpents and donkey. Few Christians believe that B.S., so why a double standard for belief in Jesus? As myth and allegory, the bible is fantastic. As reality, the bible is garbage with good moral lessons as well as a really evil God. Regards DL
  5. I agree. That is why I post. It is the duty of better thinkers like you and I to try to correct poor thinking. Right? That is why I try to ask questions with moral implications. Regards DL
  6. Without death, there is no human sacrifice or messiah. Thanks for a truth. Finally. Regards DL
  7. Who is this Christ? Jesus was never anointed to Christ. What does being the Christ even mean? Get you evidence and then we can chat. I think you are trying to get away with a lie. Regards DL
  8. ??? Those in heaven needed preaching? Not surprising if they are Christian homophobes and misogynists. A god cannot die. Regards DL
  9. Growing up and realizing what you put scares the hell out of many Christians, so they hide in their born again ideology, where it easier for the real adults to control them. Adults usually think. The religious, not so much. They want security and not the best ideology. Regards DL
  10. I have a hard time explaining my apotheosis as well. Who made up the rule you state, and what was your punishment for crossing against the rules? Regards DL
  11. You seem to be an oddity. No insult meant. Explain how you know this, --- with facts, --- and not just a hunch or the faith without facts of fools, please. No one ever believes I am a telepath due to not having replicatable facts, but I enjoy anecdotal renderings. Show and tell buddy. Regards DL
  12. Why? I love my life and family and can think of no better existence for me. Perhaps you do not have that gift. Jesus saw heaven as here and now. So do Gnostic Christian. Sure, there is a lot of trash, but I recognize the evolving perfection of reality and live in heaven, just as Gnostic Jesus did. I think it sad to believe lies about some afterlife. What makes you believe whatever lie you heard. Who has the proof to make anyone's faith in an afterlife, a belief, and likely a false belief. Regards DL
  13. You think the way the Gnostic Jesus did. Karma and other such concepts I see as victim blaming. Was Christianity correct in personifying sin and evil in a female? Nature agrees with this, even as the modern Christianity does not recognize the fact that Christianity began as a naturalistic creed. That was before the stupidity of belief in the supernatural. Regards DL
  14. Did Jesus resurrect in Heaven or in Hell? Scriptures, as they often do, give both options as true. The Bible does what it was created by the Jewish authors to do. Make us question and judge. Without Midrash, the Bible is just another useless myth. In one version, Jesus tells his fellow prisoner on the cross that they will both awaken in heaven. Another version has Jesus awakening in hell, where he toils for 3 days. One old adage might say, if one day is 1,000 years, Jesus is almost at his 2-year mark. There is a confusion as to who received Jesus as a sacrifice, Satan, or the androgynous Yahweh. If sacrificed to Satan, she rules the world. If sacrificed to Yahweh, Jesus rules the world. Into whose hands did Jesus ascend, Satan’s or Yahweh’s? I cannot know where Jesus ended via the bible, but think there is a valuable moral lesson here, but do not quite have my finger on what it is. Help. What is your best guess as to where Jesus is? Regards DL
  15. This is true, but in this case, where evil is being created to produce pleasure in the perpetrator, one would have to see that as evil, unless one could explain what the pleasure was and if it was only good for god but also the one having evil done to him or her. The duality of things isd why our friend above would not even touch the fact that Christians sing of Adam's sin being a happy fault and necessary to god's plan. Christians cannot do apologetics and that is why Christianity is dying. Good riddance to homophobia and misogyny and a genocidal prick of a god. Regards DL
  16. That bastard Yahweh can't wait till we die to punish or reward eh? Whatever happened to our free will? Why am I asking a fool who believes in talking animals. Regards DL
  17. I did not write your Exsultet hymn. Nice to seer how little you know of your own theology. No wonder all you have is Got Question and their canned answers, that answer nothing. Keep your head right up your god's genocidal ass. Given you believe in talking animals, the damage is already done to your thinking. You love a genocidal, homophobic and misogynous god. Saran loves you for your choices. Regards DL
  18. Do you believe in talking serpents and donkeys? Do you believe what you sing at Easter when you sing of Adam's sin being a happy fault and necessary to god's plan? Regards DL
  19. Yes, but not if you are talking Yahweh? Do you recognize the good and evil in him? You have called in the KJV, and it says that god created evil for his pleasure. Thoughts on that? Regards DL
  20. Hogwash. If you had an example you would have shown it the way a decent communicator would. Adults should not need childish prompting, but ---- What rules or laws of nature do you see as inconsistent, child? Regards DL
  21. Islam will be subject to modernization and civilized behavior towards women and gays. The stats are clear. They are as obtuse as all supernatural believers are. They cannot afford to live in a mental fantasy land while the rest of the world lives in reality. Check the gains and wedge that Laïcité brought France. That does not mean that those you mentioned, who are on our, side are downplaying the remaining putrid religious ethic perpetrated against better more moral secular communities. All they have ever had to use are inquisitions and jihads, even the lower key homophobia and misogyny. Regards DL.
  22. You skipped the question. Most cannot see that they live in the best of all possible worlds, as this is the only possible world. Ask any scientist or thinker. Regards DL
  23. Correct, because the conservative right wings of religions and governments are basically the same fascist people who foolishly believe in a real supernatural realm and God. Hating the dreaded, --- other gods---, is what makes all the various denominations in the Abrahamic cults, Christians, Muslim and Jewish, etc., all want to use inquisitions and jihads on each other. If it was not for the left wings of politics and religions, along with the gains of secularism and modernization, the right wings would have us all at at war. The liberal West had to bring Christianity to heel, and we and the rest of the world seem to be bringing it's evil twin, Islam, to heel as well. We should still fight against our vile mainstream religious and political right wings, --- who do not believe in equality, --- even as we thank the left wings for dragging us all morally forwards, where gays and women, and their souls, are not valued less than a man's. Regards DL
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