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  1. The stats I gave disagree. Do you have anything factual? So you base your beliefs on lies. Ok. I am here for you should you choose to be honest. Regards DL
  2. Not likely, but if so, they make negate it by unlawfulness and war. Check the stats and see how much harm religions bring to nations. 'Atheist' Nations Are More Peaceful - YouTube Only idiots will think that a religion like Christianity, built on Inquisitions against freedom of thought, will embrace freedom of thought. You are talking without thinking. Do I need to use the stupid word again? Regards DL
  3. Did Christianity not ban the native gods? So you think that those who used inquisitions and jihads did not want to ban and eliminate the beliefs of others. Go away if you are that stupid. Regards DL
  4. I hold no direct blame, but deserve a lot if I sit on my hands and do nothing now to redress the past with a better future present action. I disagree, and so do all who are presently talking of reparation for their native or abused populations, I E. non-whites, that were and are abused. I can understand you not feeling guilt for what your ancestors did, neither do I directly, but if you now sit and do nothing, you contribute to the abuse. Regards DL
  5. Mine do not discriminate against better than half the worlds population, gays and women, without a just cause. Christianity does. Do yours, and if not, why are you on their side and not mine? Regards DL
  6. I do not give myself or my ancestors a pass. Nor do I give the current white racists a pass. Which I do not get, and I do not give a pass to a fascist religion like Christianity. I would like to see all the reserves ban the religion that was forced on them and that has created so much harm for them. Christians should have condemned their genocidal, homophobic and misogynous prick of a god a long time ago. If natives do not, they are not too moral or bright. That is what white education does to intelligent people. It dumbs them down. Regards DL
  7. Canadians searching for children. Why bother? More pain for the native community when the shame of Christianity and whites remains unchanged? I understand that plans are to seek more bodies to add to Christian atrocities over the years, thanks to the latest ongoing news blip. All while Christians continue to profit from having forcefully converted our native hosts. Their Christian churches continue to push their counter to our political views on equality of women and gays. Have not the religions and governments inflicted enough pain on our natives, that now we will find and display many other bodies, that we will just add to the tally to be ignored. All while what we should be doing is outlawing those old fascist religions. Better to improve the water conditions for the many reserves with polluted water than to dig more pain for them, while white colonialist ideas and ideals in how natives are respected stay in the doldrums of actual changes and actions. I wonder if natives will be included in the digging, or if the whites will take all the jobs of this misguided creation of pain for natives, to appease white consciousness. I am white and refuse to participate. Regards DL
  8. Believer or not, your epitome of desire, is to be named the Greatest I am. Religions are tribes. So are the various non-believing tribes. Tribal leaders and shaman are the ones to be emulated by all of us so that we might become better than they are and depose them. It’s like Jesus ascending and retiring God by taking the righthand judges’ seat. Jesus, in effect; deposed his father. As things should be in a hierarchical progressive species like ours. Leaders and shaman are the only ones who can claim being Greatest I am at any given point in time. Religiously speaking, we want to and are encouraged by scriptures to try to emulate whatever we think of as God. God’s best-known speaker is analogically, Greatest I am. Individually speaking, even you were born, instinctively speaking; thinking you were the fittest of your genetic line. In that sense, your ultimate raison d'être and dream, even if you can come up with some other analogy in religious terms; is you want to be known as the greatest at something, including God. Upon birth, your first thought was, I am. Your second thought was, where is the Greatest I am so that I might be his friend, and depose him with better justice? Who are the fittest you are now to compete with, to prove your fitness, is your next enlightenment. This is all of us seeking idols to emulate and depose the current icon in our chosen competitions. Jesus asks us to idolize ourselves, loosely of course, by asking us in scriptures, “have ye forgotten that ye are Gods?” I have not given up my spiritual, religious, or political efforts to be seen as the greatest at something. I am not Jesus, but I am curious. Have you given up on your religious birth rite to be a god? That would disappoint Jesus. Have you given up your genetic birth rite to be the fittest and excel in some field? That would disappoint your ancestors. They came from nature and nature demonstrably creates for the best possible end. I see it as a shame when someone stops competing to be the greatest at something. Regards DL
  9. Correct. We are not on the same page. Go away. Here, you are now ignored. Regards DL
  10. Try reading what your bible says and what you refuse to do.
  11. Go try your lies elsewhere. You lack the I Q for this issue. Real adult people take responsibility for their actions and do not expect some savior whipping boy to take their strokes. Try calling this Bishop obtuse, after looking up the definition of abdication. Bishop John Shelby Spong: Why Atonement Theology will Kill Christianity - YouTube Regards DL
  12. All the good gods are pissed that the mainstream religions have selected a genocidal prick as a good god when he is obviously evil. Regards DL
  13. So you think that not keeping your responsibilities for your sins, and laying them on Jesus, is not abdicating your responsibilities. How completely hypocritical. I gave you what Jesus taught, and you ignored it. Typical Christian. Regards DL So you do not need Jesus for salvation.,
  14. Basically correct, so why are you in line to accept Jesus' sacrifice by sinning by abdicating your responsibility for your sin? Who is to pay for your sins? You or Jesus? Let's see what Jesus taught. Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. Deuteronomy 24:16 (ESV) "Fathers shall not be put to death because of their children, nor shall children be put to death because of their fathers. Each one shall be put to death for his own sin. If I go by those, to abdicate my responsibility is going against what Jesus taught. Are you still eager to drink his blood and eat his flesh? Regards DL
  15. Correct, which you are ignoring, because it is a sin. Now post something on that to show you know what the word means. Regards DL
  16. I agree that accepting Jesus is not a sin, unless you also accept he died for you. Abdicating your responsibility for sins is the sin. If atonement is what is salvific, as you say and not Jesus, Jesus did not have to die at all, and the whole sacrifice thing is a lie. Am I reading you correctly? Regards DL
  17. Is accepting Jesus as messiah a sin? It seems to me, that to accept Jesus as our messiah or scapegoat, means abdication our responsibility for our sins and placing it on the messiah or scapegoat. I think that to use a scapegoat is a sin. If you are religious, is this the sin that you think you did to deserve hell? If not, what is it that causes you to sin to be saved? Regards DL
  18. Rather a catch 22 here. Humans recognize morals and we are a part of nature, in which you say morals do not exist. I did not see where we do not agree in the rest of your presentation and would only remind you that be either religious or atheist, both are tribes or groups with a thinking system. More alike than not, with just different beliefs. Regards DL
  19. True. But only the less intelligent will disagree. As to atheist tenets, of course they have some. It begins with doubting there is a supernatural god, due to lack of proofs. The intelligent human position, as compared to those who have let their material duality thinking delude themselves, --- due to culture, religion and luck of the draw. Right? That gift of nature, the right wing loonies should get a better grasp of. Legally speaking, and cross culturally, Christianity has already been classed as lacking a good moral foundation. Atheism and free thinking, thank all our man made gods have won the cultural/secular battle and the god religions have been rejected. Praise all moral secular people. Even the atheists. They are now just shy of Gnostic Christianity and are worthy of my praise. It took Atheist long enough to recognize the need of Mystery School type churches and have finally begun that necessary trend. They put a safety net for their naturally tribal/religious , children. We are all born tribal and religious, which must include atheists. They are the 2% whose material duality is under better control than the rest. Take the controls of atheist thinking out of society, --- and it fails. Add more and it thrives morally and ethically. Check the stats. If the religious do not see the great value of all, which they generally do not, they show their unworthiness. Homophobia and misogyny is just the tip of their hate iceberg. All IMO of course. Regards DL
  20. Atheists are a group/tribe with an ideology. Religions are groups/tribes with theologies. Theologies are synonymous with ideologies. They are all thinking systems. Accept that an we can proceed. Otherwise, seems we are done. Regards DL
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