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  1. Things aren't great right now but at least the exaggeration business is booming.
  2. What I think is also amazing, not to take away from your point, is convergence on a global culture. Culture firstly centered around liberalism, small l
  3. Computer programming language. https://www.quora.com/How-good-were-Bill-Gates-and-the-late-Steve-Jobs-at-programming-1#:~:text=Does Steve Jobs know how to code%3F&text=Steve didn't ever code,and add to other designs. Wozniak said Jobs did not code.
  4. They also failed to fully reveal other aspects of methodology: How the respondents were gathered. Phrasing and order of questions. In the end, it's just another chatty survey about the same old same old.
  5. Did the survey define woke? Because it seems to break down response based on respondent wokeness.
  6. I'm very sorry. I have seen dogs chase their tails but I refuse to do so. Adamantly. I'm very sad for you, but likely not as sad as you yourself are to find yourself on my IGNORE list. Condolences.
  7. "I'm not responsible for what you think I said. " You are a bot and a troll. Should you agree to leave right now, you're ok in my books still. What say you ?
  8. Sorry, who said this: "Responsibility is the enemy of the left. Intersectionality and victimhood is how they determine value." Do you not take responsibility for your words? You damn leftist devil 👿
  9. I can't keep up with you saying things then saying they are not your words but the words of Democrats or whatever. Again ... it's time for you to leave. Please do so.
  10. How can I disprove something so general? Some social progressives and sociologists have talked about a concept called intersectionality... Therefore, you can now slag Democrats as crazy leftists in threads that have nothing to do with the topic. Yeah actually you really should move on... There's a 4chan thread somewhere. Just begging for you to show up...
  11. Well you said that they are the enemy of responsibility. Sounds like they're all CRAZY! Are you now trying to pull back from buffaloing on here and making simplistic blame songs? If so, probably that's that. You either say so or just... do like the other folks who arrive in this manner, and just you know move on...
  12. It's just very clear that leftism, IE Democrat penis people, are the root of all the problems right?
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