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  1. They're still bitching....and moaning.....and ranting......about us.





    I suppose what else is there to talk about in an echo chamber? 

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    2. betsy


      Hahaha - if this place is all that bad - I wonder why Omni and Squid are hanging out here instead? :lol:



    3. Omni


      A little balance perhaps. But also for the entertainment value as things slip downhill.

    4. betsy


      What balance are you on about?  You're here all the time!  How many posts have you given to the "other," compared to the numbers of post you give here?  Just count your posts here on status updates alone! :D  How many times have you responded to my status updates?   (not that I'm complaining.....)


      How many times have you posted at the "other" today?  I don't see your name in any of its recent posts!   But I see your name here, posted 3 hours ago!


      Aren't you a tad confused?  If this place is going downhill - then why are you folks back?  You're not merely observing (as I do when I go take a peek over there - for entertainment value - then I report back here what I'd seen over there)....

      .......you are active here!   You see me posting over there?  Did I ever apply to be a member over there?  :lol:


      Furthermore, if you have to come back here for "balance".....

      .....you're admitting you got an echo chamber back there, that's why you have to come here for opposing views!

        Isn't that what we've been saying all along?


        That's why you are here.....because the other place is boring!  animated-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif

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