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  1. All your words are nonsense and bullshit! Screw liars, that's all I can say, these terrorists in Israel, Saudi and American regime impute us of whatever crime themselves are commiting, LOL.Then they come and talk about God!! Hope you get what you demand.
  2. I'm not gonna continue this in vain discussion cause after 94 comments, all my words fell on deaf ears and they made no difference, so why should I even bother!! Besides, I do hate the enemies of my nation, the regime which killed 270 of my people by targeting their plane and later other than apologizing our people, they gave medal to the guy who did it, I do hate the "regimes" that supported Saddam to drop chemical bombs on my people, I do hate those who supported Saddam and caused death of 250 thousand of my people in Iran-Iraq war, I do hate those who founded ISIS to destroy us and caused 2.3 thousands of the soldiers of my country to get killed by the US's ISIS (Israel's Secret Intelligence Service) in Iraq and Syria, I do hate those who had sanction my country, but you know what makes me to hate the American Zionist regime the most? That they murdered 3000+ of their own people in Twin Towers and thousands of their own soldiers in the post-911 wars to have an admissible reason to attack the poor Iraqis and Afghans and their final aim was to attack Iran. As I mentioned once, I don't hate any nation even if I hate their criminal regimes, I feel more pity for these Americans and westerners than my own nation, cause their governments don't give a damn to them and even sacrifices them to reach to its own aims but those people still think that their governments are their loving mothers. https://medium.com/@skeptical_for_truth/look-its-the-towers-they-re-falling-ef93699ebd82
  3. Indeed you're an example of a mind slave of Hollywood and the American and Zionist medias. Who the are you to call me a regime associate? You really don't understand the meaning of "free human" I'm sorry, If I defended my country while you've been lying about it, it doesn't mean that I'm satisfied with every thing, you don't even know the meaning of patriotism... How can I change the opinion of someone who is brainwashed for his entire life? No brain is really left, I don't mean to offend, but this is exactly what is happening, in this world, most people are the slaves of the western Zionist system, some are mind slaves, some sex slaves some are economic slaves, and what they all have in common is that you can never hear from them in a discussion that they say "I think" cause they basically don't think, they only parrot, the people who are manipulated to embrace their own slavery, and unfortunately these manipulations doesn't only effect the western societies, this has occupied the whole world, from east to west. I'm not gonna continue this in vain discussion cause after 94 comments, all my words fell on deaf ears and they made no difference, so why should I even bother!!
  4. You're making me heave...I wish for one second you could have think, only one second. Those who create these lies aren't worse than those who parrot them. Indeed you're an example of a mind slave of Hollywood and the American and Zionist medias.
  5. This might not ruin my non-existent marriage, but it will ruin the marriage and life of my non-existent children! @TreeBeard
  6. Hmm, I do have the same opinion about the oppressors, but the point is that none of these things you think are happening here.... what a waste I'm helpless to change your mind, I don't have CNN to feed you 24/7, these words are not true, these are propaganda against Iran and not true , no offense but you're awfully brainwashed... I'm just saying that when 73% participated in the 2017 election, it proves the falsehood of your claim that 70% don't want the regime, it's exactly otherwise.
  7. No soldiers, if you read history you see there was no soldiers, the Shah fled the country and the people won, no soldiers or guns.
  8. 2.3 thousand of our soldiers died to destroy ISIS, what the US did? Actually founded that and by the help of countries like Turkey and the occupied Palestine's terrorist regime, they supported and sustained ISIS, and their final aim from all this was to destroy Iran, which would never happen.
  9. Hmm, they were my people but they killed from my people, how can I have mercy for a person who kills a 6 year old kid and her 22 year old mother in the street only because they wanted to start a guerrilla style war in Iran? I don't know that all those who were executed were murders or not, but I know that the whole story is that, and maybe some innocent people were among them too that killed mistakenly, however I doubt it, Mjahedeen itself took responsibility of 4.5 thousand death some times before that.... And you hate mullahs and Ayatollahs so why do you even mention Montazeri? Hmmm, i don't know when did he say the word you claim (actually IranPrime clsimes) but the guy finally betrayed on our country and our people so this isn't so much far fetched if he had said so, he said some other traitorous ans seditious words too, and as far as I know those Mujahideen guys who hadn't kill anyone and declared that they were not a member of Mujahideen anymore were not executed, I don't know what happened after that for them. Again, this doesn't change the concept, Raidi was not in the authority to do so, so the story is wrong from the root, and never forget that these guys hold a referendum and 98% of the people voted for the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  10. As I have already said, those guys were from MEK (Mjahedeen khalgh) and they have murdered 17000 Iranians in the early times of the revolution that everything was messed up, they set up bombs in public places and killed innocent ordinary people, as I said once, they burnt a hospital with all of it's people in it in Kurdestan, and they killed even more than this 17000 figure, and guess what, when the war between Iraq and us broke out, MEK just backed Iraq (!!!!) and the death of their own people, it gets more interesting when you know the hellish American regime that claims to fight with communism, supports these guys!!! Even Bolton and Pompeo attended in the meeting that these murderers held in the previous year. Eye for an eye, they killed our people so their punishment had to be the same thing, they weren't political prisoner, and I'm just asking you, we must have let them to walk free and kill more people? and they're still proud of their barbaric acts, and now they're being supported by the French and American and other western governments, why the west supports such terrorists that killed 17000+ people in cold blood? Remember Albany trolls? Half of them are the MEK guys who every day and night spread lies about Iran in social media, if the government didn't punish them then it meant that it has concent with their crimes. Second, propaganda means to get a story and say half of it, but fake the other half and embed your own lies in that, the US exactly did so with this story as usual, Raisi was not the judge who issued those sentences, he was the deputy of the judge and a deputy would not have the authority to execute some one. If these Americans are honest about what they say, why they're supporting MEK murderers now? About the link you sent, that is really disgusting and is sickening to stomach indeed, the Iran prime is the Zionists lier propaganda machine..... They attacked so many poor nations, for the phony pretext of fighting with communism, what happens that now they're cooperating with the semi communist militias? In the US there's No difference between right and left, and subsequently no democracy, whenever you said something against their lies and your comments and accounts didn't get deleted then talk with me about democracy in the west, whenever I say something in an American or Israeli website it gets deleted at the heat of the moment, is it democracy? The poor American general who only criticized the disgraceful withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan was fired and even jailed, this is democracy? Oh, thanks, people don't need this kind of democracy, the American democracy is this: either you're our lackey or you're dead! As we've seen it so many many times.
  11. That is not the Supreme Leader that qualifies the candidates that's the Guardian Counsil, and that works based on the constitution not leader's opinion, for example if you don't have PHh you're not qualified, or if you are older than 70 or something like this (I can't remember exact number) you're not qualified, if it was based on the leader's command, as I said people like Rouhani, Khatami and a few others would not been qualified, just something jumped to my mind, you said your country shuts down the opponents, no it doesn't, I can name more than 100 Iranian newspapers and channels that are everyday publishing new things, and they are indeed the enemy of my people and my government, but the government doesn't shut them down, but uhhhh, I don't want to point out domestic issues of my country in a Canafian forum.....or else there's a lot of words to be said. Sorry for bringing up this subject again, you don't need to respond, I just wanted to point out the election turnout of Iran, that's all, have a nice day!
  12. Leave alone America's lies, Iran is being pushed between the pro west liberals and neoliberals, and the other revolutionary guys who gave just arisen (hope they don't disappoint us), these clergy men that the US constantly talks about aren't monsters the same as teachers, doctors, engineers that have good guys and bad guys the clergy men have good and bad ones, I don't understand these lies of the US, they just try to play the game of clergy and the people, this was the people that every time chose a clergy, who voted for Rouhani and Rafsanjani and Khatami while all their opponents weren't clergy men? Yeah, we really don't give a damn to these issues, despite what the US says..... You know why the US has been trying to destroy Iran for more than 43 years but they didn't succeed? Cause they have no idea of what is happening here, they just have delusion, and don't really know Iran, they don't know Iran's political atmosphere and that's why they every time make mistakes. They don't know the Iranian people, if right of the bat the US stopped its hostility and tried to back stab us, it would have been more successful than now!
  13. I have already shown my honesty, but when you're lied to what can I do? About your America, if you really think the people choose the president I have to say you must be kidding! "Electoral College" choses, not American nation, as well as it chose Bush and Trump despite the fact that most people voted for their opponents. 5 times it has happened, this is the neoconservative Zionists who pull the strength in America not even American politicians. America has two major political parties, have you ever seen other candidates from other political parties that attend in the presidential debates? No, cause the US political system is a monolith system, these Democrat and Republican stories are red herrings to fool these American people. (This is my personal opinion not the Iranian media's narratives, I don't watch mainstream media) About Iran, let me tell you that if the US's lie about Mr. Khamenei was true, that all the power is in his hands, people like Khatami, Rouhani, Bani Sadr would never never become president, I don't know say fortunately or unfortunately but every election in Iran has been a new storm that shook Iran and it obviously shows that the presidents hold the power, and no president ever shook Iran as much as Rouhani did, you know what political stream Rouhani was from? (No!) He was awfully inclined to west, he and his officials, and if the leader had power, the damn JCPOA would have never been signed in 2015, and Iran would have never join the FATF or 2030 agenda of the UN. The US as usual lies and exaggerates on issues, 80% of power is on hands of the president and his ministers and officials, a 20% share of power is with the leader, and never forget that he has never interfered in economics or even politics, I don't want to say some certain points, because I'm sure there would be a misunderstanding but no, he has not absolute power, even Ahmadinejad that your media told a lot of fairy tales about, didn't have good relationships with Mr Khamenei ?? ironic, but true! I can't remember a president that has totally been agreed with Mr Khamenei. Third, no before Raisi runs for presidency I wasn't sure what was supposed to happen, your perspective isn't real, I doubt if you really understand what I say (no offense I mean comprehend) I have read these American media for a long long time, and know how do you depict Iran in your mind but that's all the US's delusion. You don't see the Zionists as bad guys so what can I say? Politics in Iran is very sophisticated and the reason is that no country has as much enemy and betrayer as we do, but we still have so many good guys that we're still alive, Raisi and his ilk have been always been sacrificed by the political streams in Iran, that's unimaginable for you, but real....... the guy is not a monster.
  14. Maybe in its delusional stories on CNN? The only front that the US is dominating on currently is media and propaganda.
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