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  1. Harper is trying to fix the Health problem created by the Liberals in the nineties when they cut transfer payments to the provinces. Martin supporters are surprised that no one believes him about his health care plans since he caused it in the first place. Add to that Martin's personal doctor works in a private clinic and you have more Liberal hypocrisy.
  2. Yes, I believe there are more Jewish voters. Certainly since we are getting an influx of Jewish people from France and other European locales where they are experiencing more and more anti semitism.
  3. Well Norm, I'm glad we can agree on something! Harper does make sense doesn't he? I notice you completely ignore the part of my post that stated the reason Canada is in this mess in the first place. That's okay, most Canadians remember.
  4. That's because they've proven themselves to be untrustworthy my friend.
  5. Yes, I've said elsewhere that Martin's health is a concern. He's over 70 and this extra long grueling campaign in the winter may just prove too much for him. The latest poll numbers out today in the National Post say the Liberals have slipped to 34% and conservatives 31%. If his health fails, they will lose for sure.
  6. Harper's new health care policy makes a lot of sense to the average Canadian. Limit wait times and avoid a two tier system. On the other hand, the Liberals started this whole mess by cutting transfer payments to the provinces in the mid 90s when Martin was finance minister. And since there is an election coming, Martin's going to fix the medical system. Fat chance. They've even done nothing after the Romanov Report came out several years ago about our health care system, and this is a report they commissoned!
  7. If you go back and read my earlier message, you'll see that the "religious freedoms" concerns in regard to C-250 are far from bogus. -k <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Kimmy, I'm afraid that when it's put in black and white for some people they just side step and keep going. An excellent post, though.
  8. I don't know, there's 54 days left in the campaign and it's going to be during the worst of winter. Martin may just overdue it and have a health emergency. This might just play into the CPC hands.
  9. Well, they are going to fix the problem, and then a greater portion of the Canadian people will be happy with it. That's democracy I suppose.
  10. The amendments weren't enough for the radical left wing judges Martin has been appointing. They will find loop holes unless the protections are more than they are.
  11. If I was gay and the word marriag got taken away from me after less than a year, I would't mind, as long as the rights were still there. You're hung up on a simple word Norman.
  12. I believe the reasons were it didn't offer enough protection for religious types to speak their conscience on the gay issue without being arrested for hate crimes. Of course the Liberals can be accused of catoring to another minority groups for the sole purpose of trying to influence votes come an election. This is all the more true since only 6 or 7 nations in the whole world had any kind of legal gay unions at the time.
  13. In refering to liberals attacking, I was referring to Canadians in general. Martin has been attacking the plan and your usual assortment of liberals. By the way, speaking of fish, Martin is really looking unhealthy lately, how old is he I wonder. There comes a point when one has to slow down and I think this campaign is too much for him.
  14. The bottom line is use of the word marriage. If so many are concerned about that, what's wrong with a compromise word like union. Gays still get all the rights, just by a different word.
  15. Gays are a very small minority group, yet they receive more attention than natives do in Canada. They should be given the attention that their numbers warrant. That's fair, isn't it?
  16. Norman, you get your knickers in a twist over nothing! Civil unions would be loved by gays in all nations where they aren't recognized yet, and the only difference in Canada is we went too far, allowing marriage to be used. But Harper will fix that.
  17. It looks like Harper's got a really sound plan for health care, that's why liberals are immediately attacking it.
  18. Oops, I posted without checking my facts.(nevermind)
  19. Compromise: not having any union at all vs full blown marriage = civil union. If Elton's not squawking about it, maybe it's a good thing. Let's remember, the vast majority of nations don't have any kind of gay marriage at all. Maybe we went too far.
  20. Don't look now, but laws of the land such as stealing and murder and lying under oath all got their starts in life as religious laws. Funny, huh?
  21. That's a perfectly reasonable compromise, I believe that's the type of law that Elton is going to use to form a union with his partner. If Elton thinks it's okay, I don't see what all the fuss is about.
  22. Yes, actually Harper is looking really together. Martin, on the other hand, looks like he's losing, even though he's not yet.
  23. Does anyone know what the CPC position is on same sex civil unions as opposed to marriage, which they feel is defined as a man and woman(and rightly so I might ad)?
  24. I did not try to reverse myself. My position has been consistent throughout. You misinterpreted my earlier comments as being anti-Christian. I merely clarified the fact that you had misinterpreted my comments. In retrospect, I should not have wasted my time since you still seem to be under the completely erroneous impression that criticism of religious conservatives is somehow inherently anti-Christian but not anti-Sikh or anti-Muslim or anti-Semitic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What you can't seem to realize is that you are a hypocrite. You came on this board slamming the CPC for a supposed anti gay bias, but you then call members of the party by all sorts of silly names. Criticism of any group is not the same as using slurs like bible thumper. If you fail to see that then perhaps I'm wasting MY time. Also, I'd like to see you call a Hindu or Sikh a 'Bible thumper.' You're really reaching now. You can try to invent new definitions but bible thumper has always been a slight on the Christian religion.
  25. More side stepping Norman? Please tell me how 'bible thumper' can be connected to anything but Christianity. Further, to suggest it's okay to use your intolerant labels on some Christians but not others is like saying it's okay to call some homosexuals names, if they are radical enough activists. It's typical thinking of those of your political bent, and quite ugly. But go ahead and defend it, your previous response was quite revealing.
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