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  1. Reports say Norway has the best healthcare system in the world. One reason might be because Norway is a small country with one central government. That is not like Canada which is a confederation. Canada's governing system is far more complex. Plus you have different political factions in every province and in the federal government. The complexity of Canada's governing system makes it difficult to come to any agreement on how medical care should be provided. In Norway: "However, treatment is not free. Norwegian residents pay for healthcare services at the point of service. That being said, fees are subsidised and there is an annual limit on how much any one individual has to pay for healthcare. So, how does it work?" Healthcare in Norway - Life in Norway This might be worth examining closely to see how Norway is a leading health care country. Herbie and Black Dog should read this. They seem to think the system we have is fine. People that say things like that and/or oppose change are more than likely not suffering any serious health care problems or have never experienced poor health care treatment. The attitude is I'm ok, to heck with everyone else. Maybe read my link on the Norway health care system. Everyone pays something up front when they access health care, but there is an annual maximum that everyone pays. The Norway health care system is heavily subsidized but has the best health care system in the world reportedly. Healthcare in Norway - Life in Norway
  2. Unfortunately government does not know how or is unwilling to fix the existing system. It may just get worse. The only way to help Canadians get better and eliminate the waiting lists is for government to get out of the way and let private medical companies come in and start providing the services we are entitled to. At the same time, recommendations such as what I am Groot said should be considered and tried. We need far more doctors and staff. Six million Canadians don't even have a family doctor. Just letting the existing system continue along and hoping things will get better won't cut it. Canadians' life span will be negatively affected as more people die on waiting lists or are unable to get proper and timely treatment. We simply can't leave it to or let government do the job. They have proven they are incapable. If you think government can solve the problem, try writing a letter to the minister of health and see what kind of reply you will get.
  3. If you are trusting in government to provide good health care, forget it. Socialized systems often fail to deliver on their promises. Socialists promise a paradise but fail to deliver. It should be remembered that government is under many pressures and tries to appease every interest group.
  4. " Trudeau should apologize for his fiscal mismanagement. From the beginning, the prime minister promised “moderate” deficits and that the budget would balance itself. Yet all of his budgets have produced enormous deficits, and our debt has more than doubled. We spend more on interest payments servicing the debt than we do on the entire defence budget. We’ve had the WE Charity scandal and the ArriveCan app debacle that cost taxpayers millions. Since 2015, the size of the public service has increased markedly, yet seems less efficient than ever. Veterans have faced obstacles getting benefits and long delays have been seen at passport offices. Yet these extra bureaucrats did have the time to redesign our passports, erasing our history and ridding them of any reference to our glorious past, our many heroes and our most prized monuments. We deserve an apology for that. Today, almost nine years on, we are faced with an affordability crisis, a housing crisis and increased taxes. The carbon tax has not only increased the price of gas, it is making everything more expensive, while doing little to further reduce the inconsequential 1.5 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gases that Canada produces. Our resource sector is being sacrificed by Trudeau’s obsessive fixation with climate change. The industries that employed thousands, raised our productivity and filled our coffers are due an apology. We have a poorly thought out immigration policy, which has seen unprecedented numbers of refugees and immigrants welcomed to this country without any thought of what those numbers would do to our housing supply, our social services and our already overtaxed health-care system. Those who believed they were coming to a prosperous country to build a better life but are now homeless and unemployed are owed an apology, too. And some are regretting their decision to emigrate. The Canadian Armed Forces are in worse shape today than during what Gen. Rick Hillier, Canada’s former chief of defence staff, called the “decade of darkness” in the 1990s. The Armed Forces are short some 16,500 personnel, have capability gaps that render Canada unprotected and are unable to contribute to international operations. The recent defence policy update talks about “exploring” remedies. It is time to stop exploring and start fixing. Meanwhile, Trudeau has not lived up to our NATO commitment to spend two per cent of GDP on defence, and has privately stated that he has no intention of meeting it. This basically amounts to a breach of contract. It’s time to apologize to our men and women in uniform, and to our allies in NATO." Michel Maisonneuve: Trudeau owes Canadians an apology for his gross mismanagement (msn.com)
  5. Access to medical care is not great in my town. The walk-in clinic is only open a few hours a day from M-F and each time they appear to only take 12 patients during those hours. People line up in a hallway, wait for an hour or two until the clinic opens. Then if you are one of the first 12 to arrive, you get in. The rest are out of the door. I met one man who arrived 2-1/2 hours before the clinic opened in order to be sure he would be admitted. The family doctor, if one is fortunate enough to have one, can take 4 to 6 six weeks to get an appointment. The only alternative to this situation is to go to the Emergency Room and hope you don't have to wait many hours. I once waited six hours in the ER waiting room and during that time saw a young native man come in, who didn't seem to be in any emergency as he was playing on his smart phone in the waiting room, but he was taken in after about 20 minutes. This is completely inadequate medical care.
  6. The liberals have taken over the system by loading the unelected Senate and unelected courts up to the Supreme Court. It will be very difficult for the Conservatives to do much.
  7. I just read a headline of a new item that says a Conservative government may be blocked by the liberal appointed Senate. If that is the case, what happened to democracy?
  8. A public Socialized system has proven to be a disaster for the public. Keeping the public system will just mean worsening medical care for Canadians and will shorten the life span of the average Canadian. That's the problem in eastern Europe. Some countries have a ten year shorter life span than western Europe. We need find ways to attract doctors to Canada and drastically speed up training them here. Pay them more if necessary in the public system and give them lots of benefits to make it attractive. But don't block private system and deny people who want to pay more themselves to obtain health care. That is senseless. Private care is an easy way to improve the health care in Canada because it allows people to contribute far more money to overall health care. Politicians are not capable of providing a good health care system. We can't leave it them. It is already bad. I never recommended we copy the U.S. system. There are lots of countries in Europe that are far ahead of Canada in providing good health care. We need to study their systems. Canada is number 11 on a list of 12 advanced countries. We need to change that. Don't expect politicians to change things for the better.
  9. All we need to do is look at how the federal government has mismanaged some of their departments, wasted millions of dollars and doled out millions of dollars on questionable or scam contracts. The RCMP should be looking into a lot of things. Government has proven it is inefficient, wasteful and unable to control spending properly. We can expect they have done the same thing with the health care system. "The B.C. NDP government’s election-year budget will run a record $7.9 billion deficit, almost double last year’s, fueled by $6.2 billion more in spending to pay for a new B.C. Hydro rebate, more money back for families and a program to fund invitro fertilization for people trying to have a baby." Flipping tax to cash for families: 7 ways the 2024 B.C. budget could affect you (msn.com) (We need to remember this is an election year in B.C. and it is time for the NDP to hand out goodies.) The B.C. NDP is running a record 7.9 billion dollar deficit this year, but the health care system is still in a crisis. What happens to health care is in the hands of politicians who will run huge deficits to fund all kinds of things but the health care system is failing. How is it they can't fix that?
  10. No, Israel never lost the right to the land even though they may have lost use of the land temporarily in different periods of history. The Scripture says God gave them the land for perpetuity. Here is the perspective of one writer or article who explains it: " The Principle of Tenant Possession God gave His land of Israel to the people of Israel to possess as an inheritance forever: “For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed forever” (Gen. 13:15; cp. 15:7; Dt. 19:14; Josh. 1:2). Even though God gave the land to the people of Israel, they were not to regard themselves as its sole owners and authorities. Because God was the ultimate owner of the land, they were responsible to serve as His representatives, administering His rule over the land for His benefit, in accordance with His sovereign purpose and in obedience to His commands. The Mosaic Law spelled out the details of this arrangement. Scholars have described this principle in various ways. Margolis said, “The land, the law declares, properly belongs to YHWH, who is sole landlord, while all the Israelites are but his tenants.”2 " See the whole article for much more detail: God’s Law for Redeeming the Land – Israel My Glory
  11. I am not suggesting doctors be shuffled from public to private. The system needs to change in a huge way. Private systems are run by private companies supported by investors who are going to make a return on their investment. So government would need to get out of the way and let them operate. The public health care crisis is caused by government intrusion or Socialism poking it's long nose in every detail of health care. How doctors are obtained from other countries and how they are educated in Canada would probably have to change too. The whole system is a mess. You can't fix a flawed system. Canada's health care system has been failing for years. Why hasn't it been fixed if that is possible? Socialism needs to be tossed. It is the problem. It caters to powerful unions that also create a huge problem. The power of unions needs to be cut as well. They cater to the chosen (members) at the expense of the public.
  12. Move to China or Cuba yourself. Norway and many other countries are rated far ahead of Canada for health care.
  13. That is the big question that is being debated. Die-hard Socialist believe in banning any private insurance or private care and think public health care is the only system we should have. While people debate, Canadians are dying on waiting lists and for lack of urgent care. I don't see how this is right. Canada is the only country in the world that goes out of its way to deny allowing private care. I see this as a violation of basic human rights. Even if a person is willing to pay something and has a home worth over a millions dollars and a good pension or lots of money invested, he does not have the option in Canada to get quick health care in all cases. One reason why there should be a parallel private health care system is public systems are by their nature inefficient and bureaucratic. In Canada, the public system is strongly dominated by powerful unions who are only looking after their members. A private system could be competitive and have some motivation for faster and more efficient service. If the people running it do not produce, they can be more easily let go and replaced. One of the problems with the public system now is it is very expensive for a doctor to operate his practice. “Canada is the only country in the world where it is illegal to obtain private health insurance when there are long wait-lists. That surely says something,” said Dr. Brian Day, medical director of Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver and past president of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Day, whose private clinic in Vancouver has been up and running since June 1996, has long been advocating for a parallel private system in the province. He launched a legal challenge to the B.C. Medicare Protection Act, saying wait times in the public health system are too long and stopping patients from paying for those services outside the public system violates their rights. 2:35Code Blue: Canada experiencing shortage of family doctors In July, the B.C. Court of Appeal dismissed the Vancouver surgeon’s challenge. However, in their ruling, the judges accepted that the act’s provisions “deprived some patients’ right to security of the person by preventing them from accessing private care when the public system had failed to provide timely medical treatment.” Days says the funding model needs to change in the country, adding that the “state-run monopoly” is killing Canadians. “The promise was that we would have a universal system where everyone was treated, but people are dying on wait-lists,” he said." " Canada’s health-care system is lagging behind some other high-income nations, according to some reports. A 2021 report by the Commonwealth Fund ranked Canada’s health-care system 10th overall out of 11 countries. Norway was top-ranked followed by the Netherlands, Australia and the United Kingdom." ‘Dying on wait-lists’: Could private health-care solve Canada’s ER ‘crisis’? - National | Globalnews.ca Canada is a wealthy country in terms of natural resources. Why are we ranked 10th out of 11 countries in health care? It doesn't make sense unless you consider the bureaucratic and political part of it. That is what runs it in Canada. So it has to be the problem. Canada has a federal government and ten provincial governments plus territories. So having a public system means it is by nature very complex. That may be the problem. Governments by their nature are often very slow and inefficient. There are many demands placed on government for all kinds of services and funding. Public health care is just one of many demands on the agenda. What we have is a system that denies individual freedom of choice and forces Canadians to accept long waiting lists because there are people and politicians who believe Socialism is a gift from God. It certainly is not. More likely from the pit of Hell. Many Canadians are paying the price for the ignorance of some.
  14. I don't think that is correct. You can read a summary of the Babylonian captivity in this article: "The Babylonian captivity or exile refers to the time period in Israel’s history when Jews were taken captive by King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon. It is an important period of biblical history because both the captivity/exile and the return and restoration of the Jewish nation were fulfillments of Old Testament prophecies. God used Babylon as His agent of judgment against Israel for their sins of idolatry and rebellion against Him. There were actually several different times during this period (607-586 B.C.) when the Jews were taken captive by Babylon. With each successive rebellion against Babylonian rule, Nebuchadnezzar would lead his armies against Judah until they laid siege to Jerusalem for over a year, killing many people and destroying the Jewish temple, taking captive many thousands of Jews, and leaving Jerusalem in ruins. As prophesied in Scripture, the Jewish people would be allowed to return to Jerusalem after 70 years of exile. That prophecy was fulfilled in 537 B.C., and the Jews were allowed by King Cyrus of Persia to return to Israel and begin rebuilding the city and temple. The return under the direction of Ezra led to a revival among the Jewish people and the rebuilding of the temple." For the complete article: What was the Babylonian captivity/exile? | GotQuestions.org
  15. The funny thing is people like you don't even want people who can afford it to pay for private care which would take the pressure of the public system and help eliminate the waiting lists. Well go ahead and die on your sword fighting the truth that Socialism is a disaster. All it does is make every one who needs medical care suffer and those with lots of money will fly somewhere else to get the care they need. That is a dumb system. A better system would be a parallel public and private system which gave people who have some money to purchase health care insurance to utilize the private system and take the pressure off the failing public system so they can eliminate waiting lists and over work in hospitals and ERs. Everyone would benefit from such a system.
  16. Yes and Socialized medical care and banning any kind of private care is turning out to be a disaster for Canadians. Yet we have people who still defend it, especially the NDP. Just mention a side by side system of private and public and they go nuts. Let everyone suffer equally is their motto. Some leftists would fight any kind of public/private mixture even if it helped to fix the failing public healthcare system. They would rather see Canadians die than give up their failed Socialist ideology that is a disaster. It is time Canadians wake up to the disastrous Socialist health care system that is killing people.
  17. Looks like many people get scraps from the public health care system. Why not allow people who can afford it to get private care in Canada and eliminate the waiting lists in the public system. Then nobody would get "scraps".
  18. I just quoted it to you. It is in the Bible and has been for well over two thousand years since Moses wrote it. "7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. 8 And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession" Genesis 17:7 KJV God does not need to give a "legal document". He spoke it to Moses and it was written down in Scripture. God the Holy Spirit inspired Moses to write the book of Genesis which includes God's everlasting covenant with Israel which included giving Israel everlasting possession of the land of Israel. If you want to oppose that and fight against God that is your choice.
  19. Treaty with who? This might come as a surprise to you, but Israel does not need a treaty with anyone. God gave them the land several thousand years ago. Read the King James Bible or Holy Scripture. That is inerrant and infallible. That is far superior to any kind of piece of paper or treaty. They don't need a treaty. What the heathen say about it is irrelevant. quote 7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. 8 And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; " Genesis 17:7 KJV There is no debate. It all ends with what God said. He is sovereign.
  20. "From patients dying on waiting lists to “critically ill” patients being asked to share a single hospital bed , our system is in crisis. A recent Leger poll found that 64 per cent of Canadians believe it needs a “major change” while only five per cent felt more money was the solution. The public overwhelmingly understands that 30 years of throwing money at the system hasn’t worked." Opinion: When Pierre Poilievre knocks on your door, demand health care choice (msn.com)
  21. Guess you don't know all the so-called Palestinian territory actually belongs to Israel.. It is kind of like the natives in B.C. who claim all of B.C. (and more) as their territory. They claim it but it doesn't really belong to them. It is crown land and much is private land. FNs have been given ownership or control over certain specified areas but they don't own the vast territories they claim as their territory. It is the same in Israel. The land belong to Israel. It doesn't matter what the U.N. says. Israel does not recognize the U.N. which is basically an antisemitic organization. All you have to do is look at all the endless anti-Israel motions the U.N. passed over the decades to know that. If Israel listened to the U.N. they would not even exist.
  22. Having hundreds of thousands of public servants working from home while practically everyone else in the country must go out to work and many do not have near the pensions and benefits that the public service has, doesn't look good. And they're being asked to go in only 3 days a week while everyone else has to go in 5 days a week. Still complaining. Make them go in 5 days a week like everyone else and if there is any trouble fire them. There is far too many public workers anyway. Increased greatly since Trudeau came in in 2015.
  23. First the federal public service has grown enormously under Trudeau. Secondly, I don't think it can be generalized that the public service is more productive by working at home. There are lots of variables, different departments, and different types of work. " Barriers to productivity The employees who reported doing less work per hour faced different barriers to productivity. About one in five (22%) reported a lack of interaction with co-workers as the main reason why they accomplish less work per hour (Chart 1). Close to 20% reported having to care for children or other family members. The remainder faced different challenges, such as accessing work-related information or devices (11%), having to do additional work to get things done (13%), having an inadequate physical workspace (10%), or experiencing difficulty with internet speed (5%).Note " Working from home: Productivity and preferences (statcan.gc.ca) So I would prefer to see everyone working from the office. I think that is how most Canadians work outside the public service. It should be the same for everyone.
  24. You obviously don't have much understanding of how things work over there. There are thousands of Hamas members and their only reason for existence is to kill Israelis and destroy Israel. With Hamas in Gaza, there is no such thing as a normal election. If they are left alone in a so-called peace arrangement, all that will do is give Hamas a chance to regroup, re-organize and rebuild their weapons and rockets, and prepare for the next attack on Israelis. They have absolutely no interest in peace and they are supported by other terrorist groups and Iran. They are not interested in the well-being of the people of Gaza.
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