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  1. Art and Music are examples for Men. Take either of those degrees and you are worth less than if you hadn't.
  2. how is it... that the US can have the Buy America legislation and receive no lawsuits. Yet we always do? The TPP is just another typical conservative boondoggle that will hand over the rights and freedoms of Canadian Citizens to Multinational Corporations. These agreements are only good for corporations. If our elected representatives went to the free trade meetings looking at the agreement through the eyes of a Canadian Citizen, we'd never sign one.
  3. I see no problem with homework that reinforces daily concepts. I don't believe that we should dumb down school workload because parents either don't have enough time or care to ensure their child does it. Some parents overload their children with afterschool activities too, not giving children enough flex time for other commitments. That shouldn't be factored into the equation either... that is a parents decision to focus on something other than school. As long as the work is related to a practicing a valuable skill and letting the child have enough free time to just be a kid.
  4. I know plumbers, electricians and steam fitters that clear well over 100k. Are they no longer working class? Is the walmart manager with an arts diploma more working class than an electrician because they make less? I find this concept amusing to contemplate.
  5. That is really stretching a concept to meet your own victim complex. You aren't helping equality by ignoring one gender, or by making a contrived attempt at linking all problems to one gender.
  6. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sexism Don't try to change definitions to suit the anti-male agenda of fringe feminists. The definition makes note that it has traditionally occurred against females, which is an indisputable fact of history. We have come a long way in North America. As the gap has been closed, we are being encouraged to ignore that these issues also affect men. It's easier to push an agenda when you continue to play only one gender as a potential victim. That is not the reality...
  7. Anita Sarkeesian is largely regarded by true feminists, and equal rights supporters like myself, as part of the problem. Feminism doesn't need more talking heads creating drama by insulting one gender over and over. Nothing Anita has said shows that she truly believes in equality of genders. Feminism has this identity problem because it is a gender biased term. It will continue to have this identity problem as fringe talking heads like Anita Sarkeesian treat feminism as "issues that women care about, for the sake of pushing women forward regardless of true equality".
  8. You have proven that you don't believe in equality. Sexism isn't some magical affliction that targets only one gender. For example, Men in teaching experience sexism in their health benefits and working conditions as the profession is overwhelmingly female. Men wishing to work with young children experience sexism because they are stigmatized as being a creep or pedophile and not hired. Sexism. A 40 year old male interested in making Rainbow Loom bracelets is creepy. A 40 year old woman isn't. Sexism. I spoke with a young girl the other day that really didn't understand why a young boy was upset when he slapped and grabbed his butt. That is sexism. I told her to imagine the role reversal if some guy just slapped and grabbed her butt. I think she understood, but the fact that she felt her actions were perfectly acceptable at first is an example of sexism. The idea that women have the power to treat males as sexual objects without repercussion is the exact idea of sexism. Boys are supposed to like sexual attention all the time no?
  9. I've role played female characters and let people believe that I was female. My character name could go both ways. I did not feel like I experienced such gender based harassment. I did receive a lot of free stuff. You can't simply discredit his comment because he is male. That would be sexist. I have experienced women being hit on in Team Speak but, they played into it and even set up a time to meet while I was trying to get both of them to shut up. I'm sure it happens when they don't want it to but, if women are going to let it be successful some times, they can't really say that it should never happen. Unsolicited nude/genital pics are ridiculous and need to be dealt with as a form of sexual harassment regardless of gender. The Gamers I know would love for more girls to play games with them. It would be a perfect relationship to buy a new game like Final Fantasy, Black Ops or some other game and just sit down with their SO playing all day on release day. I really do believe that the majority of people harassing women online are the group of people with issues, whether they've been physically or sexually abused by a mother, aunt or grandma or they have some mental disability.
  10. Anita Sarkeesian isn't a credible or valuable source of gender equity information. No one sane person would use her as such. She has publicly said that she believes that it is impossible for women to be sexist against men. Because men don't experience sexism... That concept is not equitable, and lacks the level of equality required to be a true feminist. Think of her like an extreme Fox News broadcaster who just shouts "I'm right, don't you know that I'm right. Because you are wrong" while figuratively beating their chest to exert dominance over the opponents until they give up. Her presence has a negative effect on equality because her opinions directly guided by her ulterior motives.
  11. You misread the comment. It was meant as an insult against administration as teacher's aren't permitted to say what is most useful to parents. They must use eduspeak that is specifically meant to dance around issues so that fewer parents call back to admin to get problems solved.
  12. Everytime I hear these crazy things that gamers say to women online. I think of a particular student I encountered who liked the computer as a safe place. He was a terror with a long list of psychological diagnoses and didn't understand why women needed to be treated equally. I don't mean in the feminazi tumblr feminist sense, I mean he disagreed with them having the same treatement as men. He was a poor soul with a tortured mind... but you'd only know that if you met him. Not through a computer screen. The reality is that the computer is a safe place for most of this tortured minds. They get away from family there and people don't know who they are. So, I wonder how much of this 'male assault of females' is actually from people with psychological problems like ASD, ODD, Sociopathy, Borderline Personality Disorder, etc. Disclaimer: I've played female characters and pretended to be female in text chat as an experiment. I didn't get harassed... but I did get a lot of free stuff given to me to help me out.
  13. HOW DARE THEY CONTINUE TO RUN FIELD TRIPS! All they really did is kill standardized testing and avoid writing administrator mandated gibberish comments that most parents can't understand anyways.
  14. He should run in Barrie the next election. Hudak scared enough voters to Liberal because the wives of union members are often the breadwinners up this way, and the incumbent Rod Jackson was an ass. He has held on to Barrie for a long time as an MP, and I think Barrie is smart enough to try and elect a party leader to get the kickback cashflow that always comes with it. I'll see what his plans are before making judgement. It's been a long time since I've been able to support a conservative party. All of the current ones are seem to be corporate toys through and through. Let's see money going to small business innovation, technology innnovation, and technology education for modern careers to build Ontario into the future, please.
  15. Infact, you could sell cuts to education to Teachers simply by saying "We are taking out the waste at the administration level" All teachers have seen tons of money go into pet projects just because someone needs a new initiative to move up the ladder.
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