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  1. The treatment of indigenous children in these so-called schools was horrendous and appalling. I don't know why so many people find this surprising. The awful treatment of indigenous people has been known for a long time. Our first prime minister was arguably a white supremacist who went on and on about the aryan race, similar to the nazis. He directed the country to engage in countless episodes of violence against indigenous peoples. Yet we celebrate him by putting him on our money and erecting statues. Other people on our money include Laurier, who didn't want women or indigenous people to vote, and Mackenzie King, who turned away Jewish people prior to the holocaust and got his "PhD" on the subject of advocating against immigration from East Asia. Our national anthem was written by a guy that performed in minstrel shows wearing blackface. Canada is a country founded upon the rejection of enlightenment values. This is why we are not part of the U.S. English Canada was founded by people that wanted to preserve the backwardness of the institution of the monarchy. French Canada was founded by religious fundamentalists who rejected joining the U.S. because values like freedom of speech or separation of religion and state would go against their desire for Quebec to be a Catholic semi-theocracy (which it was until the quiet revolution of the 1960s). British North America continued to have slavery decades after it was abolished in the Northern U.S. Our anthem and our charter emphasize that this country recognizes the supremacy of "god", which is precisely the justification used to oppress the indigenous people in these schools along with their parents. From the perspective of some (but not all) of the advocates of these religious school systems, they were serving "god" and "saving" these indigenous children from their "savagery" by brainwashing them into their religion (if they didn't die in these schools). Religion and "god" has been used and continues to be used to justify terrible aristocracies around the world.
  2. No, you are confusing capitalism with free-market capitalism or laisser-faire capitalism. Free-market capitalism is a subset of capitalism, but is not the only form of capitalism. Capitalism is about using private competition to allocate capital within society. You can have more redistributive forms of capitalism such as in Norway. No, communism and nazism are subsets of socialism, at least under the traditional definition of socialism.
  3. Then how do you explain national socialists such as the nazis, along with other fascists? They were socialists because they believed that the means of production should be controlled directly or indirectly by the state. I don't think your definition of socialism is the most correct nor the most useful definition.
  4. It would be better to abolish things now, before they get worse. And for all we know, the queen might remain alive for another 100 years. Do we really want to wait that long?
  5. I agree. Lack of separation of media and state has very bad implications for democracy. If the state controlled media has a strong financial incentive to ensure that certain parties win elections and that other parties lose elections then they have a conflict of interest when it comes to covering elections. That said, we can advocate both for the abolition of the monarchy as well as support separation of media and state.
  6. Politicians in Australia have. They have elected republican prime ministers under both major parties.
  7. Have a national referendum. After the referendum passes, which territorial or provincial government would dare go against the will of the people to support an unelected monarchy? We should open up the constitution, our constitution is terrible. We don't even have proper constitutional protections for freedom of speech. This COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted how little rights the Canadian people actually have. Because the political establishment is against them. Replace the political establishment with governments or parties that better support freedom and democracy. Vote them out.
  8. I don't remember any of this. I'm not that old. None of the politicians have ever tried to abolish the monarchy, so references to the past seem of little value here. Have a national referendum on abolishing the monarchy. With a majority vote of yes, most of these barriers to abolition would crumble.
  9. Then how do you explain the fact that many other countries have gotten rid of their monarchies, including France, the United States, and India? Australia has even had referendums on abolishing the monarchy. Not with COVID-19.
  10. Or she doesn't use the power that she has. Do you think it would be a good idea to wait until we have a monarch that abuses power before trying to change things? It would be far better to get rid of the monarchy before problems arise, especially under the queen's children or grandchildren. Prince Harry is a dangerous authoritarian who even wants video games such as Fortnite banned. He also thinks that COVID-19 is punishment from nature for climate change. So instead of getting a real job like everyone else, we need her to be a ceremonial figure? Wouldn't it be better to have another citizen producing goods, services, and tax revenue like the rest of us? By choosing to continue undemocratic institutions such as the monarchy, we weaken our ability and effectiveness at criticizing undemocratic institutions in other countries. Currently, there is a Thai movement/protest for freedom and democracy, which the Thai monarchy is trying to crush. Stalin and Hitler were also symbols of the state. Other problems with the monarchy include: 1. It violates the principle of equality under the law. 2. It violates separation of religion and state as the British monarch is inherently the head of the Anglican Church. 3. It helps the narratives of the woke people to paint society as a white-supremacist patriarchal dystopia. This furthers their ability to push cancel culture and take over institutions.
  11. Meanwhile, the military swears allegiance to a foreign Queen and her successors instead of to Canada or to Canadians...
  12. Because the queen is unelected, just like Xi Jinping. I support democracy.
  13. I love not being able to edit previous posts. This is such a greater feature of these forums!
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