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Canada’s Woke Inquisition

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10 minutes ago, CdnFox said:

It is crazy that an off hand comment like that can get you tossed. The mob has far too much power these days.

And wasn't Eby the one who said "We stand with the muslim community" on the day commemorating the holocaust?

Yup he’s a total sellout to the woke mob censoring our universities.  I’d never want to live in a place that elects such a fake.  Oh wait, I’m in Canada.

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It's the Left eating itself. There's a reason conservatives can make worse comments and then ignore the whining of the activist set. Because no one around them cares what the activists think or say or do about some minor slip of the tongue. It's largely the Left who obsess over such thought crimes and demand punishment and banishment for the offender.

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This is a prime example of how the BC NDP bends over backwards to cater to some minority group because they made loud complaints about a most insignificant comment about something most people have no knowledge about.

She said that modern Israel was founded on a crappy piece of land, something that obviously was off the top of her head and actually not far from the truth.

I heard that long ago.  I heard that area was not really worked or farmed until the Israelis moved in and settled there.  After they settled and worked the land it became quite a productive agricultural area.

However her comment was really insignificant in the scheme of things and she did apologize for any offense.  But that wasn't good enough for the extremists that were brought into Canada.  Where is the immigration screening to prevent these radicals from moving here?  There is no reasonableness or compromise with them.  What's just as bad is the NDP bending over backwards to appease these kind of people for a few votes.  

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