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Former PM Brian Mulroney praises Trudeau for "his great leadership"

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Former PM Brian Mulroney must be suffering from dementia and complete loss of memory.  He praised Trudeau and mainly compared him with Trump and the only talked the free trade agreement under Trump.  That was far from the only issue concerning the Liberals in the past eight years.  We have many issues where Liberals have failed Canadians, soft-on-crime, ill-advised gun legislation, and many other things.  He completely ignored all the scandals and ethics violations.   He ignored Trudeau's holiday to the Aga Khan island, he ignored the Chinese interference and David Johnson controversy and the SNC Lavalin controversy.  He ignored everything except his distaste for Trump.  This guy is not a conservative.  He totally ignored the divisions that Trudeau has caused and the government mismanagement that helped create massive debt, the housing crisis, and the cost of living crisis.   Mulroney is no conservative by any stretch and his attacking the conservatives in this way proves it beyond any doubt.  He has very bad judgment.

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney praises Justin Trudeau | Watch (msn.com)



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3 hours ago, blackbird said:

mainly compared him with Trump

If this is the standard being set, how is he not a great leader? What's the issue with the statement?

Also people eluding to division by this prime minister. Again, if this is the standard being set, what is the issue?

I mean, he could literally talk about grabbing women by the t****es and he would still be within the standard being set. He literally could black fa....nevermind.

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Meanwhile, this government can’t deploy a modestly equipped military for overseas exercises, blows $30 billion-plus to subsidize car battery plants that the parliamentary budget officer predicts will deliver little economic bang for jaw-dropping megabucks and remains addicted to overpriced consultants with friends in high places.

But most of all, it’s a government that casts suspicion on itself by appearing hesitant to aggressively expose Chinese interference in our elections lest it hurt the party’s political self-interests. With no next step in sight, it would seem the government wants to delay the inevitable public inquiry beyond the next foreign-influenced election."

Don Martin: Voters in Canada's byelections delivered status quo results | CTV News

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Mulroney and Trudeau competing for worst PM in history.

He must be getting kickback for it. As in the form of a cushy consultant job that Justin will offer.

Remember when he sued Canada for libel, was awarded several million only for it to come out that he lied. 

Pay back libel settlement, critics tell Mulroney

When pressed during question period about whether the government is prepared to go after Mulroney for the money, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson was vague.

“The report is now with the appropriate authorities who will study it."


I have a memory. I remember.   ;) 

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