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Chinese Spy Balloon Invades US Airspace.

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reports are that the gondola is in fact quite large

the size of three school buses

so that is definitely not a weather balloon

in this photo, you can see how large the balloon actually is, in relation to the F-22

bear in mind that the balloon is 7,000 feet above the Raptor

you can make out the details of the gondola, you can see the four propellers

from almost two miles away

so that thing is actually huge, the size of an airliner

you can see the propellers,  because they are not moving, more indication of malfunction


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On 2/3/2023 at 1:23 PM, Infidel Dog said:

How worried should we be about this?


The US flew U2 missions over the Soviet Union.

This is not a Cold War.


America won the economic war, the ideological war. These guys in Vietnam won an important battle.

Nowadays, around the world, people are free to trade. Free to travel.



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I fear that experts in Washington DC now are like the experts in European capitals in the early 1900s.

These supposed advisors - wise leaders - believed that they were smart - and yet they were about to destroy themselves.

And involve ordinary people in destruction


Some Americans foolishly think that this is a battle with Hitler - 1939.

No, this is a war that can be avoided by negotiation - 1914. We could have have avoided this war

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12 hours ago, xul said:

I'm wondering when will US Navy begin to torpedo Chinese spy drifting bottles....?😜😂

  • I heard the Communist Party put forward Mr. Yi, you know him for sure. He is the gentleman that likes to rant at press conferences. He thinks the world stage is like in Beijing when XI speaks, everyone has to keep straight. 
  • So I think he ranted about 10 balloons invading Chinese airspace last year, the communists always overexaggerate their numbers. Yesterday, also a party-run newspaper starting running propaganda that their military is getting ready to shoot down their own incursion. No more news about that. 
  • We have 4 so the Party gave the order for all the soldiers to say: 10 balloons invaded China!
  • Oh, this is in between his visit to Russia 😄 
  • If the people that lead China think they can build the future with Russia's own mafia, good luck. 😂 I have seen their joint naval exercises, the technology reminds me of a distant past. 
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