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It's Official, the Trump-Russia Investigation was a Partisan Witch Hunt


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36 minutes ago, bush_cheney2004 said:


No, I will not give it a rest.

Donald Trump is President of the United States...not the Prime Minister of Canada.



You need to give if a rest. You are hiding Trump behind an American flag and the Potus. You just finished lecturing me on not making it personal and you blur the line between Trump and Potus to shield him from the consequences of his actions. 


Potus preceded and will proceed Trump. It is not Trump and never was. It coincides with him doing his term of office. How he chooses to co exist with Potus can and should be challenged if he chooses to engage in behaviour that sullies its reputation. Let us put it in terms you understand Bush, Trump peed on the Presidential rug and now you claim the stain is the presidential seal to be worshipped.


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2 minutes ago, Rue said:

You need to give if a rest. You are hiding Trump behind an Amerivan flag and Potus. You justvfinishedvlecturing me ccx on not making it personal and you blur the line between him and Potus to use the 9ff8cevtonshield him from the consequences of his actions. 


What ?   Something is wrong with your keyboard.

Trump has survived despite all of the haters in the U.S. and wannabes elsewhere.

He is POTUS...membership in a very exclusive club.


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23 minutes ago, Cannucklehead said:

Yeah seriously Rue what's up with that?  :blink:

Yah phack. I have been editing my damn shit non stop. I have no idea what is going on. I just typed g and it switches to h and adds a  z then changes z to a and adds a y to the.  Sorry.

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On 12/28/2019 at 11:36 AM, Rue said:

If the assertions you state are true they must be fully investigated and precisely by a neutral non partisan so the impartiality of the process does not taint the findings. So again I state whether it's Clinton or Trump the rule of law and fundamental laws of natural justice and constitution of the US must be be followed to assure legally sound findings. It means no one should use their political powers to in any way influence the investigative process whether they are Clinton, Biden, Trump or as we saw in Canada with Trudeau.

They are true, they are based on the factual statements made by the AG and the IG and a judge from the FISA court and no one is denying them. Comey:




Any illegal things Clinton may have done do not make what Trump did or does legally acceptable.

You're right, but the people who say that what Trump is doing is wrong, but didn't say that what Hillary did was wrong, are just huge hypocrites and/or liars and have no credibility whatsoever. You can lump Pelosi, Schumer, CNN, etc into that group.  


We are at a crucial stage in American democracy where it's leader wants to drag Potus down to the lowest form of behaviour rationalizing his use ok Ukraine as a tit for a tat. No do not drag Potus down. Show respect for the basic fundamental legal principles the country was founded on.

Again my issue deals with following the laws of the land not ignoring them in the name of populist partisan emotional outbursts appealing to hatred and anger. That is not leadership a enunciated by FDR, Lincoln, Truman, Eisenhower, Teddy Roosefelt, Wilson. It is the kind of reactionary populist politics that does not inspire unify but lynch mobs.

Your hyperbolic, hypocritical statement is duly noted Rue. 

I get that you were totally in favour of this type of investigation for the first three years of the bogus scam known as the Russian collusion investigation, and that you're in favour of this new impeachment trial (to protect Biden and the Dems' old boys network from being held responsible for their crimes), but you feel like it was a huge crime that diminishes the entire office of the President for Trump to ask for a fair investigation into Biden. Did I get that right Rue?

The Dems can create false evidence and then get members of the FBI to lie to a FISA court to get warrants to investigate a political opponent but the GOP can't even ask politely for a fair investigation. But I agree that it sounds a lot better when you say it.

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10 hours ago, Shady said:

The executive branch always looks for more power.  It doesn't mean they get it.  

All too often it does however and increasingly so where the government's military rubber hits the road.


The 136 statutory powers that may become avalable to the president upon declaration of a national emergency.


Driving this trend even further and faster with the populism and predatory partisanship that characterizes so much American politics these days should make for some really interesting times.

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