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  1. So you'd rather everyone go about as normal and cause even more deaths? Its a fact that you can't get covid if you stay home, but thats just too difficult for some people.
  2. What good is a lockdown when people do not do it? Didn't they storm the Capitol in Michigan as a form of protest?
  3. Can you drive without a license? Sure. Should you?
  4. https://www.sportskeeda.com/fortnite/news-he-markets-directly-kids-fortnite-blamed-10-year-old-travis-scott-fan-injured-astroworld-2021 Sounds like he will make it, but that kid and many of the fans should not have been there at all.
  5. wtf is wrong with people? A 10 year old shouldn't be anywhere near a concert, you shouldn't hit/harm kids even if they did steal someone's shoe, and you shouldn't ever try to incite violence when you're the leader of a crowd. I hope the family presses charges against everyone involved, and the state presses charges against the family as well. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-59193150.amp But of course he's "devastated". ? Maybe he's devastated because they'll have to cancel the tour and he'll lose a lot of cash?
  6. At least 8 dead, 'scores' more injured at concert during Astroworld Festival in Texas, officials say


    Looks like covid has some competition in crowd killing.

  7. No one did. This is a democracy. https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/flag-canada-masting-rules.html 16. Exceptional Circumstances In exceptional circumstances, and on the advice of the Department of Canadian Heritage and the recommendation of the Clerk of the Privy Council, the Prime Minister may approve the Half-masting of the Flag on the Peace Tower, and/or on all or some federal buildings and establishments in Canada or abroad, that is not provided for in the Rules.
  8. If your going to gamble on either choice I'd play the odds and get them vaccinated if they are not allergic or have any other health conditions. Next stop Rama!!!?
  9. Amazingly that is what the natives said when the colonials arrived (well not exactly, but we all know) and that if it wasn't for immigration I'd probably be living in Europe today. Where would you be living today? Think about it.
  10. You should look at some of the entries from 1965 https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/flying-the-canadian-flag-this-canada-day-here-are-the-monstrosities-that-could-have-been ?
  11. That was the flag of Canada from 1957 to 1965. They changed the green design from 1921.
  12. Yeah seems I mixed up something somewhere. Anyway, the point is we can't just pretend covid doesn't exist. Obviously we can't have restrictions forever either. Pick your poison I guess.
  13. Idk where you get your info from, but I'm guessing that your going off of excess deaths total. Per capita is a different story, seeing as how Sweden has less population than Ontario. And not just by a little bit, we're talking about millions of people.
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