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Kanye West Fighting Cultural Front


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Cry-baby Kimmel quickly switches his interview of Kanye West to.......Trump.....and ridicule.  I can't help but notice the expression on kanye's face as Kimmel makes fun of Space Force.


A must-see how he turned the tables around - and I bet, that's lost on cry-baby Kimmel!




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SNL down in ratings!  



In Oct, 2017


Ratings For Trump-Hating SNL Plunge In Season Opener



Jan, 2018


“SNL” in Hot Water After Ratings Show Americans Are Sick of the Anti-Trump Dialogue




April, 2018


Rob Schneider: Alec Baldwin’s angry Trump impression is hurting SNL





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No, that's called Fake News. The ratings are up. They can't be down if they're up. Sorry.


Why do you always call people you disagree with names like "cry baby"? Can't you just have a civilized discussion instead? Why does it have to be so personal?

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George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer........flop at the box office!   What do they have in common? 

  Donald Trump!


The latest anti-Trump casualty at the box office:  MICHAEL MOORE!


Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ falls flat at the box office with dismal $3 million opening



Just before that movie got released, Moore was in the news!


Michael Moore says he'll move to Canada if new film leads to trouble



Box office flop.  Looks like trouble to me!


Now, he'll really want to move to Canada because of..........humiliation!  :lol:

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On 10/10/2018 at 10:20 AM, betsy said:

NL down in ratings!  

https://deadline.com/2018/10/saturday-night-live-ratings-week-2-host-awkwafina-travis-scott-1202478025/   not surprised they are down as it hasn't been funny in years.  It is not nothing more than just a vicious and malicious parody of itself.

CNN got down and racist about Kanye using terms that haven't been used in years calling it a 'minstrel show', calling Kanye a 'dumb negro' and a 'token negro'...      Why, because he's left the Democrat plantation saying black people don't have to be Democrats; he challenges the status quo and in return he's smeared and attacked.  


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You provided a link that says their ratings were down from the season opener last week. Duh. They always go down after the season opener. But they are up from last year, which must bother you if you're actually trying to push the story that they're down with false information.

Nevertheless, I can remember the Trump-types getting all in a tizzy when Obama invited Common to the White House. They called him a "gangsta rapper" and a "thug". Common! A thug. Lol.

I don't even have to take those quotes out of context and hope no one knows any better, like is necessary with the CNN "negro" quotes. 

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The proof is in the action.  Will Trump actually listen to any of Kanye's suggestions, which are actually quite progressive:  End Stop and Frisk in cities like Chicago,  provide tax incentives and seed money to start businesses in the inner city, lead by example by having the president use a hydrogen plane?  Let's see if Trump follows through on any of these suggestions.  

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