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  1. How did the weirdo from this site get my home email?

  2. American farmers receive $7.7 billion in relief because of Trump's failed trade war. Socialism feels pretty good in the midwest.

    1. OftenWrong


      To win at trade wars you got to play the long game, Don Jonas. Short term pain, long term gain. The shit is chess, not checkers...

    2. betsy


      Lucky US farmers.

      I wonder when will Trudeau give relief to Alberta workers - with his failed pipeline?

  3. Trump on getting his co-accused Jeffrey Epstein's charges dropped for raping children: "That seems like a long time ago."

  4. GOP finally has documented case of election fraud...because they're GUILTY lol

  5. Trumper white nationalist coast guard officer plans terror attack on Dems and media. Seems like he has many aligned individuals on this site.

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    2. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      It doesn't surprise me at all that a Trumper from this site would defend a wannabe white supremacist terrorist.

    3. bush_cheney2004


      Sorry, but Americans don't give up their rights just to please you.

    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      I guess they did with the Homeland Security act. He's in jail.

  6. Tucker Carlson has a crying meltdown when confronted with his own corrupt hypocrisy.  Hilarious!

  7. Andrew Scheer/Faith Goldy Alt-Right double bill today

  8. How long before Trumpers make comedy illegal? Seriously.

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    2. betsy


      The Trumpers?  Where have you been? 

      It's the looney left that has made comedy illegal for sometime now!!  That's old news!

      You can't make comedy out of fat people, black people, Injuns, women, lgbtqxyz, Newfie, etc..,  Only making fun of conservatives is allowed!   No wonder comedy isn't what it used to.

      Now....the looney left is out to do a hack-job to the classics!  ....and, even songs!



    3. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Wah. Betsy wants to make racist offensive jokes and people aren't laughing with her.

      Meanwhile, the orange dictator is trying to use his office to order retribution against political satire. There's a difference between that and people telling you you aren't funny.

    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Betsy, it's not illegal to make racist jokes. When were you ever arrested for it? Don't make stuff up and pretend you're making a point. It makes you look foolish.

  9. Trump gets his tiny mob to attack BBC cameraman. #third world shitshow

    1. DogOnPorch


      Pretty sure it was one guy.

      Trump also checked on the poor reporter to make sure any boo boos got a kiss.

  10. Racist jokes are hilarious. Did you hear the one about the Trail of Tears genocide? 

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    2. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Yes, there really is no defence for using condescending racial stereotypes when calling your political opponents names. I agree. Lol

    3. DogOnPorch


      She's native in the same sense my cat is a formula one racer.


    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      That's beside the point. And nobody cares anyway obviously.

  11. Russiapublicans are so screwed.

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    2. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Amazing the extent Trumpers will go to try to change the subject from their own corruption. They're like teenagers trying to distract their parents from their own wrongdoing by bringing up all the bad things other kids are doing. Lol

    3. betsy


      ....because, by bringing up Trump - with nothing really substantial to say (at a time when Canada is really embroiled in one disastrous Trudeau-decision after another)............I can't help but make that ironic observation.

         It's amusing too, watching your butt up in the air, ostrich:lol:

    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      It's amusing how Trump can do no wrong for you. Do not accept any politician as an idol. Betsy. It will just get you burned.

  12. Why did Trump jr lie about talking about sanctions with Russia?

    Why did Flynn lie about it too?

  13. So no amount of data could convince you because you misinterpreted earlier "fads" as science and are now unwilling to believe anything ever again?
  14. Now I've seen everything! California women's march canceled for fear it would be overwhelmingly white

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    2. bcsapper


      I would say that any poll that indicated that half the US were Nazi sympathizers was worse than a joke.

  15. A fitting end to the GOP control of House, Senate and Executive branches

    1. OftenWrong


      Meanwhile, their next government begins under a shutdown.

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