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What Can One Do During Home Invasion?

Cum Laude

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14 minutes ago, Hal 9000 said:

Maybe if the potential native jurors didn't sit and talk about how they wanted to find the dude guilty before the trial began, they would've been chose for the jury. 

 How do we guard against potential non-native jurors that are racist towards natives?  Special consideration or courts seem to be the only answer.  No surprise that drives people as nuts as not being able to shoot trespassers.  



BTW - I know it's been said, but if a group of white kids did what what done, the same outcome would've happened.  The only difference is, we never would've heard about it.


You can thank the stand-your-ground wing-nuts and racists for that.

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The law should be the same for everyone - that's what we're told...right?  The only possible change that I can Trudeau getting involved in is more gun laws. 

BTW - What should the farmer have done?  What would you do?  As I see it, he can do one of three things, Hide and let these punks rob him of his hard earned stuff, approach someone who has a gun empty handed or approach someone who has a gun with a gun of your own. 

The problem is not with "stand - your - ground" people, it's with a law that doesn't punish youth anymore.

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You mean "legally"? Legally in Canada you have the right to lay down and wait to be raped or killed. 

NOT legally in Canada I would execute anyone who invaded my house. My intrinsic right to self defense trumps any law dreamed up by Canadian politicians. 

No doubt I would be charged with something - unsafe storage of weapons or something. That's okay, I accept any consequences and would hope for jury nullification

if I was charged with some capital crime. So, I would have to take my chances in Canada. In United States I would not be charged with anything.

I would not however, execute somebody trying to steal my TV or car, as long as I was sure they only trying to steal and not harm me or my family. 

The police have a saying: "It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6." 

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On 2/10/2018 at 1:06 PM, ?Impact said:

Thanks to a decent society, we are no longer the wild west where your sidearm is the law. We live by rules, not who has the bigger gun and the best shot.

I'm going to guess your a city slicker, probably in the East.

The problem is: criminals do NOT live by the law, and once they are on your property or in your home in rural Canada, help is NOT a phone call away.  It is left up to YOU do do whatever you are going to do, because the invader is not going to take a time out while you wait for the fuzz to show up.   On top of that, you are not likely to know WHAT it is they will transpire, as you don't have a crystal ball and the invader is not sending you a schedule and scope of work before arriving.

In rural WY, we are given the distinct instruction to call to an invader, and shoot only when he/she turns towards you - and make damn sure you put it right between their eyes in a defensive move - or you will have to deal with authorities, lawyers, etc. forever.  Several states and every province and territory are way too fuzzy about what you can and can't do, should or should not do when you feel your life or your family is threatened.  WY, TX and a few others are pretty clear.

I am also going to hazard a guess that you do not now nor have ever lived on or near a reserve?   Get back to me when you have some idea what that really implies regarding property and family security.

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On 2/10/2018 at 6:48 AM, Cum Laude said:


If someone breaks into your home, what measures can you use to protect your property and family? It's a frightening situation for the homeowner, especially when it occurs in the middle of the night. What happens if you live in a small community where police response time might be 30 minutes or longer? This situation has never happened to me and I hope it never has, but home invasions and break ins have occurred near me. What would you do if you had vulnerable, young children in your home? This isn't a left/right partisan issue. I will link a story from Maclean's. The article is one thing but the comments that follow delve into the debate of what a homeowner should and shouldn't be allowed to do. Please read the comments that follow to get many perspectives.





If a stranger enters someones home illegally then whatever happens to that stranger especially at three in the morning is their problem. If the owner has a gun and has to shoot the intruder to protect his/her family well so be it. That intruder should not have broken into that home in the first place. The home owner must be given the benefit of the doubt and found not guilty. It only makes common sense and logic to me. 

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