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  1. I'm not seeing the option to remove my account. Thanks...
  2. EU came with hats in hand and begged Trump's forgiveness. Trump holds all the trump cards, and he knows it. Just signed a new trade deal with the EU. Meanwhile Canada is still in limboland. Will somebody please wake up sissy boy Trudope and tell him to get to work for Canada? And I mean get to work on a trade deal for Canada - not that Trump's daughter needs ballerina lessons from the drama teacher.
  3. "In my time several decades ago there was no massive immigration going on like it is today." Not so much the massive immigration, but the massive fiscal deficits that taxpayers bear to bring in immigrants. These are NOT your father's immigrants - they didn't even have welfare when my father came to this country. The welfare system was: If you want to eat, you have to work. No free rides. No free housing, no health care, no English classes, no nothing. Welcome to Canada, work hard or get the hell out. But those hardy days are long past. The Frasier Institutes estimates immigration costs Canadian taxpayers upwards of $20 billion per year in social programs over taxes paid. This figure is probably lowballing it for reasons of political correctness. But of course in exchange we get all that wonderful "cultural enrichment" like the Toronto gunman. So there's that.
  4. Back in the day when I lived in Toronto, I would say it was a very nice place to live. Not too sure about now.
  5. No way. Would liberals take pity on conservatives if the roles were reversed? Not a chance. They would say we deserved to be relegated to zero party status since we're all "nazis". Liberals can sit the hell down and shut their overworked yaps for a change. We've heard enough of their BS.
  6. He's a weak willed girly man who puts his feminist ideology above logic, reason, economics, science, so he can make dumb statements virtue signaling to his left wing SJW supporters. We need an alpha male for leader not a sociology proponent set out to fix things that don't need fixing.
  7. I got quite a laugh when Christy Freeland said "Trump has enacted ILLEGAL tariffs!" And now we must do the same! Well Christy, if they're "ILLEGAL" then why are you doing it?
  8. Trudeau will not be intimidated! Many Canadians had a good belly laugh when Trudy said this.
  9. The Obama economy is finally starting to show results! (LOL!)
  10. Whelp, the entire doctrine of "feminism" is predicated on the assumption of "oppression" in every sphere of existence by the evil male patriarchy. I can't think of a single example where women would suggest they are NOT oppressed in some way, shape or form. It's basically a self-fulfilling fundamental attribution error to establish victim-identity status. Just little clusters of in-groups rationalizing their victim bonafides based on the silly Marx notion that hierarchical society must be destroyed to achieve....? The unknown. More "justice" or some such silliness. They fill up the kid's heads with dog poop so next thing you know, they're sure enough spotting dog poop everywhere. I disregard such nonsensical arguments.
  11. "We wuz oppressed!" So as you can plainly see by every comment, it matters not who is in charge. It doesn't matter if women are in charge, or minorities, or natives, or the evil white male patriarchy, or little green aliens from mars, the status quo for any human society will ALWAYS be racism and oppression, hatred and disparagement of the out-group. As always it will be rationalized by stupid inversions like "We wuz oppressed!" therefore we feel justified in becoming the oppressor. Just as was in every human society created in all history, nothing has changed. "Pride" in your little in-grouping, hatred for everyone else. We're all just playing "Lord of the Flies" behind a thin veneer of civilization. And so shall it ever be. "Same as it ever was..." - The Talking Heads
  12. Ford is not a good public speaker. He is not an adept politician who can utter long, meaningless paragraphs of garbage buzzwords gleaned from "progressive" studies in Marxism and postmodern feminist poetry. Ford is authentic - he blurts out exactly what he thinks, says what he does and does what he says. The people have finally begun to see through the lying haze of double-speak and bafflegab practiced by politicians for decades. And Trudeau is left looking like an empty suit with nice hair.
  13. Trudope no doubt thought it was a great virtue signal to appoint a Somali to be Minister of Immigration. Oh, he's so dreamy and progressive! Thank god somebody is standing for the rights of native Canadians. Lisa MacLeod is right of course, it is semantics. Thank god she told him to eff off.
  14. De-industrialization. All our industry moved to China or Mexico, and now they're buried under their own stench. The Ohio valley is a ghost town. We didn't "solve" jack squat. We didn't "do" anything, except find the cheapest way to manufacture our goods without those pesky unions and environmental regulations getting in the way. Works for me - let 3rd world and "developing" nations wreck their own environment. Of course it creates corollary problems - like, we don't jobs for 5-10% of the population, which creates a permanent unemployable underclass because in a tech society there is nothing they are capable of doing. You only need so many garbagemen. Works for me. Let them eat cake.
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