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Would Canadians have more US border problems under a Republican govern

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The reason that trump is winning , is that people are tired of the constant political correctness. And being told how to live and who you will liove beside. And of course white people are tired of being blamed for everything , and if we complained we are nothing but racist. We can rip Christians but say boo about Islam ands who gets attack. It is OK to critize Islam, we still live in a free world for now.

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The reason that trump is winning , is that people are tired of the constant political correctness. And being told how to live and who you will liove beside. And of course white people are tired of being blamed for everything , and if we complained we are nothing but racist. We can rip Christians but say boo about Islam ands who gets attack. It is OK to critize Islam, we still live in a free world for now.

Sort of. Mostly it's that Republicans, those that aren't wealthy, have seen their economic fortunes falling away year by year and it doesn't look like anyone in Washington really gives a damn. The Democrats make better mouth noises, but it seems their priorities are always on things like racism and affirmative action and abortion rights, and feminism and helping illegal Hispanic immigrants get citizenship. Let's not forget that Obama did pretty much nothing to punish the banks for the recession they led us into, and his biggest financial backers were Wall-Street. Hillaries too, I bet.

The Republicans, in the meantime, have spent the last twenty five years single-mindedly fighting to cut back government programs that help ordinary people while slashing taxes on the rich and on corporate America. Compared to them, Trump seems 'real', a guy who doesn't need money and can't be bought, and for all his wealth talks in a sort of blue collar way that they at least understand. He sure can't be said to be talking down to them! Americans are tired of the same-old, same-old, and are desperate for a leader who will represent them and not corporate America. For all Trump's crudity a significant number are willing to give him a chance, simply because they see no one else.

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Perhaps but I think it more a case of big, brash blowhards waving AK-47s being more likely to take over a country than soft-spoken intellectuals. That's especially so in cultures with no tradition of democracy or compromise.

That wasn't the worry back in the day when we started misbehaving over there. Back then it was communist imperialism, another ridiculously overblown threat especially coming from a culture with it's own tradition of imperialism.

People like brash loudmouths even Americans, to some extent. Witness Donald Trump's success. For that matter, Canadians too seem to elect for personality more than intelligence and, and offers of short term bribes as opposed to a long term vision.

Speak for yourself.
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Further to PIK's comments, Trump is appealing to disenfranchised Americans-those constitutents directly negatively impacted by Obama policies-the very poor Obama claims he championed.

Trump appeals to the bottom one third of Americans who feel Obama liberalism has etrapped them in ghettos they can't get out of. They feel humiliated, impotent, and as if he castrated them and thus the macho talk of Trump makes them feel they can grow the balls back Obama cut off.

The true hard core conservatives would vote Cruz. Rubio and Bush who represent the McCain Republicans, the so called moderate conservatives are considered corupt establishment and to politcally appropriate.

I watched Bush on meet the press today and he is the anti-thesis of Trump-understated, polite, calm, reasonable, careful to use neutral words, and he reeks decency-qualities America seems to have loudly rejected. 8 years of Obama apologizing for America has caused thir natural sense o chauvenis and military pride to be repressed and pile up and its as if Trump has lanced the boil of this pent up pride for the last 8 years not allowed to surface.

Trump is literally lancing a boil of piled up feelings and when he pricks the accumulated repressed feelints, they burst forth like pus from a cyst.

That is what you are seeing-very ugly politics. You have the choice of a very crass Trump popping pimples in the mirror, or Hilary Clinton putting makeup on them to cover them up. Your other choice is Bush who says put clearasil on your pimples, take medication for your acne, and be calm ad wait for it to heal.

Americans are not in the mood to heal and go with a calm rationl Bush. They are in the mood for brash chauvenism, immediate bold actions and quick reactive remedies to Obama policies.

Its unfortunate. Jeb Bush is quite articulate. He is suffering Joe Clark Disease-his image just does not work. He's a good man, but because he looks and sounds like Mr. Rogers, it just is not working. Hilary is channeling Margaret Thatcher and Trump Benito Mussolini.

Its too bad. Bush is the most articulate and intelligent in his family. Someone who could bring in the Latino vote for the Republicans and is an interesting mix of very conservative values on certain issues with very liberal ones on others.

His name Bush, ends it for him. No one wants another Bush seen as establishment.

Cruz is a nasty man. Very nasty in using code words to attack everyone and everyone who he feel does not conform to his very insulated definition of a good Christian. He will split the evangelical vote with Rubio and Bush, a huge and important vote that abandoned Mitt Romney and by splitting that vote, Hilary will get elected.

Right now there are 4 Republican candidates. Two moderates, Rubio and Bush who clearly do not like one another, and two strange to the right type candidates, Trump and Cruz. That's whose left standing.

Trump has very much alienated the evangelical vote. He never wanted it. He's a blunt sob who makes it clear he is not an evangelical good Christian and his religion is money not God.

The only way to stop Trump would be to have all candidates rally around Bush and that is not happening and its too late now with Iowa and New Hampshire around the corner. Unless the silent vote goes with Bush, and either Trump or Cruz emerge with those states heading to Carolina I argue its too late to disenfranchise them later on. I think he Republicans are in chaos and waited too long to unite. They jut do not have a dynamic candidate capable of shutting up Cruz and Trump. Rubio is too young. A Bush-Rubio team is too Florida concentred in network support to help win a national election.

Trump can get enough New York vote to compete with Cinton. Bush or Rubio could not and would need say the New Jersey Governor as a VEEP for that.

The bottom line is the Republicans do not have a young John McCain and were spooked by Mitt Romney's Mormonism. Now they are in disarray as the China -Obama clone Clinton 2 prepares for her coronation.

I argue Biden is still not done. If Clinton is suddenly in hot water over her cell phone leaks which might surface, he may resurface.

The real dirt has yet to come and some say Trump is a Democrat just causing crap as a favour to Clinton to get her elected. That's a stretch but you never know.

Whether its Clinton or a Republican security concerns have long since transcended politics and both countries have no choice but to engage in a cohesive security system watching incoming and outgoing. The security of North America by its very physical structure requires a NATO and other unified and coordinated security systems.

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As I mentioned in my thread about U.S. government sponsored drug smuggling into Canada over the last 22 years, It has always been a "epidemic problem" when Republicans were in office so If Jen Bush gets into the White House, Canada will be flooded with CIA cocaine yet again. Red my Jeb Bush and Stephen Harper thread for the sources and details about this problem.

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