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Why Are Stephen Harper Scandal Threads Deleted? Censorship Sucks!


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For the third time in three weeks yet another thread about Stphen Harpers well hidden scandals from almost 10 years ago was deleted. The latest one to disappear was Titled: "PM STEPHEN HARPER CANNOT HIDE 9 YEAR $1BILLION COVER-UP". I made a comment on the thread yesterday and Scribblet made a rebuttal. I went to post this comment now, and guess what? The thread is gone! It was originally posted by user "Not Yet" three weeks ago. So is this a case of a biased moderator or a Harper hacker? Just more good stuff for my article I am researching.

How convenient that someone deleted (CENSORED) this scan of an actual court order that POST-DATES the links Scribblet just posted. Please note that the fabricated stock fraud charges against Gorcyca were DISMISSED by the most Senior Federal Judge in America - Jack Weinstein on December 17, 2007 and Gorcyca has been a free man ever since. Read this link Scribblet and deal with the facts instead of trying to smear the man. http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot.ca. At this same link you will also find:

* Sworn statements from 9 eye witnesses (court documents)

* Medical report of how Gorcyca was abused

* Proof positive that the extradition was fake and illegal

* Cmmentary from a University of Toronto Law Professor who reviewed the case

* Some interesting photographs.

* Scans of actual newspaper articles.

Now if you can identify the name of any real victim that can be verified, I am all ears Scribblet. I asked you to give me a link to real victims but you keep posting the same 3 links and no victims are idientified in any of those links - only old accusations put to rest by Judge Jack Weinstein.


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The threads were not deleted.

The threads were merged into this thread: Harper the disgrace which is still open.

I'm new to this forum and not a Harper fan, but my guess is that the evidence presented ....

... has nothing to do with the moderator intervention.

The intervention was made because there was no compelling reason to have multiple threads. This thread is locked.

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