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  1. .......Meanwhile, as tensions ramp up and the United States deploys more forces to the Gulf (and Indian Ocean), at Hill AFB, the USAF's "elephant walk" of F-35As.....no doubt....ready for their second deployment to the Middle East....
  2. For longevity purposes.......... Note that Eurofighter and Rafale left the program, for the very reasons I said they would for years....lack of proper integration into NORAD....the very same reason Canada will purchase the F-35.
  3. And surprisingly.......still in the program As I've been saying for years, the RCAF will get the F-35A, regardless of what "bloggers" and "virtue signalling Liberal party leaders" suggest......
  4. You realize.......gunfire echos in built-up areas? I just provided the number of rounds fired and the timeline.....as stated by the police....this is very basic math.
  5. Ahh no........ The actual timeline of the shooting and the number of rounds fired........rate of fire is calculated from actual rounds fired over a measure of time........not "sounds"
  6. I just did the actual math above for you.......he fired ~1200 rounds total.....over 10 minutes
  7. Ahhh no.....firing an AR at over ~400 rounds cyclic a minute will melt the gas tube......the Vegas shooter fired ~1200 rounds over ~10 minutes.....or about ~120 rounds a minute (a fraction of what an automatic could fire), which equates to four mag changes a minute for an AR with standard capacity mags....... Hence the claim that a bump stock makes a semi-automatic an automatic is wrong.....an actual automatic firearm has a far greater actual sustained rate of fire.....A Russian RPK can empty its 75 round drum in under 2 seconds ........the Vegas shooters firearms, if fired at a similar rate, would be melted steel if they hadn't blown up already. So your claim that Bump-fire stocks make a semi-automatic an automatic firearm is wrong.....and is why the BATF doesn't consider them worthy of being regulated like an actual automatic firearm.
  8. Not even close.....an AR-15 has a sustained rate of fire of ~300 rounds a minute, the same AR with a bump stock will be ~400-500 rounds a minute.....an actual M-16 select fire automatic has a rate of fire of over 900 rounds a minute......unlike the AR though, an M-16 (or any other automatic) has a firing pin, bolt carrier, sear/springs etc designed to tolerate said rate of fire....increasing a gun's rate of fire, to what it wasn't intended to operate at, at best will wear the firearm out faster, at worse, the operator will get a bolt carrier buried into his forehead after the gun stovepipes a round and the cartridges psi blows-up the guns receiver in the operator's hand with said operators head inches from such a failure. "Trained hands" don't operate unsafe firearms.......full stop. Charles Whitman killed and injured dozens with a four-shot bolt action deer rifle........ "trained hands" (the person committing the act) and the type of firearm used is the disconnect here, but doesn't really mater......so why do people like you keep bringing it up?
  9. Ahhh no......bump stocks (and trigger cranks) don't make a semi-automatic "pretty much an automatic"......big difference......bump stocks increase a firearms rate of fire, a firearm designed to cycle with human use (rate a person can pull a trigger).......bump stocks are akin to putting a cement block on a car's gas pedal and calling it a race car.
  10. Good question.......the ATF has reviewed them numerous times and doesn't feel they need to be taken off the market or further regulated under regulations pertaining to laws associated with actual automatic firearms.....even after the Las Vegas shooting, the NRA called on the ATF to review their previous reviews.......
  11. Automatic weapons are perfectly legal in class III States with a tax stamp....... No they don't......Bump stocks don't alter a firearms action in anyway whatsoever, hence a bump stock doesn't make a semi-automatic a select fire/automatic firearm.
  12. You're right, the firearms he had were all legal in the majority of the states, New Zealand and Canada. "Bump stocks" don't make a gun "automatic" anymore than racing stripes and a spoiler make an '87 Honda Civic an F1 car............ suggested public safety aspects aside, they should be taken off the market under the auspice of consumer (end user) safety and liability.......the things are idiotic and dangerous to users and anyone around them. At the end of the day, BATF could take them off the market sans any legislation.
  13. I've heard of that, upwards of 50k joined to support O'Leary.
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