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A Canada/US merger?

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And if you think not having access to healthcare because you don't have a lot of money, is funny, then you mkust be American!

Frankly, I think many Canadians are obsessed with health care, not because it is any better in Canada, but because it helps them define an identity apart from the Americans. Poor Americans can readily access health care much faster than Canadians because of goverment programs like Medicaid, Medicare, V.A., SCHIP, etc.

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Sure...that's why they drive hundreds of kilometers to cross border shop in the "states".... it's in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms....to be able to shop in America.

No it's because prices are cheaper in the US because there are about ten times the population there with about the same land mass so volumes of scale come into play as well as distribution costs.

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These ideas that Canadians pay ridiculous amounts of tax vis a vis the US are just that, ridiculous. As perviously stated, there are certain geographical realities that enter into the tally, but they are totally overwhelmed by the US penchant for waging foreighn wars. When I was in Afghanistan I discovered the cost at the time was in the neighborhood of 160 million a day. Multiply by ten years, that's a big number, and for what?

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Of course Canadians like anybody else would welcome cheaper prices for the things they have to buy. However if Canada and the US merged tomorrow it wouldn't make Winnipeg and closer to Vancouver, or St. Johns any closer to Toronto. Somebody has to pay for the deisel in those trucks, planes, trains, to get the stuff there.

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So all of this merger talk is just so Canadians can have better shopping !

Not at all. Social issues are much more important. Here's an example. In order to save the taxpayer a few bucks in a certain county or district or however they make the boundaries, allowed certain commercial operations to set up shop within the schools to offset the tax burden. So, here you had a 14 year old student with a Macdonald's hamburger in one hand, a Krispy Kreme doughnut in the other, a 26 ounce Coke off to the side. He was 14 years old, well over 400 lbs., and about to have a heart attack I'm sure. When he does, who is going to pay for that and how much. Where will Mac's be then. Where will the brain dead idiots be who allowed this crap idea in the first place be? And if somebody does come to his aid, how much will that cost. Short term gain for long term pain.

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Not at all. Social issues are much more important. ....

Not sure what you mean by that, but it is still costing Canadians more out of their pockets. They get to pay more in taxes and retail costs for goods and services, still buy Big Macs and large Cokes, with profits going back to big American corporations.

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I guess my bottom line here if you want to call it that, is I think there are a few things we should do as a community without worrying about that soul destroying concept that everything must be doen for profit. Those things that come immediately to my mind are health, education, and welfare. I don't think we need to run hospitals for profit, nor schools, nor should we have Haliburton running contracts from the federal government to take care of those less fortunate. Selling cars, of course, reals estate, why not, etc., etc. But to harness everything to a profit concept is to bow down to tyrany not unlike what the soviets brought about.

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As I see it, national boundries today are more an idea that keeps people in place but not companies and their money. And not monied people either - they seem to be able to live wherever they want, and often do so to avoid taxes or regulations, such as Rupert Murdoch who became American in 1985 so that he could legally acquire US media assets.

You are hinting at something much bigger. Corps are free to do what they want. You and I, do not have the same freedoms.

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