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  1. US allies are reporting that they're aware this was an attempt at a coup. Link People who support this guy would normally lose their shit about stuff like this. But the fact that people are still sticking up for him just shows there is no bottom to the level of hypocrisy.
  2. That guy is wearing tactical gear and a face mask obviously worn to conceal his identity. He's not one of the "yeehadi" patsies that comprised most of the mob. The question is whether he was there of his own volition or was he sent in.
  3. I didn't use the noun sedition, I used the adjective seditious. Most people would double-check before they correct someone so they don't look foolish. Good on you for not caring.
  4. Well, Trumpism is about a racist, anti-science, anti-government, pro-conspiracy theory strain of malignant stupidity. If you say that's American, I'm not one to argue.
  5. Elaine Chao just announced her resignation. Coward. Cabinet should be invoking the 25th amendment, not running away and hiding. It must be so humiliating to be American right now.
  6. In the waning days of Trump's pathetic presidency, rats abandon a sinking ship. cowards
  7. Yesterday, in the midst of watching a seditious mob casually walk past an unprepared capitol hill police force, I came across a brilliant tweet: After spending the 20th century undermining democratically elected governments that commit the unforgivable crime of failing to be sufficiently deferential to US business interests, the US became a snake trying to devour it's own tail. Much attention was paid to Trump and his gang of sycophants. However, Trumpism is only marginally about Trump. For decades, across the western world, right wing ideologues (starting with Reagan and Thatcher) have been trashing anything remotely resembling collective action. Governments have been discredited (conservatives are people who are so convinced governments are incompetent, they elect people who will prove them right) and taxes slashed. The predictable results have been a diminished sense of individual security as wages stagnated; and healthcare and education retreated towards their traditional roles of being the exclusive preserve of the wealthy. Even among people doing relatively well, there is a heightened sense of precariousness as these days, anyone can lose their livelihood overnight. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the US, where education and healthcare are most expensive, worker protections are weakest and corruption is rampant. Having been thoroughly inculcated with anti-government ideology, conservatives looked for others to blame for their problems and Trump supplied them with plenty of others - immigrants, Muslims, the media, and, most of all, Democrats. Hyped up on conspiracy theories, people will now automatically discredit anything that comes from "official" sources and believe whatever they find on the internet that confirms their beliefs. Many people assume that things will be OK as soon as Trump is out of office but this is far from evident. Seventy-five million lost souls voted for an evidently delusional, lifelong-crooked failed businessman who has never taken responsibility for anything. Those people will still be there once Trump leaves.
  8. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. Tighten up your tin hat.
  9. The White House just announced that Trump and Melania tested positive for COVID. I can't wait to see how his supporters spin this, given how his mishandling of the pandemic has caused the deaths of over 200,000 Americans. This is the virus he called a hoax and he promised the pandemic would be over months ago. US has one of the worst leaders in the world right now.
  10. They literally don't care. He doesn't pay taxes - who cares? He's a raving hypocrite who literally does everything he criticized others for - it's fine! He used his daddy's wealth and privilege to skip out of the Vietnam War - that's OK. He went bankrupt more than anyone else I know - that just makes him a smarter business man! He spent his life stiffing contractors and employees? Proves he's so smart! He's a serial liar? No, that's just the way he talks. He uses his office to enrich himself - it's Biden's fault! These people will excuse anything. They're trapped in worlds of their own making. And that's where they'll stay. Half of them are Qanon so they're probably beyond reach anyway.
  11. Only he is responsible for making them worse. You guys don't give a shit about corruption. Just owning the 'libruls'.
  12. In other words, he's a tax cheat. Oh, and look at that. Your corrupt president signed a tax bill that provided a huge benefit to him personally. But hey, drain the swamp, right?
  13. Yeah. Not so much. I know you Trump supporters aren't so big on "librul" stuff like "reading" or "thinking". But maybe before you talk BS, you could think that the rest of us have the internet as a resource.
  14. It's only $170 million. I'm sure over the years, Trump has ripped people off for a lot more than that. Which of his businesses haven't been scams of one sort or another?
  15. No doubt each one of his supporters on this board paid more than $750 in income taxes. They'd be in prison for pulling the crap he's gotten away with. Does it bother them? I suppose when you're a true believer, you can swallow anything.
  16. As with almost everything about Trump, he shows rampant hypocrisy for repeatedly criticizing Obama for not paying enough taxes. Will this bother his supporters? Probably not. They've shown the unique ability to tune out everything negative about him (and that's quite a trick given what a vile history he has).
  17. I don't expect Trump supporters to really care that the hundreds of millions of dollars of personally guaranteed debt owed to entities unknown make their president vulnerable to leverage. Because, really, by now, they've demonstrated they care about nothing except "owning the libruls".
  18. Trump has made his name on how great he is at business. He's a damned fraud. His main accomplishments are an unbroken string of bankruptcies. You guys are all victims of the big con. 🤣🤣🤣
  19. In other news, Trump's recent campaign manager, Brad Parscale was arrested and is on suicide watch amid reports of campaign money laundering. His wife was sporting bruises. Does Trump know anyone who isn't a criminal?
  20. Oh. And writing off $70,000 for hair styling. Don't all Trump supporters do that? 😂😂🤣🤣
  21. Trump's popularity has been remarkably immune to things that would have ended most presidencies. Open racism? It doesn't matter. He's caught on tape expressing misogynistic thoughts? "Locker room talk". He uses the presidency to line his pockets? He's a "smart business man". He rips off his contractors? Everyone does it. Will the revelation that he pays basically no income taxes hurt him? Will his supporters finally see themselves as chumps for backing him? It's too soon to say. But this could be the thing that finally hurts him. Ordinary people collecting paychecks have neither the tax loopholes nor the army of accountants and tax lawyers to do what he does. How can anyone see Trump as being an "ordinary guy" now?
  22. Even by Trump's standards, going on TV and suggesting that people inject disinfectant or stand in front UV light strong enough to affect this virus is a stunning display of sheer stupidity. Almost as bad a supporting a guy who would do that. Can't overstate how much faith I've lost in people after this. How pathetic it must be to be a Trump supporter. smfh.
  23. Below is a link to Trump calling Covid 19 a "brilliant enemy" and claiming that it's too smart for antibiotics. How did people become so stupid as to vote for a man who doesn't even know that antibiotics are used against bacteria, not viruses? Idiot
  24. By time this is over the deaths of perhaps 10s or even 100s of thousands of people will be the fault of an unintelligent egomaniac who somehow was given the presidency. US wasted months failing to prepare for Coronavirus He and every last one of his supporters who can't come clean on this deserve nothing but derision and contempt.
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