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What Are You Listening To?

Mighty AC

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I think the Internet is providing a nice avenue for new artists that want to have more control over their music and how it is used and distributed. Personally for me, all my music that I have done so far is available for free. I mean if someone is going to pirate it, I am just happy that it IS being pirated, if someone likes it that much.

I'm sure a lot of the new artists who have put time and a little money into producing their music would like to make at least a modest return on their work. The sad fact is that, except for a scant few, most recording artists were totally ripped off by the record companies, and some of the bands that I got to know a bit back in the 70's and 80's, didn't see a dime after the companies deducted a laundry list of expenses....including inflated billings for video production and even getting billed for parties thrown in their honour by the record company! The only money that actually came their way was from the touring.

And, if the only way to make money is performing, this is a big problem now with the decline in venues that are supporting live entertainment. Also, back in the 70's, there were studio artists who only made records and never performed live. Mike Oldfield is one who comes to mind....I think the first time he stepped out onto a stage was in the late 80's. A lot of the progressive bands of the 70's, like Pink Floyd, would have been too busy touring to spend the time and the money on state of the art albums like Dark Side Of The Moon, and The Wall.

I guess it was like that for my Grandparents listening to my parents pop music in those days, and same with my parents with me listening to the much of the horribleness that was the 80s and really bland pop music.

I think there is a big difference between how my sons and me relate to music, and how I related (or didn't) to my father's music. Especially since parents were older than those of friends in high school, the cultural divide was like the Grand Canyon! But, that may depend on what sort of niche kids are in today.

Back when I was young, everybody was mostly listening to the same stuff. Although, those of us into prog rock or headphones music were a minority. We got labeled as stoners, even if we weren't really into the drug scene. But, today, if I had kids listening to rap or hip hop, or whatever blend of the two this homogenized commercial pop music is, I would be acting like my father! Instead, since my boys learned guitar....better than I did, they both gravitated more to rock music, and my youngest will pull up The Stooges for inspiration. In my day, there wasn't any music more than 40 years old that I would want to listen to!

One last example would be one of my faves .. Rush. They like the other two have done much of the same (without opening a record label) but have managed to keep their musical integrity over the years. They do a lot of the work themselves allowing more money to come to their pockets instead of the record label's pocket.

I seen a concert movie by Rush recorded last year....I think. I can't believe these guys are 60 years old now, and still doing what they did 35 years ago! Back then, it would have been inconceivable to imagine a 60 year old rocker. Many of them have burned out....if they're not already dead from the hard living. But there seem to be a lot of them still around and able to bring it on stage. Now, I have to wonder if Rush will be doing an album and a tour 20 years from now! Who knows!

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Different strokes for different folks, I guess. The raw power of Neil Young's guitar is exactly what I like about that song. To me, the best version I've heard is the one on "Live Rust".

Ya i'm a huge fan of Neil Young's electric guitar playing. He may not shred like some but the rawness and passion is unbeatable.

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mmmmm. If I had Emmylou to come back to, I would have made damn sure I would have stayed off the drugs!

re: Gram Parsons, if that sounds a little too cryptic.

You got that right!

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