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  1. Conservatives are big on defending their own with force. Now that illegal protests are taking food off of the table of Canadians, I think it is time to take a page from their playbook and show up at the borders and to confront the conspiracy theorists with, made in Canada, KR3 bats. 

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    2. betsy


      Hey DoP, true colors of commie lovers are coming out!

      They're PARTY-POOPERS! 😁

    3. betsy


      I never heard anymore about it but apparently a convoy with a military vehicle,  broke through a police barricade.  I can't remember where it was supposed to have happened.  This was on mainstream streaming news.

    4. betsy


      Lol - this is what happens when lockdown rain on free people.   They crave to have a party!

  2. Maybe it would have been more intelligent to restrict movement in Sweden then.
  3. What about drugs? Does your 'whatever gets ya through the night' approach apply to mind altering substances? Though, I think unevidential beliefs, that hamper moral advancement cannot be justified by claims of a personal safety blanket...even if it were true.
  4. I love that while opening for Pope Franky, Shakira sang the lyrics.... Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace..

    1. socialist
    2. Mighty AC

      Mighty AC

      It would have been much funnier if Tim Minchin had opened with the Pope Song.

  5. The Saudis are out beheading ISIS by a two to one margin this year. Good thing we're allies...

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    2. -1=e^ipi


      @ WIP - It's not just harper. All major political parties in all major countries consider Saudi Arabia our precious ally...

    3. Mighty AC

      Mighty AC

      It takes 20 years to replace vehicle fleets, less if autonomous cars reduce ownership need, but shifting the energy supply from oil to electric will erase the need for a deal with the devil.

    4. socialist


      Don't want the Conservatives dealing with the Saudis (175 executed 2015)? Why did you protest their break with Iran (700 executed 2015)?

  6. I'm diggn' this guy right now:
  7. Harper Pension - $6M, Vet Pension - $0, Avg Vet 1 time, lump sum payment $42,000. Cost of the 1hr speech for Gretzky to endorse Harper: $50,000

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    2. Mighty AC

      Mighty AC

      He doesn't need the money...so it's a nice PR move. The problem is that under his watch the avg disabled vet receives less for their entire remaining life than the CPC paid Gretzky for 1 hour. If we are going to send our troops into battle we have to look after them when they return...but Harper chose to balance the books on their injured and broken backs.

    3. Wilber


      The present veterans charter was passed by a Liberal government with unanimous approval from all parties. The main problem with it seems to be that disabled pensions stop at age 65 and many disabled did not have a least 10 years service to receive some kind of regular pension after that age. Blame Harper for not changing it if you want but his government didn't write the legislation.

    4. scribblet


      Exactly! As far as Harper's pensions goes, it will be the same as any MP who is still around after this election. The new rules and changes will apply to the PM just the same.

  8. lol nice. Their music was catchy enough, but the focus was more on entertainment and merchandising. As a young kid growing up in the 80's Kiss collectibles were the big draw, along with their comic-book-like personas. Paul was very solid singer, even doing some stints on Broadway as the Phantom, and they had a few reasonably talented guitarists over the years, but they weren't a musicians band. I still have a soft spot for them, despite Gene Simmons being a major a-hole. I did manage to meet and talk with the band in the mid-90's. They did an unplugged warm up show, prior to doing an MTV Unplugged session. It included a collectibles convention and each band member put on a clinic for their instrument, then they did an all request acoustic show. Afterwards, they signed autographs but the lines were so long I wasn't going to my album signed before the cutoff time. With nothing to lose I just hopped up on stage, walked across to the back and waited for the band to finish. I fully expected to be tackled and beaten by the no-necks guarding the stage, but nobody seemed to notice. So once they finished they all signed my album and talked with me for 5 to 10 minutes. I still have that signed album in a dusty box somewhere under my basement stairs. My dad had an old vinyl copy of Zeppelin I, that I found in a box and thought it was the coolest thing ever. My son will one day find my Kiss albums and ask why I couldn't have met a better band.
  9. The vast majority spend time during prep periods/lunches/before and after school helping students. I also had homework as a student and have no problem with it, if targeted and necessary. However, far too many still use a blanket approach for the whole class. For example, everyone reads pp150-162 and do questions 1-15. There is little value to that. The one size fits all approach to lessons and homework really only meets the needs of 40%-50%. Why bore the kids already well beyond that lesson or frustrate the kids still struggling with previous concepts? The numbers get even worse if classes aren't streamed. However, the use of frequent, formative diagnostic tools to gauge the needs of individuals and then targeted online, self help learning and practice resources can reach almost everyone and also lower the time spent on homework.
  10. I've seen Kiss a few times, including on that tour. In terms of a rock spectacle, their live shows are hard to beat.
  11. My example has been repeated millions of times over.
  12. Person A is taught from birth that black people are inferior. Person A grows up to discriminate against black people. Person B is taught from birth that a god exists and that god says homosexuality is an abomination. Person B grows up to discriminate against homosexuals. Do you feel there is an ethical difference?
  13. Harper 1 promised things Canadians need. 2. Spent loads of taxpayer funds on ads telling us how wonderful he is for promising things we need. 3. Didn't actually provide what he promised to create the illusion of a balanced budget. We deserve better!

  14. Let's look at Harper's record: voter suppression campaigns, contempt of parliament, lying to the public about cost of major programs, attacking our vets, degrading environmental protections, wasting and misplacing billions, breaking the law, lying about program investment, muzzling scientists, attacking democracy, killing the census, shutting down world class research projects, multiple recessions, worst job numbers in 70 years, cheating during multiple elections, etc., etc. Supporting a PM already proven to be a corrupt, liar simply encourages bad, anti-democratic governments going forward. Canada deserves better than a PM who does not respect the law, democracy, transparency or accountability. Harper has to go.
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