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  1. Here's the thing about ideology - most people are so unaware of their own that they can ONLY see others' ideologies as impossible to carry. The immigrant model is a modified American one. The economic model is old too. You see negligence and imagine that it is planned. Just look at the posters on here - and these are informed citizens compared to the rest. Most of us can only post according to our tribe. You even catch populists posting Marxist-like sentiments and thinking themselves to be conservative. It boggles the mind.
  2. There's not much to disagree with here, but also the barriers to improvement are entirely cultural. And there are other aspects to our culture that could help us move beyond this. You can't square a circle, and the propensity for trickle-down political economy seems to have reached its end... and people aren't accepting it. Our memories are short, but not so short that we can't recall a time when we could afford homes, and food.
  3. No. You are predisposed to thinking any error that I make is intentional. Who knows why.
  4. "One or more" so a white man gets priority over a white woman, first of all. Secondly, by divulging the criteria they reveal that they are using metrics... which would mean that a white male would win over a black female if the numbers supported that (and they do) The thing that the tribalists on here fail to realize is that if they make this about "the best one wins"... when the majority female liberal cadre imposes its will, you will mysteriously NOT be 'the best one'. If you stick to principles, you have a row to hoe. Otherwise, you are simply trying to assert that the system, as it is, works. And once you are in the minority you'll be hard done by, IMO.
  5. I was hoping you would just take my word that it happened ? Based on experiences of close friends. But here's an article that touches on it. I don't have time to look in detail but I think it does touch on it: “The first round of TDSB interviews will be granted to teachers candidates that meet one or more of the following criteria in addition to being an outstanding teacher: Male, racial minority, French, Music, Aboriginal.” https://macleans.ca/education/college/school-boards-plan-to-favour-males-minorities-isnt-right
  6. 1. Same as others... qualified but under represented ? Front of the line for you. 2. Yes, but I suspect it's a general statement. I think that major law firms are calling for private companies to record diversity stats, which would presumably include white males. I would say it's an omission of liberalism there. 3. No, they are hired because they are qualified and a target race/gender. 4. I'll firm it up for you: if you are a while male and want to be a preschool, elementary teacher for example you are given preference over a woman of any race. So, yes, white men do benefit. There aren't so many roles where they are under represented but there are some. I think it's important because we want to ensure that we give the benefit of the doubt that these programs are based on a principle. If you succumb to the temptation of saying it's just a them-vs-us thing then you are actually buying in to postmodern critiques of power and opening up the door for "them" to say... "fine then, out with you". At 36% of the Canadian population, it's pretty easy for people to team up against you (us)... wait - are you white ? male ? Not that it matters...
  7. Well, it's hard for me to take a call to 'condemn' seriously. I'm just a private citizen. Do YOU condemn actions on here ? If so, why ? I'm not left, I'm conservative btw.
  8. 1. White men are discriminated against in hiring in some roles. 2. I think that's the broad application but white men are also part of it. 3. Yes. 4. To be clear - they don't do that for ANY position. You have to be qualified. I myself have misstepped on this thread, so no worries but we should clarify. 5. I think nursing is one, but that one is anecdotal. Teaching is another and I know a few who benefited from that one.
  9. Sorry.... I didn't read your post carefully. Yes I HERBY CONDEMN THE DEMNS ! I CONDEMOCRAT ! I'm sure they'll be calling a press conference soon to respond to my condemnation. In the meantime, I'll bet my post helped with nappy time. Night night. (tucks teddy under your arm)
  10. Sorry... I think that it may be possible in a company based on if it's provincially/federally regulated (link) but it definitely is done in some public entities and I have known a few people to benefit (white males). "Hire someone based on" means that the person has to be qualified but that race/gender is the tie breaker. I don't know that they would ONLY hire a white male, but if one applied they would be picked. White males benefit in roles where they suffer hiring discrimination, presumably, ie. roles where they are under represented.
  11. My bad "company or business or hiring entity in Canada" I missed the "OR". Yes - absolutely entities are allowed to prioritize qualified people based on race, gender and such... including WHITE men. Sorry I misunderstood. Where ? It's in the public service (which is what caused my confusion ... not happening in private business AFAIK) and in roles that are under represented. Yep. Caught that. Mea culpa. Please afford me a little forgiveness as I am slow...
  12. He said company or business. I don't know what phantoms you're chasing by interrupting my conversations with other posters, but you should talk to somebody about it. And whatever you disagree with me about - provide a cite instead of raging on about me lying...
  13. I think I did. "Allowed to hire a position for white man" would be DEI and I don't think it's enforced on private business AFAIK. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. I don't think there's any such requirement in private business, ie. to hire or not hire according to DEI.
  15. Are people pointing out that China bussed students to a Liberal nomination meeting to get their guy elected as an MP in parliament ? Hope so.
  16. 1. Hmmm.... (drums fingers) so... no cite then ? 2. Haha. No, I don't do my job for you. Even if I liked you I wouldn't do that in this circumstance. 3. Which you didn't post. 4. Of course. Do you think that I actually LIKE the Democrats ? No.
  17. So weird... this is more hard-leftism under the guise of right-populism... by mentioning the UN I guess ? I didn't read it very carefully, I admit. Hedge funds, corporations and the like ARE private property. Weird that they use a UN quote against the practice they decry as some kind of evidence that the UN favours this ? Like I said, I didn't read it... because the skewed logic is impossible to read without trick glasses on.
  18. White men also benefit from DEI, in terms of hiring preferences... it happens.
  19. It's not a conspiracy, it's capitalism period. Of course they push things that work for them - that's how it's supposed to work. Anybody who writes a blog post that actually says "Business is no longer separate from politics." should be regarded as, basically, a new born baby to the world of political economy.
  20. Well, yes. This is an example of Trump policy that went against conventional thinking... and proved to be a strategy worth keeping. Chips, and other commodities or commmodity-like goods are coming onshore. Not surprising that China Trade policy isn't mentioned by the Democrats much but maybe surprising as to why you don't hear about it from the Republican side. Maybe they're still hoping that China backs down, so that they can re-engage - who knows. Don't remember anybody important saying Trump was 'racist' for the China Trade War though.
  21. The US spent about 1/2 of one percent by my count. They have a lot left to actually defend themselves of they need to.
  22. Sorry, you're right. They copy everything they see without thinking.
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