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  1. Russia withdrawing soldiers from Kharkiv.   As someone wondered at the other forum - is this move ominous?  Could there be a nuclear strike?

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    2. betsy


      No - I've hard that on one of the mainstream tv.  I reserached it.  Surely they can't be promoting Putin propaganda?

      Ukraine has problems with corruption.

    3. betsy


      Boges, you're the one who seems to be falling for a propaganda by Biden, seeing that you're just set on a tunnel vision and not considering other things.  Hahahaha Biden and Ukraine.  Go figure.

    4. Boges


      Yes it's all Biden, not the whole interest of all of NATO. Note that Germany, Poland, the UK AND Canada are all squarely behind Ukraine in defending their sovereignty. 

      But but but Biden! 

      This is a proxy war. The US can't engage Russia directly so they're supporting Ukraine. Same thing happened in Afghanistan, Korea and Vietnam. 

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