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  1. The Globe and Mail is just a shining example of objectivity isn't it? They actually phoned me recently with an offer to take their paper. Couldn't get it through their liberal addled head that their bias could be objectionable to some. And they get away with this nonsense time and time again. Good find, Monty.
  2. Income splitting sounds like a unique way to approach things for families. The CTV stated that the GST 1% reduction would save a person about $360 a year, which they pointed out difffered with the Conservative number of $400. Quibble over 40 bucks in a year, sounds like the CTV alright. I haven't heard them differ with the Liberals though. At any rate, I'd notice an extra $30+ bucks a month, it's an extra tank of gas for me. Plus whatever the benefits of income splitting. Bring it on, Harper.
  3. When pointing to conservative bias in Canadian media, liberals always point to the National Post, which recently had an editorial protesting the fact that a lesbian bookstore in Vancouver gets its new stock inspected to insure it doesn't contravene Canada's weak laws. How's that for Conservative bias. There might be one or two other newspapers that are centrist, but the fact of the matter is fewer and fewer people read them anymore, the action is in tv networks. And this is where the anti-Conservative bias is sooo obvious. The link you provided, Argus is what I've noticed all along for myself. For the Conservatives to win, they are going to have to beat the networks as well. Time will tell.
  4. And the Liberals 'scoop up' the hypocrisy positions I guess.
  5. I think I see the bone of contention among some. If it showed the Liberals with a 4 point lead, there would be no questions.
  6. This just in: Harper said yesterday that if a family member had a medical emergency and our wait list health care system couldn't help immediately, he would have to consider private health care to look after his family. Today the Liberals responded with criticism for that comment on using private health care. Funny thing is, Martin's personal physican is in a private clinic and they don't seem to mind about that. Of course the media report I heard this on made no mention of this, the Liberals get a free ride.
  7. Yep, another poll I read yesterday in the National Post said it's a dead heat as well. Expect the Liberals to come out swinging on Monday, they probably have a few dirty press releases they'll give to friendly media. Meanwhile, Joe Canadian is getting fed up with Liberal slime.
  8. In his latest job, Dosanjh has been completely underwhelming. His main strategy seems to be issuing press releases on the dangers of private health care after it pops up in the media in a positive light. Other than that, he's just another yes man for hire. On the other issue, ethnic minorities are having increasing impact on the political scene. Here's hoping they can determine that Harper's pro-family values are closer to their values than Martin's anything goes values.
  9. Argus, I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. Add to that our judges who mostly seem to give slap on the wrist punishments and you have a recipe for multiple repeat offenders. I read an article in our local paper that stated a big part of our crime is commited by gangs, who have grown in numbers to the point of being a cause for 'public concern. And our justice system is not protecting the public. Where there is no deterent, organized crime grows.
  10. I tried your link, but it froze my computer and I had to restart. Now I'm too nervous to try it again!
  11. I'm afraid the Green party will only serve to draw votes away from the NDP and maybe a few from the Liberals(I hope). Their policies are too "green" for most people.
  12. I've only recently joined here and have found it a step up from another forum which only occasionally talked politics. When Norman joined, it was a new experience for me to see someone so one sided and unable to give others the benefit of the doubt. Today, I thought I would see what would happen if I treated him in similar fashion. This was after he made some inappropriate comments about bible thumpers and religious zealots. Others say they have put him on their ignore list, but I refuted and disagreed with most of his posts off and on all afternoon. The bottom line is he never let up and just ignored several valid points by me and othes when they proved him wrong. Never gave an inch and just kept on churning out the posts(he has averaged over 30 posts a day and must have been way over that today). I feel it was a waste of time and will choose to ignore him from now on as well. I hope it didn't ruin the experiences of others, if I had considered this I think I would have not bothered.
  13. Yah, it's real funny how some people would rather convict Harper of what he hasn't done then convict the Liberals on their sorry record.
  14. Right now in the Lower Mainland of B.C., a violent offender (with over 40 convictions) was released. One of his offenses was raping a lady who was over 70. A real sick puppy. I'm not sure of all the details, I think he's in some kind of half way house. Here's the thing: the police are reduced to warning communities about these criminals when they know the offender hasn't been rehabilitated and the parole board just releases them on the public. The Vancouver Police didn't even tell which community this guy is in so at least people would know to lock their children up. And this is all because of our judges giving lenient sentenses and no one is protecting the public. We need tougher laws and I'm glad to hear Harper announce this.
  15. It's kind of hard to believe that you ONLY oppose social conservatism in the CPC since your earlier posts(and lo, they are legion!) opine on just about every issue the CPC is promising, including the GST and Health care, and you oppose it all. By the way, don't you feel you've done a lot of posting today Norman? I know it's Saturday, but don't you have any outside interests or responsibilities? Your stats say you're averaging 30 posts a day. That's a little over the top. Maybe the bartender should cut you off!
  16. Thank you for clearing that up, since I never inferred anything at all about Muslims.
  17. The point is, second place is the first loser. The Liberals will be shut out after having many seats in Quebec.
  18. yep. I'd vote for that set of baggage in a heart beat, and so would 31% of Canadians as of today. We're gettng closer!
  19. Nice try Norman (not really), having confusion over what the Muslim God is does not constitute a slam, it constitutes uncertainty.
  20. I never said all conservatives are untrustworthy nor did I say that all liberals are trustworthy. Claiming that I did is referred to as creating a straw man argument. There is no shortage of trustworthy individuals in both camps. As far as Quebec goes, Stephen Harper is in fourth place, lower than any conservative candidate ever has been in Quebec. Quebec won't separate and they'll continue to elect Liberals, even in 2006. But the shutout of CPC in Quebec guarantees they can't govern. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Your information may be a little dated since Quebec now hates Liberals. Ever hear of the Gomery Inquiry?
  21. And a right handsome set of baggage it is. Btw, Martin did his thing during a prolonged growth cycle in the nineties and still had to gut the military and our health care system to do it.
  22. Actually I'm not sure if they believe in the same God or not. They call their God Allah. Maybe it's the same God, I haven't studied the Muslim religion. What's your point? By the way, I never said that Muslims believe in a seperate God, since I don't know. Reread my post, I was only saying that Jews and Christians have the same God so of course they wouldn't persecute each other, since you seemed surprised that it wasn't French Christians but Muslims persecuting them.
  23. Well, you'll have to add to the Martin side his cutting of transfer payments in the mid nineties and doing nothing about the long health care line ups that even our Supreme Court said was unconstitutional. The Liberal Romanov Report also previously said our health care system needed change. The Liberals did nothing for about a decade, and now they start making all kinds of promises during a campaign. Harper, on the other hand, doesn't have all that baggage.
  24. What, so you're okay with conservative voters moving to Canada?
  25. Martin looks bad in this issue. He actually uses private health care while trying to defend his 'solution' for public health care. Well, all the more votes for the CPC!
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