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  1. It appears that Greg, Hardner, etc, have decided to let the forum be destructed by gay pride.  How sad.

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    2. Greg


      How exactly do these comments help the situation? You could offer to help, you could submit reports, you could a lot of things... but criticizing volunteers is what you choose to do. Classy... 

    3. sharkman


      I sent several reports and such, including letting Hardner know.  The porn posts stayed up almost another day after that.  Why did it take so long to do something about it?  

      Hardner claims he couldn’t do anything about it as of early yesterday morning.  True to his word, nothing was done all day.  So we are to believe that he informed you right away and you did nothing for almost a day.  I’m not sure what went wrong, but it’s not a good look on either of you or Charles or whomever else.

      Young kids could have come into your forum and been scarred for life.  And you want to talk to me about classy?  Whatever…

      At least you’ve done that ‘automatic moderator’ thing, hopefully that helps in the future.

    4. OftenWrong


      AI as moderator. Sure. :wacko:

      That sounds logico.

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