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  1. “We have had more children die from the vaccine than from Covid itself”.

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    2. Goddess


      Vaccines don't usually have reactions beyond a few months if at all. 

      Usually that's true.  This inoculation however, makes your body create spike protein with no mechanism to stop it from producing the spike (which is toxic), which then travels around your body, landing in certain organs.  Spike has been found in brains, ovaries and testes, heart, the blood, lungs and liver.  This is why many who are reporting adverse reactions also report No Recovery 8-10 months later - still convulsing 24/7, seizures, tics, extreme fatigue, menstrual periods that go on for many months and debilitating migraines.

      This is my sister.  No improvement in her reactions.  She got the jabs early, too, because they pushed foster parents to the front of the line.  Ironically, she can no longer foster parent due to the adverse reactions from the jabs.

      I guess this is the chances you take (or force others to take) when you try out a new experiment and don't use the normal method of producing vaccines that use attenuated viruses and decide to try out the actual toxic spike.

    3. sharkman


      So sad to hear, Goddess.  Now Trudeau is after the truckers.  I hope they form a blockade of all major US crossings.  

      If it’s good enough for indigenous people…

    4. DogOnPorch


      Chuckle all one likes...paradise to our elites would be a brave new world with about 1-2 billion (malleable) people remaining by some sort of attrition. Be it natural or...unnatural. 

      It would solve a LOT of problems.

      Conceit is thinking that you'd be included in their paradise.  

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