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  1. 4 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

    Some things are important to everyone, and if they're complicated or don't trigger angry fights then they don't get discussed. 

    Our information systems are not being used to inform an educated public, they're being used to distract and entertain.

    But in the end isn't that about the user? The systems are set up just fine for information and education, i very frequently spend hours learning about all kinds of different issues from particle physics to cooking at a very high level for free.  But i think most people and even myself to  degree as evidenced by the time i spend here (which is probably less than people think but it's not nothing :) ) prefer to be entertained and distracted a lot of the time. 

    And for the average person that's probably all of the time. 

    The systems are adaptive - they configure themselves to naturally deliver what people want. I don't think you can fix the 'system' - i think it boils down to changing what people want and the systems would follow 

  2. 5 hours ago, herbie said:

    Oh my:

    Bully, braggart, adulterer, compulsive liar, fraudster, self-serving self centered narcixxist, sexual deviant, convicted criminal with no sense of shame, locker of children in cages, portrayer of migrants and refugees as vermin, copier of Mussolini's body language, elite billionaire, appeaser of tyrants, demands the Divine right of Kings...


    Is old.

    It's such a HARD F*CKING CHOICE isn't it Mr Russian troll


    well the problem is you missed a bit. 

    IT's "joe is old and a liar.  Especially about all the things trump is. 

    But sorry, senile can't run the country. Trump can and has.  It really is a no brainer, you vote for the person who isn't mentally incompetent. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, myata said:

    A reasonable, objective and informed individual with a working brain and memory cannot deny that Russia is doing all the same things as Hamas. There's ample factual evidence.

    They're not using their own children as human shields.  That's a simple truth. 


    A reasonable, etc. individual has to admit that six decades of occupation with no perspective of a solution could have driven some to support extremists such as Hamas.

    It's 100 percent their fault to begin with. That's like saying if someone stabs themselves in the leg it's understandable they'd blame the knifemaker for it.


    Nothing of the kind can relate to Russia. Nobody has ever threatened it. Nobody invaded it. No one took lands or property from it.

    So... apparently you havne't heard about ww2.  It was a big deal.


    Russia has taken a lot: Moldova; Georgia; Ukraine; Germany (Koenigsberg). Russia wants more of other people's lands, always.



    Only facts. Factually: Russia is worse than Hamas. With the nukes.

    That's not a fact, that's an opinion. 

  4. 2 hours ago, myata said:

    Russia has been using civilians as human shields as far as Chechen war (1990-ies), and that's new Russia, overall probably forever. Yesterday, Russia bombed a children's hospital. Russia deliberately targets and kills civilians.

    Sure , But they don't actually use them as human shields. That's not a thing that's happening right now.  And as we know hamas kills civvies too and even as we speak is still firing rockets at civvie targets in israel. 


    Russia is every bit as bad as Hamas: going only by the facts, and then nobody tried to occupy it, annex its lands, eject its people. Psycho claims that he was threatened and that's what made him go on a rampage. Don't shoot psycho on a rampage, never resist him! try to understand him and negotiate. Want to see how it works - they will show. In the psycho world - and why shouldn't they take psycho's word for it?

    That's your opinion but none of that is actually fact. And you're starting to babble again. 



    Russia is worse than Hamas. Liars will lie because they have nothing else to do or say.

    Sounds like you're lying :) 

  5. 1 hour ago, impartialobserver said:

    An aspect of this that gets ignored is that to have your court case heard.. you have to prove it. Well to prove it.. you have to have the micro data. To get that micro level data, you have to have proof beforehand. A bit of a catch 22. By being so strict in their adherence to the law, they open things up for conspiracy theories (glorified filling in the blanks). 

    In the actual court yes, but in the court of the public people tend to accept a lower burden of proof. And that's where we run into trouble. 

    Things have to be redone in such a way that it's not just a matter of there being no proof, but rather that it's implausible for it to happen without proof and that's not the case now

  6. 1 hour ago, Black Dog said:

    Yeah I wonder why there's not wall to wall contemporary media coverage of a scandal that broke 35 f*cking years ago. Truly a mystery for the ages.


    ummmm... the res school stuff happend a lot further back than that :)   LOLOL  THAT was a swing and a miss ;) 


    Wow - two whole stories in 35 years.  Gad when will the media circus on this issue stop?!?! 

    LOL - i think you're proving my point nicely :) 


    You want to be a victim sooooo bad.

    Me? I never went to that school. 

    What i want to know is why are people like you so eager to treat two different groups that had the exact same thing happen to them (probably worse for these boys based on this account) so differently? :) 

    Looks like you don't have an answer. Would you like to insult me instead?

  7. 3 minutes ago, Nefarious Banana said:

    "What we have here is failure to communicate" . . . .  often mistaken for "boring and childish"

    I don't think we do.  I think he's just struggling to let it go.  Blaming  a reply to  you for his continuing isn't a real thing. 

    I'll confess that it's a little childish - like i said, making the cat dance to the laser pointer is kind of a childish pleasure. But honestly this probably goes on no matter what i do. He's like this every single time. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Black Dog said:

    lmao utterly retarded, you will not see the face of god.  Socialism is an economic theory that is based on the collective or public ownership of the means of production and where workers are entitled to the fruits of their labour. In other word, it's the antithesis of chattel slavery in a capitalist system.


    Types of socialism - Wikipedia

    Oh look at that, you were wrong.  Yawn.  Read a book kid. 


    Bullshit. Prove it.

    Resolved, That we regard this as a distinctive feature of our political creed, which we are proud to maintain before the world, as the great moral element in a form of government springing from and upheld by the popular will; and we contrast it with the creed and practice of Federalism, under whatever name or form, which seeks to palsy the will of the constituent, and which conceives no imposture too monstrous for the popular credulity.

    Bunch of other places as well. Other examples are out there for other years.  They seek the benefit of the 'society' and 'popular will' vs the feds in the north who aren't interested in that.

    Their big issue however was that the feds shoudln't have power over the states becuase while they did believe in the common state they did not believe in the feds having a say in it. 

    Sorry kid - they believed that the state should exercise controls on teh state in banking, slavery, and everything else pretty much for the benefit of the state. 

    The republican slogans at the time were 'free labour, free men", meaning workers should be free and people should be free and the state shoudl'nt have controls over htem. 


    Strike two :) 

    1 hour ago, Black Dog said:

    I'll say this in all earnestness: no one in the history of being wrong has been as wrong as you are right now.

    Oh look another admission that you're wrong and have no argument so you'll attack me instead in a childish fashion. Yawn. 

    1 hour ago, Black Dog said:

    All those systems are just bourgeoisie capitalism with welfare programs as none of them feature the central defining trait of socialism

    They do.  As previously proven you're entirely wrong. 

    Sorry kiddo. That's strike three. Yer stupid. 

  9. 1 hour ago, ExFlyer said:

    Cannot stop eh???

    Wasn't responding to you, Looks like you're the one who's having trouble in that department. 


    I gave my word but it seems you cannot keep yours.

    You literally just broke it.  You're now quoting me talking to someone else in response to one of their comments - a comment you yourself replied to  -- and pretending i was continuing our conversation?

    Nope. You broke your word. big surprise. 

    So the pr ick here would be you. But people saw that a long time ago. 


    7 minutes ago, Nefarious Banana said:

    "Mi Dad's tougher than your Dad."

    "no, he's not."

    "yes, he is."

    "no, he's not."






    Well ... more like 

    Mi dad....


    Yes he is

    Fine. - really weird you keep going on about it...

    I"m telling you he is!


     LOL - i just like making him react. I know - it's a little silly but it takes no effort and his replies are always amusing ;) It's like playing with the cat with a laser pointer :) 

  11. 18 minutes ago, Nationalist said:

    Yup...Listening to Miss Karine Jean-Pierre...try to talk about how the Democrats are solid behind Brandon. Its really pathetic. The press doesn't appear to be buyin' it. Go figure...

    But...if your opponent wants to beat himself up...let 'im.

    LOL precisely :)   I mean the dems have to say they're solidly behind him right till they're not because otherwise they may really get screwed. And he has to say he's never going to quit right until he does for the same reasons. 

    We'll see.  But either way to put it in pilots terms Biden AND the dems in general are in a very low energy state right now and trump is in a high energy state.  Biden has to put all his energy into not stalling and crashing, where as trump can pick and choose his times to jump in and score points. 

    Momentum is everything in a campaign.  And now joe has to find a way to cause trump to lose momentum and reverse his own negative momentum and get back into positive momentum, and while that can be done it's very challenging and i just don't think he's got it in him.  



    Having said that - i'd say trump's chances of jail time from his trial just shot up dramatically. 

  12. 56 minutes ago, Legato said:

    Most sane people can see what's happening. Yet there are those who keep on pushing this stupidity.

    Then there are those whom constantly want someone to define woke. 

    That is a pretty good example of woke - just about anybody if they're being rational would realize that decriminalization for that kind of addictive drug doesn't work. It's like trying to keep your husband from chasing women by buying him hookers.  

     but - there is a group of those on the left who are so emotionally invested in the idea that they set aside common sense and conduct these risky social experiments thinking that somehow up will turn out to be down and it doesn't. And society pays the price. 

    That's woke.  

  13. 1 hour ago, Black Dog said:

    Oh I see we're not going by actual definitions commonly used by political scientists or historians, but something you, a halfwit with some kind of undiagnosed TBI, cooked up. LOL.

    That's the definition commonly used, i just used simple language so you could understand and follow along at home :) 

    SOCIAL - ism.  Where the needs of society outweigh the needs of the individual.  

    There are many many kinds, but that's the gist of all of them. 



    I mean it's not like socialism has anything to say about the exploitation of labour for profit or anything like that.

    It absolutely does.  in fact that's ALL it allows for - but it feels that the profit has to benefit the state rather than the individual primarily to various degrees.  And that was the argument they made. 


    I was clearly being generous when i described this as Grade 8 tier history, this is shortbus, special class, stop-eating-paste stuff.

    Once again you know i'm right and can't rebutt it so you cover your tracks with insults :)   Or try to. 


    The slaveholder class were capitalists protecting their profits and private property, two concepts antithetical to socialism it's just that simple.

    They're not against  socialism in the slightest.  We have lots of different "Market socialist' models, we have 'Democratic socialism" in europe, tonnes of examples. 

    SIgh. Once again you demonstrate your lack of knowledge.  MOST socialist models these days absolutely incorporate profits and market economies. 

    Do you need me to explain that further? Or would you like to do some reading and be humiliated for your ignorance in private?

    1 hour ago, Black Dog said:

    Like everything else you post this is a simpleton's viewpoint.

    Only natural when explaining things to a simpleton :)  Hell you didn't even realize socailsm could incorporate private ownership.

    Racism is literally discrimination based on race.  That's what it is. That is not 'simplistic', that's factual. 

    I'm sorry that it upsets your echo chamber ideology but there you go. :) 

  14. 47 minutes ago, myata said:

    A fascist-admiring authoritarian or already beyond intolerant of dissent and independent opinion and position personality cult. Only factual: why use misleading acronyms? (1932)

    "Make America great again" (MAGA)

    It was also used by john f kennedy,  regan,  clinton...  it's a classic line that's been used by political leaders all around the world for hundreds of years.  

    It's right up there with "time for change'"

    So are you saying Kennedy was a nazi?

  15. 1 minute ago, myata said:

    Russia is worse than Hamas. Proven.

    No, that's opinion.   Russia isn't hiding behind it's civilians and getting them killed to win political favor for example and some people will consider that to be worse behavior.     it's opinion. 


    Russia was never occupied or threatened by her neighbors but she always, through her entire history tried to take land, conquer and subjugate those around her. Fact.

    Well again...  you're making assumptions.  Russia claims it felt threatened and laid out why.  I tend to believe as you do that it was about conquest but that's not 'proven', that's just the balance of probabilities in my mind. 


    Everyone has the right to be safe. Psycho doesn't get to decide who can be safe and who will be his next victim. Common sense and the condition of everyone's safety.

    Nobody has the "right to be safe".   If that were true then israel would have the right to genocide palestine to 'be safe'. 


    Liars lie to excuse and normalize fascist thugs of our time. Like Hamas: only a notch worse. This much is obvious.

    You appear to be doing that with hamas.  Soooooo..... 

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