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  1. 15 minutes ago, eyeball said:


    This isn’t a conspiracy theory. Listen to former Israeli officials such as Brig. Gen. Yitzhak Segev, who was the Israeli military governor in Gaza in the early 1980s. Segev later told a New York Times reporter that he had helped finance the Palestinian Islamist movement as a “counterweight” to the secularists and leftists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Fatah party, led by Yasser Arafat (who himself referred to Hamas as “a creature of Israel.”)


    Sure they will if they hate/fear the left even more than anything else. How far are you willing to go?

    This right-wing c̶u̶n̶t̶ hero went the extra mile and saw fit to assassinate Israel's left-wing Prime Minister Rabin for negotiating a peace with left-wing Palestinans. 



    Hamas attacked israel by killing innocent civillians without warning.

    They are now getting the crap blown out of them for doing so and that's entirely appropriate.

    If israel is smart they'll continue and take over the entire region and make sure that terrorists never have a chance to grow there again.

    Gaza brought this on themselves.

  2. 54 minutes ago, robosmith said:

    Hmmm....Looks like my hypothesis was correct.

    Was your hypothosis " robosmith is a lying twit who can't even finish a thought on the internet so that others know what he's talking about'?

    If so then sure.

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  3. 3 hours ago, taxme said:

    Holy hell, you are really one sick and pathetic Jew.

    " I don't understand why people think i'm an antisemite!!!!"  - taxme

    3 hours ago, taxme said:

    all that Jews like you can come up with is daddy sexual fantasies?

    See above :)   and you came up with the daddy fantasies not me.  which was a strange thing for you to do.

    3 hours ago, taxme said:

    How can i show you anything dummy zionist, when i saw it on the news on TV this morning,

    Virtually all news is now available on the web.  If you saw it, then it's on youtube or that news outlets website or somewhere.  I mean - i had no problem posting links to a story.

    So - what you're really saying is you're completely full of shit and made the whole thing up.  Yawn.  Nobody's surprised.

    And the rest is some anti jewish rant that makes you sound like a Crazy person.  I have told you i'm not jewish. But now according to you all jews are liars, all jews are scum... blah blah blah.


    Lets recap:

    So at the end of the day you're a sick little liar with daddy issues who hates jews and lies to promote hamas as a friendly bunch of local terrorists who are great guys to spend your hostage taking with.  After they shoot your parents in front of you.

    I"m sure your parents are very proud of you.


  4. 3 hours ago, eyeball said:

    It was Groot's ridiculous logic not mine, but of course you never know wtf is being said.

    As evidenced by the rest of the bullshit you wrote.

    LOLOL - oooops, I think we've arrived at the hissy-fit portion of the evening  :)  

    Well it's nice that you're at least conceding it was about the logic and not about comparing bernardo and the war like you'd previously erroneously claimed :)   (and it was your logic i'm afraid :) )

  5. 4 hours ago, Nationalist said:

    That splitting hairs though.

    DUI...Driving Under the Influence. 

    Sure, it is, but as you know i'm a splitting hairs kind of guy when it comes to being precise :)    I concede the point tho, you're still getting a charge based on operating a vehicle under the influence so it's pretty much the same.

    3 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    Well if you want to believe that you can get a DUI by riding a bicycle in Canada, you are free to do so.

    If you want to believe you won't get arrested and charged riding a bike drunk in Canada you're free to do so :)  Unless you do it. Then you may not be quite so free if the cops find you :)

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  6. 1 hour ago, eyeball said:

    Make peace. They've done it before.

    No they haven't. If that were true there'd be no war today.

    We made peace with the US. No war since.  That's how peace works.  They have never made peace in that region. All they've done is created extended cease fires.

    4 hours ago, CITIZEN_2015 said:

    Targetting individual atmed terrorists one by one rather than indiscriminate bombings. They do suffer a lot more casualties this way though, I admit.

    That's just not reasonably possible. Basically if that was the requirement they'd never win. The bad guys  would just get away.


  7. 29 minutes ago, SpankyMcFarland said:

    India will look into what exactly? That they’re conducting a campaign of extrajudicial assassinations across the globe? You think they don’t know that somehow? That’s not how diplomacy works. When a country does that on your soil they have zero respect for you. In this particular case, the Americans are more constrained than we are. They need Modi on their side against China. 

    Again, we have no idea what evidence Trudeau had when he correctly accused the Indian government of outrageous conduct in Canada. 

    This actually is pretty much how diplomacy works.

    nobody is going to war over this. So there's going to be a bit of a dance. India will look to save face and the us is looking to gain concessions out of them and make sure it doesn't happen again.

    So they'll be 'looking in to' this allegation to see if the person ever worked for them or was some sort of rogue agent etc...  but what they're really doing is putting on a show, but behind the scenes the us will be talking to them and demanding concessions and getting assurances it won't happen again etc etc

    that's the us doing it' job right.  They will get concessions and india will pay penalties and will be reluctant to do it again. We got nothing, and were made to look weak and foolish and they might definitely do it again.

    There's just no way to spin this in a positive fashion for trudeau. It was a mistake

    Having said that i had heard a credible rumour that the globe and mail had uncovered all this investigation stuff and had advised the mp's office they were going ahead with a story and trudeau asked them to wait to let him announce it, so maybe he got backed into a corner or something and felt he coudln't wait. But it still looks bad on him.

  8. 41 minutes ago, herbie said:

    You are so f*cking brainwashed with that thinking that "truth" is or can be politically left or right. That isn't right wing thought, it's stupidity.

    It's just observation. In another thread you just declared a woman a chud and her viewpoints to be wrong without ever having listened to what she presented. And you do it regularly

    And it's not just you, we see the left doing it constantly.      In the media and in politics - "We will decide what is true, there will be no more discussion!!"   This case here is an example - someone dares discuss it lock them up. 

    51 minutes ago, herbie said:

    Did a 'leftist Judge' come out with the ruling that free speech doesn't give you the right to shout Fire! in a crowded theatre?

    Yeah that wasn't actually the ruling, that's kind of misquoted.   But - regardless it hardly matters.  There are plenty of examples of left leaning judicial decisions in the states where that 'ruling' is misquoted from. In fact in 2016 trump and hillary on stage both said they would politically influence the supreme court with hillary actually stating she would appoint judges that would ban guns and trump saying he would appoint ones who would reverse roe vs wade.

    So there definitely is politics in the justice system in both countries.

    56 minutes ago, herbie said:

    Knowing and having met many residential school survivors I can only conclude that any of those deiers are either dumb as a hammer or utter racist arseholes knowingly lying.

    Really? what about these 'deniers' arguments did you find to be untrue? What element is incorrect? is it possible there's some element that's correct? or were they misinformed about something? What evidence did they present to support their case? What was their case?

    Oh wait.  You don't know. Because you've never spoken to them or listened, they're just fictional people in your head.  And you've already decided they're wrong because YOU want to be the sole judge of what truth is.  

    Boom.  There you go.

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  9. 1 hour ago, herbie said:

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with people using natural gas.

    Odd thing to say seeing as your complaint was that she wasn't doing what the people wanted.

    I guarantee btw the people want to use natual gas :)  


    It has to do with multi-billion dollar companies not willing to change as slow and cheap as possible and Smith's distraction that being on her knees deep throating them is "standing up to Ottawa".

    Oh? And how exactly would you suggest they should "Change slow and cheap" by  the 2030's?  How would that be possible? THe gov't law requires it but offers nothing to make it happen?

    They're already well into the process to buy nukes, but that'll be a couple decades before they can replace their NG generators.  So - what else can they do exactly?

    Typical leftie -  "we know what we demand is impossible but if you fail to do it its because you're a corporate capitalist!!"



    The sole and endless plot of Alberta Conservatives to distract from their p1ss poor performance..

    where have they performed poorly exactly

    ANother meaningless posts from a mindless leftie with no answers.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, herbie said:

    Why do all the Free Speechers rants boil down to the mistaken idea they have the right to LIE in order to simply promote hatred and public disorder?

    Why do all lefties lie about that being teh case :)

    I know - the left would LOVE to be the only ones to determine what is truth and what isn't. 

    Anything they don't like, no matter how factually accurate, is "lying simply to promote hatred'.  Also the person is a nazi.

    Free speech is predicated on the idea that if YOU think it's a lie, you can make your own case and explain why.

    But being the socailist totalitarians you are - you don't want to go through that work so everyone who disagrees is a liar and should be canceled.

    This lady's concerns, which  i doubt you've even listened to, were perfectly factual and legit.  What did she say that you feel was a lie? Or was spreading hate? Or are you just full of shit as usual?

  11. 3 minutes ago, Nationalist said:

    Oh for Gawd's sake Dweebles...

    I have no idea if Musk believes this replacement theory or not...but so f'ing what if he does? Maybe he agreed with something you and your dweebey friends have taken completely out of context. Its not like that hasn't happened before...

    Well - it's interesting actually.


    Here's what was said by the poster elon agreed with

    Jewish communties have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical
    hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using
    against them.
    I'm deeply disinterested in giving the tiniest shit now about western
    Jewish populations coming to the disturbing realization that those
    hordes of minorities that support flooding their country don't exactly like
    them too much.
    You want truth said to your face, there it is


    So - what the guy said was that the jewish communities in the west (us) have supported people saying the same thing about white people that is now being said about them - specifically that whites are privlidged and try to take over the world and control everything etc, basically the whole critical race theory argument. He seems to be suggesting many jewish communities are on the left and have supported left wing ideology.

    And now people are saying that about them and they don't like it - the jews are privlidged the jews repress people etc etc

    And he notes that many of the immigrants that the jews supported  with this (muslim immigrants presumably) turn out not to like the jews and they've shot themselves in the foot.

    Elon agrees this is true.


    Is that anti semetic? I'm not sure it is. He's not saying all jews, and it is demonstrable that many jewish communities did support this kind of thing. It's a broad statement so maybe it is.

    And is it 'replacment theory'?  I don't see that AT ALL - he's not talking about jews trying to REPLACE white people with foreigners, he's saying that their arguments for letting these foreigners in are now being used against them.  That's not really got anything to do with replacement theory.


    Soooo - kinda feels like the left making shit up to suit them again.

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  12. Just now, Nationalist said:

    Well its "illegal" and a DUI in some provinces for e bikes.


    I guess it depends how you define dui - that normally is a very specific charge and it is a federal charge which only applies to motorvehicles but it is true that you can be charged  based on provincial laws.  So a very specific federal "DUI" charge isn't going to happen but for sure you might face a similar charge under provincial law.


  13. 39 minutes ago, QuebecOverCanada said:

    This was one of the funniest thing I've read, ever.

    I remember the crisis in 2011 when Germany forced southern countries to pay back loans Germany gave to them with very high interest rates while they knew these southern countries could not pay them back.

    Germany totally dominates the EU.

  14. 22 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

    1. 7. 8. 9.  Am too.  Why do you think I'm not ?  Because I support Trans rights ?  

    I've gone over why not many times with you.  And right there is another example of your dishonest methods of debate. Sealioning, asking someone to prove over and over the same things already proven. I've never seen you once even dispute the numerous examples i've given.  At best you try the 'oh was i? i didn't realize i did that" excuse.



    2. Yes.  "Don't be stupid" is something one would say to someone who is not naturally stupid, so...

    And here we have that misdirection i spoke of. You misquote me deliberately, and then reframe it as an argument. Those words you quoted were actually you and had nothing to do with my position. I was responding to something else and quoted you to show my reasoning, and you've taken that out of context.

    Dishonest in the extreme.  You have to literally misquote someone to try to make your point. Pathetic.


    3. Keep repeating it and I will keep denying it.

    You've already proven its true.  Numerous times.  What you mean is you intend to lie to yourself, The truth is plain to anyone else.


    4. Admission of wrong is a good first step.

    I'm sure you think that's what happened :)  you use of chud is constant.  Anyone can look at your posts and see it. You've used it already today.


    5. Please do

    I doubt you'll like it  i suspect you'll pretend to block me again and pretend you didn't see it because you can't cope with it



    6. Who cares how I 'look' ?  Surely not you.  Me neither.

    You VERY obviously do  It's clearly important to you.



    10. It's a meaningless tag... don't take offense

    Boy you're all over the map on this.  It's "Meaningless".  It's "the only way i can tag people i really need to - i TRIED to think of another way and i couldn't!" "I'm not using it to dehumanize, i just use it as a meaningless dehumanization!!"

    Kid - you use it to dehumanize people so you can justify ignoring them.  Simple truth.



    11. It IS identifying.  It identifies a new political persona that has arrived on the scene - you have defined it personally.  "Chuds" are adherents to the new political populism of our time.  What could be pejorative in that ?  Sure sounds better than 'groomer'.  If you can get all the right-of-centre people on the board to agree not to call people groomers/pedophiles I will stop using my harmless term.

    But it didn't have a meaning. And it is just a meaningless tag. Now it has all this meaning.  And as i predicted - when you realized that if it has no meaning it's just pejorative you suddenly come up wiht a "meaning".

    All it means is you're the kind of person who dehumanizes people he disagrees with and then uses that as pretext why he can't address their points.

    As i have shown.

    Sorry. You're well on the left, and you're the kind of leftie that dehumanizes people rather than makes reasonable arguments back.  If that's not who you want to be, then you need to make changes.

  15. 25 minutes ago, QuebecOverCanada said:


    <Immigration was not even tried! Let's try harder! If we didn't have those levels, we'd be even poorer! We must go forward!> is the new <Communism was not even tried! Let's try harder! If we didn't adopted it, we'd be even poorer!>.


    Ok ok - settle down - take your pills :) 

    Its a complex topic and you could make the argument. I'm sorry if you don't like  that but it's a simple fact. That doesn't make the argument correct, and it wouldn't address the long term problems that come with it, but it would be a potentially defenseable argument. Doesn't mean i agree with it but it would be a point that would need to be addressed.


    Inflation being inflated by... increasing the consumer base ... inflated by... immigration.

    I literally just said that.

    So - while someone could say that immigration increases the economy you would have to point out that even if that's true its' also having a major impact on inflation, which reduces the value of the economy even if it increases, so is the 'gain' to the ecomomy worth the 'pain' of inflation devaluing the economy.

    My guess is oh hell no, but my point is that would be the discussion and both sides would have to make their case.

  16. 4 minutes ago, eyeball said:

    About the logic you were using to arrive at a conclusion, not the two conflicts.

    This is a common leftie trick - if i say 'comparing gaza to bernardo is like comparing apples to oranges" then you say "so you're saying bernardo is the same as a fruit!?!?!! *angry pikachu face*

    I never compared the two at all - i compared the logical thought process you applied to one and showed what it would look like if applied to another thing,

    But thanks for admitting you lied to try to make a bad point again :) Hissy fit now? or later.

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  17. 31 minutes ago, Nationalist said:

    Its sad. We hear all sorts of stories about how these schools and the programs were full of one racist or another...and I'm sure some cases are quite true. But apologizing endlessly for the mistakes of a few, and completely ignoring the potential for enhanced racial relations is...counter productive.

    and maybe that's the point?

    A whole industry has grown up around being a professional victim unfortunately. Those people will not want to give up their money

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  18. 26 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

    1. The part about depictions of sex... the article said her concerns were elsewhere.

    That doesn't make sense - what do you mean?


    2. She is asserting that she was defamed but that doesn't speak to whether it was done vengefully or not.  I didn't see anything in the description that indicated these were personal vendettas.

    Part of defamation's definition in canadian law indicates that.



    3. But "charge" her ?  With what ? 

    Oh they couldn't but they claimed it was a violation of the human rights act and blah blah blah. Of course as we see now, no it wasn't, but that didnt stop them from threatening


    5. Reputation ?  Yes possibly.  But they won't be personally impacted at least not as much as she waas.

    Hard to say. Might be harder to get reelected if you just lost the school system a hundred grand or so,



    6.  Supposed to, why ?  You think that you are allowed to say anything at all in a School Board meeting ?  The fact that YOU think it's acceptable is utterly meaningless.  They have business to conduct, and they don't have to listen to every Chud who wants to expound on his flat earth theories... 

    So now she's a 'chud'.  And we don't listen to 'chuds'.  Tell me again that you odn't use the term to dehumanize,

    And yes - if it relates to the school at all they have to listen to the 'chuds'. Which is what this judge just said



    7. Yes we established that.  "Tossed out" = "Suspended" , "Quit" = "Retired with full pension" ... clarity, my son...

    Don't know what you're saying here either. Sounds like another attempt to obfuscate.



    8. We shall see... at least if she loses you won't be able to crow that the courts are compromised, there's not any justice etc... which is a good thing.

    I think you mean if she wins.

    And no - that would not be the case.  The courts can get some cases right and still be heavily influenced by bias and politics.  IT's not a 100 percent either or situation.

    But - based on your comment does that mean if she DOES lose you agree that the courts are compromised? :)  It must if a victory proves they're not :)

  19. 22 minutes ago, taxme said:

    I do not need to try and cover up anything,

    Well that's a good thing, because you're not.  It's plain as day.



    All i did was say ....

    And more fantasies about father figures and their penises and coming.  Dude. It's not healthy to repress your homosexual feelings - were you worried your dad woudln't approve if you told him?  Is that why you keep having these weird daddy fantasies?  I'd talk to someone, this doesn't sound entirely healthy.


    Hey, i was watching the news this morning and they were showing those Jews that were being released from Hamas. They all looked well, not wearing raggedy looking clothes, smiling at Hamas and shaking hands.


    Nope.  we never got to see hamas - if you saw them smiling and shaking hands that's with the israelis.  Post vids otherwise if you have them.

    As to the prisoners:

    Biden said the 4-year-old hostage, Abigail Edan, had witnessed her parents being killed by Hamas fighters during their Oct. 7 raid into Israel and had been held since then.

    Hamas, Israel release prisoners; American girl, 4, is freed | Reuters


    So these 'nice guys" that you're so supportive of - they MURDERED a 4 year old girls'parents right in front of her then held her prisoner for a month.

    This is your "treats people well" terrorist buddies?

    And now she's on the way to the hospital to see what else she's suffered.


    These are the poeple you've been lying ot support. They did this to a 4 year old girl.  Not for any military gain or to get a ta  military target, they just came to her home without warning and did this,

    How the hell do you sleep at night.


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