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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/12/04/world/middleeast/israel-hamas-sexual-violence-un.html?unlocked_article_code=1.Dk0.Ol6Q.E8pMAO2w5rKF&smid=url-share

    A presentation at the U.N., organized in part by Sheryl Sandberg, accused the body of ignoring the rape and mutilation of women in the Oct. 7 assault on Israel, and heard gruesome details from witnesses.

    The body of one woman had “nails and different objects in her female organs.” In another house, a person’s genitals were so mutilated that “we couldn’t identify if it was a man or a woman.”

    Simcha Greinman, a volunteer who helped collect the remains of victims of the Hamas-led Oct. 7 assault on Israel, took long pauses as he spoke those words on Monday at an event at the United Nations.

    “Horrific things I saw with my own eyes,” he said, “and I felt with my own hands.”

    Shari Mendes, a member of an Israeli military reserve unit tasked with preparing the bodies of fallen female soldiers for burial, said her team saw several who were killed on Oct. 7 “who were shot in the crotch, intimate parts, vagina, or were shot in the breast.” Others had mutilated faces, or multiple gunshots to their heads.

    Yet those atrocities have received little scrutiny from human rights groups, or the news media, amid the larger war between Israel and Hamas — and until a few days ago, they had not been specifically mentioned or condemned by UN Women, the United Nations’ women’s rights agency, which has regularly spoken out about the plight of Palestinian women and girls.



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  2. 1 hour ago, -TSS- said:

    Does it actually make any difference in Canada whether Trump gets back in or not?


    It does - a lot of people hate trump and he's been cast as the evil personification of the 'radical right'.  Trudeau is already touching on that theme.  People will tend to lean more to a left wing govt in canada 'historically' to balance off a right wing gov't in the states as a general rule.

    But that only goes so far.  And justin let trump push him around a lot. Recent polling indicates that canadians tend to think that PP would actually be better at dealing with trump.  So, the effect may not be as great as at other times in history.

  3. 9 hours ago, robosmith said:

    I haven't heard of ANY increase.




    Gaza's growth in population is very large. It's growth rate is 2.5 times larger than Canada's. That's net growth btw - after deaths.

    So if israel is all about getting rid of Gazans they sure are doing a lousy job of it, letting them grow at a very very high rate.

  4. 14 hours ago, WestCanMan said:

    MO leftists are heavily invested in teaching kids to hate/disrespect police officers, politicians, white people, Jews, etc.

    Anything they see as established authority or a power source.  They want to destroy society so they can rebuild it, and that means dismantling organizations that have power or respect, such as cops, whites, etc.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Gaétan said:

    You are a collaborator of the butchers of Gaza like Trudeau, Poilievre and Biden. Off the 15,000 who died there are 7,000 children and 8,000 women, not too many Hamas fighters there.

    Hamas uses women and children in combat all the time. They run ammo and supplies and carry messages. I'm sure quite a lot of them are hamas soldiers, Of course - hamas combatants don't wear unifiorms so they're hard to identify which is ALSO a major war crime.

    Get dressed in civvie clothes - go hide behind civvies - shoot at your opponents from behind civvies - then cry that civvies got killed.  These guys are a piece of work.

    Did you not wonder why gaza isn't saying  how many of the dead were fighters or supporting them?

  6. 2 hours ago, Legato said:

    Of course he is, none of his cabinet have the capability of having an original thought. Why do you think they get picked.

    They all see Trudeau as the King handing out divine rights.

    Of course they do.  It's not even a discussion point.  The leaders of the parties .... perhaps not surprisingly... LEAD THEIR PARTIES!!!!  They hire all the important people into all the important positions and appoint their cabinet, whom they can unappoint in seconds.  they control most of the party apperatus, and generally can only be challenged by a coup. 

    You have to have the political knowledge of a grade 3 pupil or less not to know this. Herbie's a dolt.

  7. 2 hours ago, Caswell Thomas said:

    Don't know where your alleged facts on these demographics are coming from,

    well i'm a pretty smart guy :P 


    even in his own party per a GOP conducted survey I saw yesterday he only has 34% on his own race for the Republican ticket.

    Well the aggregate polling shows he's brushing the 60's.


    You could literally combine all the other votes and he's still winning. And he has the momentum.  He's going to start winning states shortly and it'll be all over.

    As i commented on a previous thread, it almost seems like every time he got arrested his popularity went up. Anything could happen but i suspect he's going to be impossible to beat.




  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cbc-radio-canada-layoffs-budget-1.7048530

    So somehow despite receiving billions and having an advantage with advertisers they're still going over budget massively.

    And buried near the bottom - no plans to drop the bonuses for the top execs.

    Just defund them and be done with them already. They're beyond useless.

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  9. 8 hours ago, robosmith said:

    The topic is about Musk confirming an anti-semitic post on X as "the absolute truth."

    That has been well established already. Whether you consider it "slander" is irrelevant.

    You have no FACTS to back up this OPINION!!!!!!

    LOL - i don't think what he said was anti-semetic overly much.  Which part of what he agreed with did you feel was not accurate? we'll see if you're anti semetic too :) 

  10. https://vancouversun.com/news/premier-eby-unveils-promised-road-to-recovery-seamless-addiction-treatment-program

    So long and short of it - he's very proud that we now have 34 beds to actualy get people off drugs.  Meanwhile we're spending hundreds of millions on "safe drugs" that are being sold to high school kids and the funds used to buy hard drugs, and providing safe places to shoot up.

    This is worth mentioning because it's the federal gov'ts policies that make that possible.  The feds are pushing 'safe' drug programs and 'safe injection sites' and you can't run one without the feds providing a waiver  for the drug crimes.

    We have about 21 deaths PER DAY in canada - and we spend hundreds and hundreds of millions on making it easier for them to stay addicts and a tiny pittance on treatment.  Roughly 400,000 addicted people in british colunbia (all addictions) but - thank god we've got 34 beds to treat them.  And this is what the feds are selling as a success across the land.

    We are so effing doomed.


  11. 1 minute ago, WestCanMan said:

    Leftists: "Let's control what people say and force them to take whatever medications we decide. If they oppose us we will ban them from society, call them racists, misogynists and white supremacists (even the broads and darkies), impose martial law, and freeze their bank accounts."

    Also leftists: "Twumpy iz a fashest becuz he compwaynd about CNN's wies and the FBI's show twiaws, wies, and cwimes. If he gets ewectid agen its the nd of dumocrisy. Pepow mite not unnerstanned this becaws its ovew theow hedz."

    LOL!!  There's times i wish i could give two reactions :) Hilarious :)  

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  12. So, TLDR version - the speaker of the house must remain neutral at all times. This guy was put in place after the last liberal speaker invited a nazi to the house for honours and snacks.

    Many said he was too partisan, but the libs really wanted a black guy to prove they're not nazi's. 

    This guy had LESS THAN 2 YEARS to go before the next election. He just had to keep it together that long.

    Within 2 months he sent a highly partisan message out that is definitely against the rules.

    I swear to god, the libs have some rule that says they must act like 1diots and have a scandal in every month with a vowel in it.

  13. Greg Fergus apologized for his video message to John Fraser at the party’s leadership convention

    OTTAWA – The new Speaker of the House of Commons is already facing calls to resign from at least two parties almost exactly two months after being appointed to the role.


    Greg Fergus apologized on Monday morning for recording a video tribute honouring the outgoing interim Ontario Liberal party leader John Fraser, whom he described as a longtime friend and almost as “family,” at the party’s leadership convention this past weekend.

    Bloc Québécois House leader Alain Therrien said his party was willing to give Fergus the benefit of the doubt in the impartial role as Speaker, having recently served in several partisan roles including as Justin Trudeau’s parliamentary secretary, but that this video was the last straw.

    “To act as Speaker, one needs to possess two essential qualities: impartiality and flawless judgment. Unfortunately, the current Speaker has demonstrated that he has neither of those two essential qualities. That was clear after what occurred this weekend,” said Therrien.

    “That is why the Bloc is calling on the Speaker to resign as soon as possible.”

    The Conservatives did not immediately call for Fergus’s resignation, opting instead to take the procedural route as they multiplied points of privilege to drag on the debate on Monday.

  14. 34 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

    Hmmm 🤔 Wonder if he's right?


    Pretty convincing, but I'd like to see the cross examination..



    Short answer - yes and no.  He's oversimplifying some things, and there's still missing components.  The items he mentioned are ones the libs are likely to try, he's mentioning them so he can say they're stealing our ideas if they try them.

    But - it's along the right track. The stuff that's wrong isn't wrong enough to matter, and people will accept it.

    However - he's missing some key elements.  Any solution has ot look at a temp reduction in immigration, That will only help for about 3 years but it buys time for other longer term measures to start to pay off IF they're started right away.

    In addition right now our collective system punishes developers for finishing a home without having sold it first. That is a MAJOR problem and guarantees that no matter how many people we have or how many immigrants we bring in, home construction wil always be slightly less than what we need if there is any population growth at all, That needs to be fixed. If builders are not incentiveized to build homes BEFORE they're needed we'll always lag.

    But the video is more about giving the impression he really understands the issue. If you understand something, you can generally fix it. People don't believe justin understands any of this.  If they think PP does, they will elect him hoping that as someone who understands how it all works he can come up with a solution.


  15. 34 minutes ago, Perspektiv said:

    Trudeau knows if a snap election happened now, the conservatives would win it in a landslide.

    Videos like that one, just show its night and day regarding competence levels.

    Trudeau is like a trained gymnast, trying to do engineering. There is just no bending he could do, to get out of his mess. 

    Well, technically he could bend to the pressure, and exit. 

    I don' think he feels the pressure much. Early on he surrounded himself with ultra-loyalists and they keep the other liberals in line, it's hard to speak out against him. And they can't FORCE him out, they don't have provisions like the CPC does for that kind of thing.

    The liberals have always stated as one of their guiding principles that you do ANYTHING to stay in power as long as you can - you never know what will change.  The first trudeau was the exception that proved the rule.  I think he's bought into that and he's waiting to see if a) trump wins and b) polievre scews up and c) the economy crashes and interest rates come down a bit.

    If those three things happen then maybe somehow he might have a chance but if he gives up now there's zero chance

  16. 2 hours ago, herbie said:

    I'm well aware that my posts go way over a lot of forum regular's heads.

    dude - they don't even go over anyone's knees.


    If you can only plot along a single line of self pre-determined thought, you're hooped. That's your problem.

    Pot - meet kettle. Kettle- this is pot.

    You live in your echo chamber and are more tribal than almost anyone here, and make the most rediculous statements attempting to defend those talking points.

    Dude. you're not one of the great sages of the forum, you're part of the comic relief

  17. 3 hours ago, herbie said:

    Do point out your total lack of knowledge regarding anything you post. You just shit on the one possible leader that would have given a direct detailed answer without any political grandstanding in a manner even an illiterate would understand.

    Heads of parties are more accurately categorized as administrators to enact the party's platform, not vice versa. Only political ignoroids claim otherwise.

    Awww muffin - as usual the truth has got you all upset and flustered :)

    Cullen is an 1diot. And angus is far more likely to give a straight answer, cullen dodges like hell.


    Your 'charisma' comment points out the hypocrisy of the so called 'right', whining about 'dictators' everywhere while requiring a leader to herd you like sheep.

    No, that's just stupid.  To do well, you need to ether have charisma or an outstanding platform.  As i have said many times in the past if you don't have a charasmatic man you better have a charismatic plan (slightly sexist but "person" ruins the rhyme :) )

    Jaggers has charisma but zero plan or substance. Cullen has half the charisma and zero substance.  That's not an improvement.  But sure - whatever stupid thing you said.

    3 hours ago, herbie said:

    Heads of parties are more accurately categorized as administrators to enact the party's platform, not vice versa. Only political ignoroids claim otherwise.

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD,  that is HILARIOUS!!!! :)    

    sorry kid, that's easily one of your dumber statements and that's saying something :) the leader picks the election team, picks the platform, oversees the whole organization of the ground forces, and most of all motivates the troops to work for him and the voters to vote for him. HE's a general in command of an army, not a committee chair for a school board.

    I would have to sit and think to come up with something to say about politics that is dumber than what you just said :)   

  18. 3 hours ago, -TSS- said:

    The RINOs will throw him out after he has been sentenced in the court based on whatever charges they came up with. 


    I'm  not sure he's going to be sentenced before the next election.  I think he can delay those trials well past that date. And if he wins that goes away.


    The RINOs in Congress absolutely hate him and rather lose the election than have him as President.

    Well it's the public that votes, and he's polling strong enough to have a good chance at winning, so i'm not sure what you think is going to happen.  As far as the nomination goes he's polling vastly out in front of anyone else by far. Even if all the others coalesced under one candidate he'd still take it.


    There will be someone like Nikky Haley as their candidate.

    There is literally zero reason to believe that at this point, not for the 2024 election. 

    But - we'll see.  We're almost at the starting gate now.

  19. 2 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

    1. That just doesn't compute.  They are trying to get revenue any way they can and obviously the shareholders love 13 Billion Dollars.

    Well then  upgrade your processor and maybe your ram. 

    Capitalism hates it.  The company getting free money from the gov't doesn't. But the capitalist system does.

    This is an example of your frequent 'change the channel' debate style i frequently scold you for. You said capitalism, i said capitalism, now suddenly you want to switch it to how the specific corporation feels.  Very disingenuous.

    The capitalist model suffers with this kind of stuff and most capitalist thinkers are not happy about corporate subsidy in general, and that's 10 times truer when there's cash and not just tax breaks involved.


    2. They want profit.

    They want votes.  And the company will happily take their bribe.


    3.  For sure but everybody wants to load the dice... even a little.

    Irrelevant.  The capitalist model does not require it or want it or benefit from it.  So your claim that capitalism "DEEEEMMMAAAANNNNDDDDSSSSS" it is complete hooey :)

    Capitalism works best with a free and fair market.  You have some regulation to prevent "dice loading" but pretty minimal

    Capitalism is based on the concept of equivalent exchange, and individuals create value or wealth in one way or another and trade it, which spurs innovation and competition and has pulled more people out of poverty than any other model in the history of man.

  20. 2 hours ago, eyeball said:

    No, it would be a complete waste because you wouldn't believe a single one I put in front of you. Like I said go do your own research.

    ROFLMAO - so you don't have one :)

    So you admit there's absolutely no logic or reason or research or experts behind your opinion - you just feel that way and that's it :)  

    So much for 'follow the science" :)   well - that brings us back to the original point then. Why do lefties like you always believe in stealing other people's money as the solution to everything?

  21. 2 minutes ago, DUI_Offender said:

    It's 11 months from the election. I'm referring to the undecided voters in the final week of the election, who tend to vote for the incumbent. 

    Like i said - that depends on how fed up the voters are of the incumbent. The flip side to the 'comfort vote' or 'devil you know' vote is the "time for a change" vote which is one of the most successful platform themes.  You don't see that phenomenon in the us as much because voters get sick of an incumbent normally in year 7 or 8 - and by then the incumbent can't run again anyway. So you see it a little with the party (we've had dems/reps long enough time for a change).

    Biden is showing signs of that.  People are thinking it's time for a change, which is a little surprising. If trump can offer them something they see worth changing to, the advantage completely flips to him.

    Interestingly enough studies show that it's not enough for voters to be sick of one guy for them to make a switch - the other guy has to offer something half way decent to switch to.

    Biden will run on his track record. Which isn't great. Trump will kind of run on his, but what he'll really probably run on is "whatever you thought of mine, it was better than biden" and that's arguably true.

    Neither has a decisive advantage at the moment but there's little doubt that trump probably has the easier job convincing people as long as he runs a solid campaign. But i don't really see him as a good campaigner. So, we'll probably see it remain  tight and then at some point during the campaign it'll break one way or another and that person will win. Right now i'd say it's 52 - 48 for trump, which is basically saying it's even

  22. 1 hour ago, impartialobserver said:

    Polling numbers this far out are not especially meaningful. This is akin to the "way too early top 25 rankings" sports experts issue for the upcoming year. These are done 6 to 7 months before the start of the season. 

    Individual polls aren't meaningfull but multiple polls over time show trend lines and much can be gleaned from those. Which is why political parties pay close attention to them and pay for their own polling on top.

    The trends appear to be biden sinking a bit more, voters aren't happy with him at all, and trump has gained support but has hit a ceiling and isn't picking up new people but isn't losing old ones.

    Biden has to find a way to restore confidence or he'll lose, trump has to find a way to widen his appeal and climb above that ceiling or he'll lose. It's too close to say which is going to pull it off. There's probably more paths to victory for trump, but that doesn't mean he'll be able to walk them.


  23. 2 hours ago, robosmith said:

    Your posted evidence does not say that Harvard polls are unreliable.

    It says that Biden is leading based on the consensus of MULTIPLE POLLS. Duh.

    Thanks for that.

    It does show the harvard poll is inaccurate. 

    ANd it doesn't show biden is leading - biden cannot win with the numbers he has.

    remember - if you have trouble counting just take off your mittens

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