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  1. Biden without aides and teleprompters, is what you get at the debate. Him with all the help you can get, is him coming off as somewhat capable to do the job for 4 more years.
  2. Yeah, I think it sends an odd message to kids: "These people are just like us" *dude walks by doing jumping jacks, making his d**k slap against his stomach repeatedly* ..."and they should be treated with the same level of respect." But, mom.. "NO questions sweetie, you don't want to be a bigot, right?" I don't know. Seems we are celebrating the wrong things here, but it's precisely why I wouldn't attend one, even though am technically part of the community.
  3. One of the laws of power. Get others to do the work for you. This includes your dirty work. Trump had his hand in the cookie jar, and demonstrably so. He speaks power, but doesn't understand how power works. Even if the officials you pointed to were indicted on crimes, it still wouldn't incriminate the entire organization. You wouldn't be able to prove it, other than via hearsay. Powerful people know how to keep their hands clean. The only thing this proves is that Trump is a master at keeping his hands dirty making it easy to punish him for it.
  4. Thats fair and am open to believing it, but until you provide a cite, its nothing but hearsay. I honestly haven't seen anything concrete that points to this being the case. Like I said, am open to be proven wrong, which you have failed to do. Your "OMG, how could you not know this?!" histrionic fit won't do as well as simply providing a cite. Its not a CNN opinion, its a common sense opinion. I don't watch CNN, unless looking for a chuckle. They border on being more of a tabloid than anything remotely news worthy. Common sense as a leader, would be to address your country immediately during a crisis, to bring reassurance. It also communicates your intentions, clearly and concisely. You can't complain about left leaning politicians embracing murky waters, then have Trump dive in head first, and scuba dive. No immediate televised address. You're ignoring that his responsibility is to an entire country. Again, as per above, am happy to be proven wrong on this, as I simply haven't seen one, but one may exist. You have yet to deliver, on what would be an effortless means of proving me wrong, if he did in fact immediately address the country in a televised address. This isn't a "narrative". Its part of the presidents job. Calm the situation, and reassuring the country that all steps will be taken to regain order, especially since this was a self inflicted crisis. I don't live in the US, and don't watch much American news, as a result. I have no shame in my game in not knowing every nook and cranny of this American political situation, as know enough to have an educated debate. I know more about global politics than you do, and am confident I speak more languages and have traveled to more places, adapted to more cultures than you have. All the more reason for you to provide cites, that overwhelmingly would prove my points wrong. You have yet to do so, which looks rather suspicious on your end. I can easily provide cites for my stances. Name one, and will gladly do so. I don't follow much US news, or much news to begin with. You're deflecting, because you have nothing to bring to the table. Like Don Lemon telling Ramaswamy that he wasn't black and hadn't lived the "black experience", which sounds like something an escort would offer, vs discrediting a strong opinion against you. When I do watch the news however, I trust sources like Ground news, and any source that provides me as objective of information as possible. That rules out Fox and CNN, and any other extreme left or right agency. I will watch both, for entertainment though. I like and need to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. I will trust a source that provides this for all candidates.
  5. The Democrats would just need to put someone coherent and not too far left in, and they would mop the floor with Trump, in my opinion.
  6. He gives that impression by refusing to listen to their voices.
  7. So they asked for protesters to march to the capitol? If so, you're bang on with your assessment. Otherwise, you're missing a key component to the gravity. His televised address should have followed, immediately. Again. If he addressed the nation as immediately as he posted on Twitter based on the time of the storming of the capitol, I will publicly apologize to you. That means, Trump was unjustly accused of a crime he didn't do. If he failed to notify the country he governs immediately, then he failed as a commander in chief, and literally is responsible for getting an unarmed protester shot to death by keeping people in the dark of what was going on, sending politicians running for their lives, including some from his own party. Am sure you'll provide a cite, to back your claim up. Heresay isn't factual. "But its obvious they did!" Again, you would have an ease with proving it if they did. Its easy to dismiss something as weird. Dismiss sometbing as being of a low IQ. Dismissal is you distancing yourself from dialogue. A lot harder to pick apart an argument, with a superior one. Distancing yourself again, is you having nothing to bring to the table. Everything you have pointed to just about, is heresay. Trump has heavy handed evidence against him. Again. The FBI committed a crime, point it out. You're otherwise trying to dismiss facts with flimsy "yeah well, they did the same" counter arguments, but light on the evidence supporting your claim.
  8. Foxconn which builds Apples phones in China, had suicide issues from factory workers, which brought international attention to the practices in the name of maximizing profits by building phones as cheap as possible. So they put nets outside windows, as an incredibly depressing solution. Suicides went down dramatically, and all is well. I always giggled at people telling me about say, am EV, while using and even endorsing Apple products. Kind of like a mobster hitman, that happens to garden and offer his time to orphanages. It sounds better on paper. Completely irrelevant to the point you were making, may I add. But to get back to it, this has nothing to do with safety, and only has to do with competition. Companies like Apple and Facebook invest heavily in lobbying for a reason.
  9. Trump's economy tanked during covid. The true test of leadership, is when a country's back is against the wall. He failed, pointed fingers. Voters remembered. People fired Trump, because America needed Biden's steadying and predictable hands. Trump is unpredictable. This has hurt him immensely where he still has a chance to get votes.
  10. Notice nobody gives a s**t about brands like Xiaomi. But Huawei's flagship phones are a massive threat to Apple and Samsung and would egads....force both to get back to the drawing board, in order to remain competitive. Maybe its just a coincidence. But when brands start to become a threat regarding competition, they seem to become a threat regarding security. Uncanny.
  11. So do your cellphones. So do your laptops. Have a dashcam? GPS? Smart TVs can even have such capabilities. I think this has more to do with fear mongering, in order to stall the Chinese takeover regarding EVs. This would be crippling to the big players who rely on the monopoly they have enjoyed. To have someone come in and sell something better at a lesser price, would force those monopolies to rapidly soul search.
  12. If Trump is cool as a cucumber, highlighting his successes, which were many, he should do great. People remember a much easier life, when he was president. If he's classic, petty and petulant, he will struggle to win over those who are on the fence. He needs to show restrained power. People know who he is.
  13. All Biden has to do, is drill hard on the legal woes and conviction that Trump faces, relentlessly. It will do its job, in bringing more doubt to the minds of voters who are on the fence. Last election was relatively close, and many more now am sure, are on the fence. Bringing doubt to Trump's name, may be sufficient to sway those voters. Guaranteed Trump won't have the time to win an appeal, before the election. That gives his opposition ammunition on him. If Trump is smart, he remains composed, and speaks on his performance on policy alone, and leaves personal attacks out of the equation. He shows calmness, control. He flails, and I disagree with your assessment--he is done like dinner. I guarantee you Biden is betting heavily on that.
  14. But they did not. Questioning results, vs forcibly trying to overturn them aren't the same thing. Like I said. Questioning the results are nothing new. But didn't call for a crowd to do something about it (beyond voting), refusing to immediately denounce it on national television. Again, the opportunity is yours to make me eat my words, where democrats did the same specific thing that Trump did. IE forcibly attempting to overturn disputed election results, yet presenting zero overwhelming evidence to support their claim. He had enough time to post, so the message was out to his base. Meaning he had time to put this out in the media, and televise it, too, if he actually cared to make sure the entire country knew his stance as well. Especially the police. Which am sure you will cite, proving the election was stolen. Its not a refusal to acknowledge. Its the fact that if you accuse an election to being stolen, the onus is on you to have overwhelming evidence proving your point, of widespread fraud. Something Trump failed to do. You have failed to do. If you can't prove it, I can only assume that it never happened. I can't show an immediate national televised address, because there isn't one. Again, cite if he did, and I will happily eat my words. Reality is you can't, so you try to attack my intelligence level, which is indicative of you brining nothing to the argument (ironically enough).
  15. They whined, but did they encourage their voters to physically do something about it (short of heading to the polls and vote)? Did they concede defeat, and allow powers to democratically be transfered? Tantrums about election losses are nothing new. Challenging the results. Nothing new. What Trump did, is unprecedented. You just can't gaslight your way away from that fact. Its not about stopping it. Its communicating to the country that you're running immediately, that you do not stand behind this type of behavior. That you urge law and order. Failure to address the country makes it look like you are hanging your boys in blue to dry. He can read his notes and Twitter posts all he wishes. There was no immediate national televised address. Post it, otherwise. I can't believe we are having this conversation. I manage staff. It would be like me expecting something from them, without letting them know the vision and expectations. Then pointing to me having written it down on the white board in the meeting room. I want something done by all, I must address the entire team, directly. He leads a country. You addressing your base only, alienates the entire country. Alienates the police officers who were under siege. Weapons or not. The united stated are becoming an international joke because of thinking like this. Trump was directly responsible for these riots. He was responsible to stop them as a result. Not only this, reassuring his country from a self inflicted mess. Taking ownership. You know, adulting 101. You're comparing apples to oranges, here. Find me a president of the US, who directly requested for a large group of people to fight in order to extend their term in office, and then failed to immediately address his entire country to bring things back under control, alienating everyone that wasn't at the capitol rioting. I'll wait. Again, question my credibility and intellect, but you would be best to pick apart my argument with hard concrete facts, or the credibility am losing pales to the credibility you have failed to bring to the table.
  16. They knew the key to their win, was to suffocate # 97. The team is deep, but without him dominating, looked like a team missing the slightest edge to get it over. Razor thin margins like that, I would try to retain the core of the team.
  17. If you were honest, you would openly admit that it was incredibly poor in judgment not to address the nation when you have a crisis situation, which ultimately cost a life and literally was inspired by the person who would have been likeliest to have been listened to. It would have reassured the population as a whole, that this wasn't tolerated by the pro law and order party. Would have reassured the police. Reassured all media. Including pro Trump medias which literally were documented in asking what "the f*** is going on", seeing they weren't quite loyal supporters to the tune of potentially breaking the law. IE broadcasting a lie, knowingly, that the election was stolen. Sorry, but anyone with an education will be able to pick apart the BS coming from either side. I don't operate pointing to the dems and or MAGA. Thats village people thinking. Tribalism. That type of thinking will turn the US into the richest third world country in the world within a generation. Honesty and BS. Should be called out at all times. She literally died for nothing. Trump lost the election and the cop wasn't punished for any wrongdoing. She literally was seen as a total knob by anyone outside of Trump supporters, globally. You can't read between the lines if you can't see the importance of reassuring all Americans. Failure to do so, can only lay blame onto Trump for failing to communicate his intentions to everyone. He is getting a lot of heat for it, rightfully. Telling the truth, and picking no sides. My truth has no bias behind it. The truth is objective. Your truth is highly subjective. All Americans weren't communicated with. As a leader, you are addressing a country. That should have been included. I would agree he had been clear had this not been omitted. If I tell my wife directly, there is no miscommunication. If I ask her daughter to tell her when she gets home, there risks being miscommunication. Trump did this on purpose. Just because some in his base can't read between lines doesn't mean the same applies to all Americans.
  18. That is the most vague and wordy non answer. O_o "Yes and no, and just be aware, that it all is what it seems, as what can be perceived as bad may not always be." *Costco Clerk* Ok...soo....do you want to return the defective radio or not?
  19. He's highly narssissistic. He literally also has a white savior complex, and feels he's the right person to save Canada from Pierre Poilievre. The level of delusion, is one of the several reasons am sure, behind his wife leaving him. He just doesn't listen, even if its in his best interest. He doubles down, digs in and gaslights, flails in classic narssisstic fashion. He's not failing Canadians, you are the ones who don't care enough about forest fires. You're the ones, guilty of failing those in need. Its sad to the point of being comical. He clearly doesn't care about others, as if he did he would do what was best in the interest of his party and of all Canadians. Not just those who believe higher taxes will stop nature from causing fires.
  20. I think most who follow that team, are brokenhearted. I was watching that game 7 with the wife, and you can just see the air having been sucked out of Edmonton based on the monumental effort they got knowing their playoff lives were on the line. Once you've reached that goal, that do or die energy is sapped and its just another game. The pressure is then relatively even, in Florida not wanting things to skio away, and Edmonton not wanting to put all that effort, for nothing. Edmonton should be proud of its team, though.
  21. Most Canadians would trust Poilievre to deal with Trump. Or at least those who were recently polled about it. Trudeau doesn't care about the country he is running, and even some of his most loyal constituents are starting to grow weary of him. That said, I know some liberals who would vote for him because he is not Poilievre. Trudeau seems like the kind who would proudly take such votes, but this should be something he should be deeply ashamed of.
  22. Maybe am crazy, but I still believe in a world where one can and should be able to choose a leader based on what they bring to the table. Many in politics are being opportunistic in using the current culture wars, to rile up their respective bases, but as one can see in countries like Canada, if you are against someone more savvy than you are and have failed to deliver, it can be you shooting yourself in the foot.
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