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  1. They have also kidnapped thousands of kids. Bombed civilian infrastructure. Killed and raped women. You're essentially proving my point. Continuing this war hurts Ukraine just as much if not more than it hurts Russia. Russia will stop at nothing to apply pressure on Ukraine. Bombing electricity stations during the coldest months. Putting civilians at risk of freezing to death. Not sure if you're trying to be shocking, considering the world over knows the brutality with which Russia operates with. So continuing this stalemate is making who pay, exactly? Making who win? What you've described doesn't sound like Ukraine winning. Its not surrendering. Its stopping the war. You can use histrionics and plays on words, but even Zelensky knows this war can't go on for much longer. Your solution is refusing to negotiate, and continuing those very hostilities. When you have nothing to bring to the argument, attack the character of the poster. Check. Ironically enough, speaks more about you than it does me.
  2. It isn't any less logical than continuing a war, that is a standstill with a more powerful foe, that is continuing to destroy your infrastructure. There literally is no purpose to continue without the consideration for negotiations. Making "Russia spill blood", ignores that this blood is shared with Ukraine. Your manufacturing outrage won't change that.
  3. "Proclivity to use superficial identity markers to make a statement about oneself and their individuality and then to tribalistically...group these people within these identity markers and categorize them in a hierarchical system. If you look back at early Marxism...a distinction was made by class and how much money and wealth you had. And now with wokism, it’s..identity markers that you can stack to become a person of higher social status and oppression has become the currency." Being part of a victim Olympics is nothing to be proud of.
  4. That basically sums up woke culture. Look at Trudeaus carbon tax. He literally sells it to you as him changing the world. You getting bent over and shafted if your household owns two cars (which is basically your middle class), will make hotter weather stop. Forest fires will somehow no longer occur. So, bend over! On paper it literally does nothing. Maybe redistribute wealth. But literally does nothing, as the wealth doesn't offset the total actual costs. IE costs of living. "At least we are doing, something" is the counter argument. Uh, no. Literally, no results. You're actually costing Canadians more. Any protest, and you're against measures to counter climate change. You're alt-right. Its basically good intentioned, but in actuality is making the world worse. A woke person sees this as a good idea. Think of the trees. The kids. Logical person? They will see businesses getting squeezed, forcing them to drive prices up. People buying less, because they are earning less, and ultimately with people traveling less by flight due to how expensive its become, you're seeing them do stay cations instead, and fuel use increasing. Unintended consequences people like this don't think about. Look at any major city's downtown core, and see where such thinking gets you, regarding the dramatic increases in homelessness. Oh, and there are still fires and hot weather and to add insult to injury, taxes that are apparently fixing it. Exactly. Am a proud Canadian. I never thought this would need to be complicated. Apparently I now need to be ashamed of my anthem, my country's past, me living on land that I somehow stole. Shame on me! *points at piece of s***in the mirror and spits on it* Now, go on and celebrate Canada day, with other peoplekind! O_o
  5. Russia is illegally occupying Ukraine. No doubt about this one. Haven't followed all that many international codes and standards. This is well known, too. This isn't the argument. The argument is what to do about it. We are already past the point of no return. You're already occupied. Your argument, is refuse to give an inch (even though they have taken a foot) and keep the war ongoing until Russia somehow sees more use in ceding all of their gains. Begs for forgiveness, and bends the knee to Ukraine. Again, based on their history of clearly doing the opposite. Reason in my opinion, is understanding that Russia won't cede an inch unless they got something in return. The longer the war goes on, the more of Ukraine will be destroyed. This favors Russia. This is wrong, but the reality is you have a stronger military posted in Ukraine. Unless allies join in, it will be more of the same for this battle. Ukraine buying time, with the weapons that they are sent. I get my house robbed at gunpoint, and am not focused on teaching them a lesson and getting my entire family killed to teach it based on principle. Of course the principle, is Russia has no business taking what isn't theirs. My first priority is their survival. Concessions tend to be easier to make, staring down a barrel of a gun. You lost the territory, so common sense would be negotiating how much you could stomach losing, and what could end hostilities for good. IE part of the concessions Russia would have to make, such as allowing the immediate entry into NATO of Ukraine or similar protections. Otherwise, Ukraine literally has no choice but to continue. My point is, right now they have the choice. Continue buying time, when time may end up hurting you worse or get the best possible deal done.
  6. To me, this isn't something you brag about. I am open about my political views, but again, boasting? It makes no sense. Even less to tell others that you are woke. It to me sounds like someone telling me they are easily offended, and will use violence and insults if their argument is picked apart.
  7. Sounds like cost cutting measures, all while amplifying the pressure on suppliers to build more, faster and cheaper. They got greedy, and shot themselves in the foot. Airbus and even potentially other brands may start eating from their pie, based on this incompetence.
  8. Actually, I do. Their levels of incompetence have caused their company to come under intense scrutiny. Many employees have openly stated when and how this degradation has occurred. Several deadly crashes occurred before they decided to do a thing about it. The latter highlights the incompetence on a global scale. The fact they took a deal to avoid more serious charges, doesn't prove them being any less criminally negligent. This is negligence. You're thousands of feel above ground, and you as pilot should know how critical redundancies are for your safety systems. I know someone who sued a car brand, for getting in a crash while driving far faster than the posted speed limit in a residential area. Hit a light post, and was permanently brain damaged. The airbags were faulty, and the crash barely would have left him with a scratch if the airbags deployed. What you're saying, is he is at fault for speeding. Yes, he is. But the car not functioning like it was supposed to during an emergency, is fully the fault of the automaker. But what am saying, is had their system been designed properly, that this would have easily been corrected during flight. Boeing would have zero responsibility. Maybe they aren't fully responsible, but should bear a significant penalty for the lack of oversight. The car brand ended up having to give nearly half a million to this person for his injuries.
  9. Being woke is literally the epitome of being an ignorant f***ing t**t. I mean, go to any major city university. You have "woke" students camping out, denouncing genocide. Chanting things like "from the river, to the sea". When some are asked, none have a clue what that chant means, or where it originated from. Ironically, chanting something which is precisely calling for the genocide of Israelis. Few understand the plight of homosexuals in Gaza, yet queers for Palestine feel the need to show solidarity. Not one will publicly denounce what Hamas did. So, what are we woke to, exactly? Human suffering? The woke like being offended on the behalf of others. Like defending the defenseless, to live down white guilt. Oblivious to how out of touch their privilege comes across as. Best described as: "The white savior supports brutal policies in the morning, founds charities in the afternoon, and receives awards in the evening." Reminds me of the Haiti earthquake. I had never been approached by more white people asking me if there was anything they could help me out with. Turning to telling as many of their friends as possible, about the Haitian they knew who had family stranded in Haiti. How they were helping. It has nothing to do with kindness. It would be like trying to help a wounded gazelle from an "evil" cheetah. Posting about it later, like you just made the world a better place. The arrogance behind feeling the world would be a better place, if only people could live as privileged as such a person, is nauseating. Genuinely doing something for others tends to have a humility behind it. I have interviewed several woke candidates, and have yet to meet one that didn't come across as self-important and arrogant. Wasting an entire opportunity, to push me to tell them how I could make it a workplace worthy of them working in it. What causes I support. Vacation time was a big one. Mental health days. The world revolves around them. No life skills or experience, but they know best. I have seen so many woke people be unemployed. I wonder why. Calling yourself woke, is like a woman telling me how she is amazing in bed. "my last exes told me this". It oozes of narcissism. There isn't a man out there getting laid by a beautiful woman, who will tell her her blowjob is horrible. It just doesn't happen. She could mismatch her bra and panties, and men would just not give a s**t. They are getting laid. There are things you just don't brag about o_O.
  10. In leftist media, Russians can't gain an inch of land, because it's not theirs. Also, in a war with two countries, only the bad one has a death toll associated to it. Ukraine is winning. No specifics as to what entails that winning, but know that they are. Push back further, and you're a Putin lover, a racist and love disco music.
  11. Or look into better and more immediate solutions to the sharp and unnacceptable rise in homelessness, crime and homeless encampments seen in many cities. Arresting someone for camping seems draconian, but having homeless people commit crimes to support their addictions leaving civilians to fend for themselves doesn't seem like much of an upgrade either.
  12. Seriously? This was deliberate. Their MCAS system was designed and knowingly released while being faulty and due to timelines, specialized training wasn't offered to pilots. Once the aircraft "overtook" a pilots corrections, it was too late. You now had an incorrectly stalling aircraft, with poorly trained pilots on what to do. This is criminal levels of deliberate negligence.
  13. What is strange, is you feeling that without the above, that Ukraine could somehow push Russia back into its own soil. Something Zelensky himself has admitted is incredibly difficult to do (not a full push back, but taking back significant land), considering how well Russia is defending the bulk of its gains. I like how you draw comparisons to a completely different conflict, where allies were actual participants, to rationalize your logic for this current one. Allies are there to prevent that win. They however, just like Zelensky understand that this war will need to be negotiated to an end, which will include immediate protections for Ukraine. Nope. Am fully behind them defending themselves. Thats precisely what they are doing. I however think that they will not defeat Hamas, or the ideology they are fighting, and sooner or later just like in Ukraine, will require to negotiate an end to this conflict and devise their energies to how they minimize risk for future attacks. If that's what you call common sense, then sure. Ending the conflict, and putting immediate protections in place for Ukraine such as an immediate admission into NATO. No, Russia respects consequences. Like any thugs. Same reason why they wouldn't dare attack a NATO protected country, as much as people like you love to fear mongering otherwise.
  14. Glad you're not the one losing these people. Harder to feel things when its not your blood being spilled. Your numbers look best when looked at as among the population. Kind of like putting creamer and sugar in coffee. Looks a lot worse when you consider only the men of age to serve their military. No creamer. No sugar. Bitter coffee blend. AKA, reality. You know, the bulk of those being killed and maimed. Not quite. They should demand their security (IE joining NATO, or any form of safety guarantee), and negotiate regarding the compromises that they are willing to make on their occupied land. Refusing to compromise, means they are willing to roll their dices on their allies not tiring of this war in the long run. Even Zelensky knows this is impossible. This isn't stopping the fight. This is stopping the carnage. I view a peaceful resolution as stopping a war. You see it as cowardice. But again, going based on coffee. The reality here, is that even with weapons, Ukraine is in no position to summon Russia into doing anything. Just because you believe propagandists telling you Ukraine is winning, doesn't mean others cannot accept the reality at hand. Because your argument isn't strong. You want to continue a stalemate war on borrowed weapons and funds (meaning your fight will only be as reliable as your political backing, which is waning or will be by fall), and can't be very specific as to how it benefits Ukraine vs a brokered peace that protects its interests and Russia's. Your justification being only 0.3% of it's population is lost, ignoring the fact that it is mostly men of a specific age group dying. Trying to act like talking to me is beneath you, doesn't make your post any stronger. Maybe thats why?
  15. Some would say, compromise. But if you prefer that terminology, you're free to use it. You clearly have a country that can hold back Russia, and in Russia, a country that can hold onto most of their gains. You stick to this until Ukraine goes through 10 to 15% of its population, as being the threshold of "enough carnage"? Or accept you are not pushing back Russia. Compromise, in the name of peace. Surrender, if you prefer. You're not teaching Russia any lessons by making this last longer. You're actually hurting Ukraine worse. Am quite confident Putin loses no sleep over this. Zelensky looks like he's aged a decade. You teach Putin a lesson by invading his country and turning the tables on him. Putin only respects power and brutality, and he has seen neither from Ukraine. Here's to you predictably highlighting my "surrender" or similar quote, vs brining an actual counter argument. Cue in, 5, 4..
  16. All the more reason to stop it from growing in size. You're delusional if you think Russia is giving any land back without major concessions in return. Your best bet, is them giving some back. Very hard to negotiate when the hostage holder has a gun to your head. You're not in a position to make any demands. You're in a position to make concessions, and hopefully your aggressor can meet you halfway.
  17. I think the west is satisfied with the status quo, as long as its not their blood being poured. They are paying a relatively low price, all things considered, to put as much damage onto Russia while personally paying no price for it. The pressure for peace would be rapid, if it were thousands of US soldiers in body bags, or innocent civilians being killed, mutilated, raped or having your children kidnapped. They can continue to fight Russia from an incredibly safe distance. The Ukrainian government doesn't hold that type of comfort. They have seen the will of the population plumet, regarding standing firm on an uncompromising resolution with Russia. This will make Zelensky's job harder to go on like this very long, and he knows it as has seen it on the global stage, regarding the lack of support that he is getting on it. Many resolutions being offered, involve Ukraine losing sovereign land. You're making it sound like it's a bargain. But when you have your polled population go from 80% in support of your hardlined stance plummet to just over 55%, you start to feel the weight of the pressure of people sick and tired of losing their loved ones, and feeling that this war will never end. Also, aware regarding their lost land, that it will likely be negotiated away (for a significant portion of it), anyways. Why not end it now? So end hostilities but critical should be an immediate and definite protection for Ukraine as being the red line that can't be crossed, instead, to avoid this from happening, again without catastrophic consequences for Russia. Not just the light spanking they are currently getting. Your post here makes absolutely no sense. Its not just the Ukrainian deaths (word on the street is Zelensky is keeping the actual numbers tight to his chest and that they are far worse than the paltry numbers he put out and at least somewhat better than the dire numbers from Putin. Its the destruction of their country. Systematically erasing their sense of selves, via the vandalism of many of their museums. Churches. Kidnapping thousands of children. Denazification, is essentially code word for the erasure of everything that Ukraine stands for, but has nothing to do with Nazis. The longer this goes on for, the worse off Ukraine will be. Not better. To paint it otherwise, is western propaganda, that wishes for one to believe that Ukraine should remain fighting, and not focus on any resolution that doesn't involve Russia begging for forgiveness, reversing course, and cowering out of their country empty handed. Its as delusional as Putins demands.
  18. They are both bound by self interest. Clinging to power. Extending their mandate. I fail to understand how this makes them any different than most politicians. You make a politician position as such as to where they have uncapped power, and most would be insanely corrupt. Some would be less, but you best believe, power would be abused. It then boils on volume of abuse vs actually abusing of power.
  19. Anyone seeking compromise, is *clearly* pro Putin and a Russia sympathizer.
  20. Laughter doesn't make it any less true. Seems that other politicians have been taken advantage of by such leaders. North Korea would engage in fear mongering campaigns to get US campaigns. Trump boldly called them out, ridiculing their leader even, and gave way to some of the most peaceful times the Korean peninsula has had in a while. Oh, and even Zelensky understands the reality that you reject, seeing about 58% of his population ruling out compromise with Russia, down from 80%, when initially polled.
  21. They are already screwed over. They have an enemy army occupying and controlling significant portions of their land. Trump pressuring Ukraine to give away some of the seized land and officially recognizing Crimea as Russian land is just making it a formality. War is chess, not checkers. He would be the better person to demand far more concessions from Russia, including allowing Ukraine to join NATO, bringing the country under full US protection. Biden would get shot down, as Russia would know they would get nothing in return. History shows that not opening a serious dialogue with a hostage taker typically end up in a bloody mess. It would be a good look for either party, and Trump is all about making himself look good. Russia knows it would be their only choice to bring this humiliating conflict to an end, without having to fully lose face. Trump and Putin are crooks, you're going to get the best deal when you put two of the same kind, together.
  22. Well, look at the KKK. Laws, reforms, it doesn't matter. The idea remains, but has been tamped down enough that it no longer is a major threat. The biggest threat to a black person in the US now, will be from someone who shares the same skin color as they do. I think that would be the idea from Israel. Destroy them just enough to where all they can muster is infighting, or control the territory, which may have further unintended consequences.
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