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  1. Now if Biden's suitcase was filled with muscle relaxants and sleeping pills, it would have been far funnier. That, and cough syrup. Otherwise it looks like a heavily unprepared (yet fully tanned and styled) Trump still managed to mop the floor with Biden and humiliate him. Heck, would have been funnier with prosthetic hands to make his smaller ones look bigger on camera. Am I the only one who doesn't get far leftist humor?
  2. My wife has lived in Canada for a while, yet can still not understand the push for things like this. IE free housing for those who struggle with their mental health. Free meals. She works multiple jobs, and has side hustles to ensure we have sufficient cash flow for the investments we have in the Philippines. In her country, you don't hustle, you starve. I try to explain to her: "but they have mental health issues", and am firmly rebuked on a: "and I don't?! I just don't have the luxury to feel sorry for myself, as I need to take care of my family". To add insult to injury, I am taxed even more at the pump, to further benefit people like this, while my cost of living continues to rise sharply. I knew a guy who felt entitled to these types of funds. Refused to get a job, as he felt that this was him "working for the man". Being a slave. I don't think there is any greater slavery than to be a slave to what you can't afford. To be dependent on your government, for survival.
  3. How so? All I see is a difference in opinion on how this conflict could or should be resolved. You telling me am being "schooled", vs specifically pointing out to how, make it your opinion. The irony, is you're using to deflect from the fact you don't have a solid counter argument. I explained the use of the name, and you chose to make it the center of attention. Sounds like you're schooling yourself o_O. Oh, now you're the bigger person, and can't bear to bring yourself down to another person's level? Funny how that timing occurs on you losing an argument or having nothing to bring to the table.
  4. I drew a parallel to point to your point being your opinion, and not fact. Changing the subject would be me asking you how many blowjobs did Stormy Daniel's give Trump and demanding an accurate response. I mean statistically accurate, down to the second. Thats changing the subject. Now, if I tell you your chances of being correct, are as high as Trump's chances of getting Melania wanting him to knock her up again, this would just be accurate statements being made. Am sure Zelensky is laughing, too. Its not the amount. It's the weapons they sent. The timing of it. They want Russia crushed, they would send enough aircraft and weapons to overwhelm them, and quickly.
  5. Against. Its a breeding ground for complacency and corruption. Last job you want to see someone giving their minimum effort in. You get someone like Trudeau, who couldn't care less what you think or wish for, as they will be running the show. You're a Nazi or alt right or climate denialists if you disagree. Keep people always looking over their shoulders and they may suck at their job still, but this would at least put pressure for how bad they suck, to avoid an early termination.
  6. Not really. Simply pointing to you feeling am delusional vs me being as such. He will ultimately get what he wants one way or another. You would have to completely crush his army for him to leave the country. Ukraine doesn't have the manpower nor the tools to accomplish this. The west doesn't have the balls. They seem to be okay with keeping this a stalemate. Safer. What it truly boils down to, is how much of it that he will be getting once the dust settles.
  7. As a minority, I live down the dumb s*** others do who share my skin color and culture. My parents as a result made sure I wouldn't live up to the stereotype. Stereotypes are generalizations, but are often used in comedy because they are funny for a reason. If I make a joke about my wife and karaoke, it would be funny if done well, because many Filipinos love karaoke. Its an integral part of their culture. Yes. My wife loves karaoke. Filipinos love repurposing s***. Again, funny because its true for many. Comedian Ron Josol pointed out to a broken microwave in his household as a child, becoming a cabinet for storage. You see a cap for laundry soap, my wife sees a sponge holder for a sink. Peanut butter jar? To her, makeup brush holder. Sorry, but there are so many terrorist acts being committed by the minority in a community and when this is the case. Radio silence. Return fire is heavy handed kind if like Israel on Gaza, and it seems like everyone is out denouncing the violence. So is violence bad, or is violence against their people bad? How is pointing out the discrepancy bad? No am saying that the generalizations are made because they are true. How many they are true for, is statistically debatable, however. I see a group of people from a country where women have no rights, strike and beat women outnumbering them 10 to 2, and am not shocked. I quickly think to myself, "sounds about right". Shocking, would be a woke white vegan in leggings (male), pull this off. That's f***ed up. I never would have seen it coming. If they identified as "they/them", I would need to turn off my TV, to reassess my life priorities. I would be that confused. I see a car bomb go off on the news, and the name of the bomber is Ahmed, Mohammad or something of the sort, big beard, unibrow and "alahu akbar" is their chant again...most go on about their business. Why is that? Racism? Or just maybe this jack** is living up to the very stereotype many have in their minds when seeing people like this. Is the news showing this reinforcing that they all do this, or rather that the smallest demographic of your culture is by far the loudest? The LGBTQ community is going through this with the trans part of their movement.
  8. Thats what they said to those who felt Trump would win in 2016.
  9. So, if I shoot someone to get gang stripes in the street, this is due to my environment? Or does at some level, my choice push me to doing so? Yes, I grew up in an environment which was very violent, but does this justify me slapping the wife for not making my sandwich right? Or again is there a choice that was made? What I am pointing out, is the excuse people use to justify certain behaviors. There are no excuses for some and in my opinion, it should be called out as a result. I know tons of Somalian people who have great careers, homes and education levels. I just wouldn't buy it that being Somalian would stop you from opportunity. Choosing crime, will. Now, if you were like those I grew up with who prided themselves on sticking up white people or selling crack, then your downfall is self inflicted. Has nothing to do with those you are blaming. Your environment subjects you to it, but you make a conscious choice to join it. Saying its not a choice to me, is like believing that my love of horror flicks will ultimately result in me mutilating someone due to the influence. There is no right, but if you behave like the worst portions of your demographic, you put everyone in a bad light. People will comment on it, using stereotypes whether you like it or not. Welcome to being a racial minority. This is a package deal. I dated Caucasian women, and at telling some I was Haitian, was immediately grilled to find out how many other women that I had, by some. Haitian men are notorious for cheating, as this is highly accepted and even encouraged in our culture. My dad was a serial cheater. Most men I grew up around that shared my roots. Nobody wants to call out the cultural beliefs that are wrong, as this is deemed as racist. So many skirt on the issue. Maybe its just me, but am blunt. I ask directly. If we can't talk openly and constructively, you can't expect certain behaviors to stop. Imagine. Nobody wants to pressure Hamas socially. The belief system which perpetuates violence. Petrified at the consequences. Its easier to pick on Israel. Easier to call it racist. When you point to generalization, you're pointing to political correctness. I say point to those responsible for that behavior and call them out. If its cultural, call those out being silent.
  10. It would lead to the destruction of Russia. There would need to be a devastatingly final retaliation from the US, or risk seeing other states employ the weapon. Reality is the weapon is deterrent in purpose, only. Push Russia to giving them no choice however, and they would likely opt to destroy the world than to lose face in the face of it.people
  11. Depends. Why did they beat the women? That answer could make the sexuality be the prime thing one should look like. Same as if upon finding out, they are from a country where homosexuality isn't as acceptable, nor have they adapted to our culture. To me, this would require being included in the story. Honor killings are perfectly acceptable in some countries. Stoning. Necklacing. If you don't know what the latter two are, consider yourself lucky. The screams of someone being burned to death, are sounds you will take to your grave. The scary part, is in some countries, including the one I draw roots from (Haiti), this will evoke cheers and even laughter from some crowds. If you bring any of that here, you should be humiliated and there should be zero fear of denouncing the practice. Its not an honor killing. In Canada, it's murder. 2 women being beaten by two men, is cowardice from the men. What type of man would commit such an act, is something that should be looked into. I am Haitian. My parents were refugees. They understood upon entry, that respect is something they would need to earn. Nothing would be given to them. They busted their butts making an honest living simply to give their kids a better opportunity in the future. While I don't like being painted by the same brush as some of my peers, I can understand where it comes from. I have relatives that are savages. Felons. Women beaters. Cheaters. Welfare frauds with over 5 kids. Seems like those parts of my family feel entitled to behave the way they did, due to what white people have done to them. This is acceptable thinking to them. The woke crowd even wish to fan that hatred and anger. I have yet to meet one of my relatives who's plight wasn't self inflicted. Say anything, and am not black. I was a bookworm. Studied hard because I saw my environment. That was enough to spark a fire in me. This to my peers, was me trying to be white. The issue is that type of village people thinking isn't called out. Its seemingly celebrated. And people wonder why some of these environments are infested with crime?
  12. My wife requires a car to shop with. Could use a bus. She wants my next car to be a pickup truck. Meeting her halfway? Her mentioning she wants to "quickly check something at Ikea", is girl code for "we are going to be there all morning. We will need to get a lunch at some point, maybe supper". Oh, and "would that be nice?" is her girl code for "can you make sure you have your tools to install it, no rush, but today?" What do I win?
  13. No, I think its apt to point out cultural or ethnic background, to any group of men who would feel justified in beating a couple women bloody. In public, no less. Those are animals. Not men. For a group of ten men to beat a woman, am sorry, but that narrows it down to a few demographics. The fact not one of them was stopping things with a: "dude, WTF.." sort of tells you they're from somewhere this type of behavior is acceptable. The specific country may not have been necessary, but the cultural belief where this is commonly accepted, would be. Sorry, but you can't request political correctness when multiple people from a country where women's rights are oxymoronic in nature, commit acts in a western country that are unacceptable both legally and socially. This notion that "not all" are that way, to me is pointing the obvious. Put the spotlight on those that are that way, and make the rest think twice.
  14. Isn't Biden technically a hollowed out corpse which happens to still be alive? How is this controversial?
  15. Nope, but making ridiculing the extremists within the group more acceptable at least is a step in the right direction.
  16. It would be in their worst interest to do so, if wishing to be defensive vs spark a greater conflict, and risk seeing their best tools potentially fall to the hands of Russia. They are still heavily needed by Ukraine for survival. It doesn't matter if these were decommissioned tanks that were about to go to the scap yard. The point is Ukraine needs its allies for survival. This isn't a bad thing, until it is. IE far right parties taking over, often pushing an "our country first" vision. Not sure why one would think this, considering Putin himself has scoffed at the idea, calling it lunacy. He is well aware, at how outmatched his military is (points it out rather bluntly), and is also aware that fear mongering about his invasion would be meaning him pushing into other NATO countries, helps with securing more funding. Its sheer incompetence on the battle field. Russia has shown plenty of it. Paid dearly for it. It also ignores the losses on Ukraines side, on civilian, military deaths along with staggering infrastructure loss. Not sure how this is ridicule worthy for either party unless you're propping propaganda and pointing to the losses on one side only, in an attempt to try to prove a point, missing half its story. A moral win, at best could be argued, but I don't recall anyone that isn't Putin trying to will their population into believing they were winning. There is no winning a war like this, only ending it. Still holds a significant portion of land. You can do all the gymnastics you wish linguistically. This remains a fact. There is only one logical way out of this. Of course there are passive aggressive and petty ways, and vengeful and prideful ways out of this.
  17. That's your red line with Trudeau? Thats like being cool with crackheads in your neighborhood, but if one takes a dump on your lawn and smears it on your car, you're first in line to talk to government officials to change what has been happening for years. Thats the line. The smearing of feces on your car. I don't think one would avoid pride events because they hate queers. I avoid them, because the movement has strayed for what it initially stood for. But you can make that noise irrelevant through your votes. Through where you choose to do business.
  18. You honestly think Ukraine is fighting with their weapons? They would have been fully conquered if this was the case. Based on the US and European weapons they are fighting with, Russia is good with simply holding the land that they have acquired. I don't understand how this is a loss, considering they are still holding virtually all of the land that they have taken upon their initial invasion.
  19. Noise is rather one sided. Push, is where when there is push back, I lose quite a bit in return, so am best complying or being quiet. Or if you prefer political correctness, they don't push, but rather forcibly guide us using serious consequences for dissent. You can't do so while having the squeaky wheels using kids, financial pressure along with social pressure to silence dissenting views. This isn't freedom, and people will voice their anger via their votes and in means that will not get them punished. They will grow louder by the minute.
  20. All politicians lie to win elections, technically. Some are just better at it, in not being caught.
  21. I wasn't being serious. O_o The squeaky wheel gets the grease. These naked gay men are about as loud a group as it gets. Thats until the trans group became a megaphone. I think the judgment should go to the parents bringing their kids to this. I see it like blaming a thief for constantly entering your open garage you leave like that while at work, and "stealing your stuff". At that rate, to me this is a garage sale, liquidation sale. They are also very accepting of transgendered people. The catch? There is no pretending. The trans women are called ladyboys, as an example. There is no gaslighting people that droopy testicles are new age vaginas. That a rectum is no different than a cervix. Sorry, but no woman could pay me enough to go down on her rear end. You're not fooling a dog with cheap dried food vs seasoned meat. I am not surprised at how accepting people would be, because they are asking for rights. Thats it. That's perfect. Please do. I will support you with my every breath. You cross the line, when you start demanding I refer to you as "they" or "xir", or risk losing my job. Millions of gender opportunities. This isn't progress. It's pushing lunacy. I think the population is tired of the latter, fed up with it being fed to their kids as normal. Sorry, but there is no world where lobbing your d**k and t**s off, being perfectly normal parts of college life. Do you, but pushing it onto me, is just not acceptable. Glad to see the social push back on this.
  22. Mountain bike tires work perfect. I used to be that guy. They cut through snow effortlessly. The thinner, the better. Been there done that. Had a caddy on the back, I could put an insane volume of items on it. I had considered a child trailer, as could find them cheap on Kijiji, and would have then had a lightweight trailer that rivaled a trunk. Never needed it. You really rust out steel components on a bike, like your chain, spokes, brake calipers, etc. Its just not worth it. Even with a composite or aluminum bike. I found myself replacing so many parts, it no longer was cost effective. My wife wants me to bike more, but for long distances, would rather drive. Short distance, I prefer walking. Both can coexist (cyclists and motorists) but education is key.
  23. Why is it never gorgeous lesbians that are naked and making out, should be the only question being asked. It would only be National Geographic, butch power lesbians with mud flap titties, they flip over their shoulders to properly wash, while showering. I think its more the fact that nobody wants to see those type of men naked.
  24. A lie is a lie. I mean, he's married, and lied about banging a pornstar not to protect his family, but to avoid damaging his chances to win an election. I think either lie should be called out, in my opinion.
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