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  1. I just don't think mass adoption is the true goal, regarding EVs. If it were, governments would welcome competition, like from China. This would drive prices down, and truly make the technology compete with ICEs. Slowing this down to me, is like Samsung and Apple phones, that have a comfortable monopoly here in the west. There aren't many Chinese phones competing with them, even though Huawei, is a strong competitor. I hadn't even known they had more advanced phones than what I saw in our market, until I went to China. So, let me get this straight. I can get more bang for my buck for a phone just like my Samsung Galaxy, for less, or in paying more get way more features? Shut up and take my money! I get you don't want to hurt the domestic brands, but there needs to be an awareness that unless you make EVs better and affordable to all who can afford a car, you will never get mass adoption (if this is in fact the goal, vs voting brownie points for virtual signaling about it).
  2. Unfortunately. Once we are, it will likely make no sense to drive freight trucks that aren't fully electric (the sheer weight of batteries make these unfavorable, due to many making their money based on payload).
  3. Hydrogen cars are far more inefficient than EVs. I just don't see how this technology takes off. The future is EVs, and they start to make more sense when battery technology allows for these to be be made lighter, less flammable and cheaper and cleaner to mass produce.
  4. I think there is a double standard to this. Israel is attacked. Crickets. I don't recall the protests about cheering Gazans. Nothing. Israel retaliates? The rest is history. Calling Hamas animals, isn't acceptable publicly. Screaming "from the river to the sea", in essentially chanting for the entire destruction of Israel, again. Very weak public denunciation. The message is harsh, but the pointing to the hypocrisy and double standard, is spot on. Hate speech doesn't belong in Canada, period. Regardless of what side of the fence that you're on.
  5. At that price point, clients will expect perfection. I mean Porshes undergo meticulous quality control, to name one. I mean, it borders on obsession to watch them meticulously go over gaps in door alignment. They have zero tolerance for anything less than the best. Mercedes and BMW have similar standards. Fiskar tanked due to multiple issues, but this was one of them. When you engineer a product, you must surprise the buyer with the things they don't expect, but all the things that are assumed as to working better do just that. IE you buy a bike. You expect the derailer to work. The brakes. One thing you shouldn't have to consider, is the handlebars turning freely. The brake cables not constantly getting caught. You will be pleasantly surprised if they considered a light material, and were expecting something heavy. If competing with German ICE luxury brands, better be on your A game, or get left in the dust. I know I am getting a car that handles as beautifully as it drives comfortably.
  6. Another issue is QC issues, due to tight budgets. Lucid Motors which was tagged as to being a Tesla killer is the latest, in premium EVs being mired in dismal sales. One of the common gripes, being spending hundreds of thousands for a car that has doors that don't latch properly. Gaps that weren't properly set. Etc.
  7. Technically lithium batteries, chocolate and many other common items like Nike sneakers are made with slave labor. At least EVs would be slave labor you could feel good about.
  8. Thats a lie, Chris Christie would get stuck halfway in.
  9. What about apologies to the middle class and to business owners for the discrimination due to his horrible policies? To the environment. For his woke nonsense climate crisis panic pushing, while flying on plush vacations routinely, burning through more gallons per hour than the average Canadian would burn in a month or more. Also to free thinkers. For calling any dissenting view, "unnacceptable" or "alt right".
  10. I think you would lick a politician's nutsack for a cigarette.
  11. Only you. You're quite good at distraction. You truly are trying to pull away from the fact I had to hold your hand, and highlight and encircle a post I made, you claimed I didn't. You can't even spell the insults you try to push, yet tried to claim I couldn't differentiate between north and south Korea. I think you should take the trophy, and highlight the irony you're seemingly posting with, profusely:
  12. Still haven't provided where I ever mention my height. Distraction. That one was forced to marry me against her will. I even Krazy glued the b***h to my ring finger. You call it abusive, I call it insurance. Mind you, it gets awkward when I shower in the gym. All 4'4 of me. I met my wife in one, you may be onto something here. Shing Pee Lee it was called. I thought I was getting pasta with the firm noodles, and something got lost in translation. I call that destiny. I call her my happy ending. Only she gets the inside joke. Oh, and you trying to flail in an attempt to distract doesn't hide from you having nothing to bring to the table. Just saying.
  13. I brought a link you chose not to read. I did my job. You're distracting for not doing yours. Your understanding of irony is limited. Your personal insults, considering would be closer to what you're trying to point to. Oh, and funny? You misspelling a word that has to do with my perceived intelligence level. You don't need a cookie. At your level you deserve a trophy. You my friend, win at failure. *slowly applauds*
  14. If they identified as trans and native they would likely be hand fed grapes while being fanned by naked supermodels during lunch hour o_O
  15. Translation: "I have nothing to bring to the debate, and let me further distract to prove it". 😝
  16. I posted my link initially. You chose not to click it, then spoke to hand holding. O_o Then spoke to the information being inaccurate. So are you saying that Time Magazine is not reputable information? I deliberately posted from a left leaning source. Seems like you're making that connection. Also, find me where I couldn't differentiate from the more westernized South Korea, to its more communist neighbor, North Korea? The specific post where I do so. I hope you appreciate that ridicule is hilarious, when its accurate. Like, me pointing to how you've just been caught with your pants down, looking like a do do head.
  17. I meant my link. I presented it early in my post. If this is misinformation, then maybe take it out on Time magazine? *holds your hand* okay, read along with me. On one, two..: "The munitions sent by North Korea since Putin and Kim met in Russia in September for a meeting that led to stepped up trade between the neighbors have likely far outstripped what has been sent by the U.S. and the European Union." I never provided a window, nor did I state it was during the entire conflict. My link should have given you insight on time frame I eluded to, which is why I included it. Speaking of:
  18. Where have I stated my height? Please point it out. I have a wife. 🥰 Some women deserve to be treated like a queen. I feel no sympathy for one who presents nothing to the table, and gets nothing in return. You earn the respect that you get. Maybe am old fashioned.
  19. Plenty of links have been provided, you just don't agree with them. There's that word. Glad you agree.
  20. Only way out of this conflict. Of actual warfare. You can fight it out, perpetually if you like. But I would like to believe that eventually the pressure will be on to bring this to a stop. I just don't understand how you expect to have this end without negotiation. Ukraine already has a losing hand. They have an army destroying their country. Negotiation 101, you ratchet the pressure on Russia, and bring them to their knees, and negotiate on terms that work for both. Security for Ukraine is non negotiable, meaning joining NATO, or US troops stationed in Ukraine, to name an example. Concessions for guaranteed security.
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