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  1. You literally have brought no value to this forum. Look at my threads. Where are yours? Where are your contributions? Insults? People who hate me still post on my threads. I can still have rational debates with people I don't like. You're strictly here to insult others. You bring nothing to the table. You insulting me, is a compliment. I pity your child.
  2. Ask your mother. You're easily the most toxic poster on this website. You do more insulting than debating. All others at least try to have a debate. You lose all of yours, and then try to poke fun at the most irrelevant things, while flailing: "LOL, you're gay and have anal!" Like, where else is a penis going to be stuck into? An earlobe? "LOL, you're asexual, and likely don't enjoy having sex with your wife!" Like you know what my penis feels like. Also, why would you? O_O Mind you, should it be that needed all you had to do is ask your mother. You quite thoroughly. Stop distracting. You're trying to come across as a bully, because you have nothing to bring to the debate. So you insult. You try to pick on people to take away from this. You're lonely, angry and a b***h in real life, so try to take it out on people on here. This empowers you. You're a brave man behind that computer screen. Nobody is buying it. That's the issue.
  3. To add insult to injury, the video would likely go more viral than Justin Bieber's first hit release. Also, you're innocent until proven guilty in the US. A sworn affidavit, or any case doesn't equate to guilt. I have had a woman call the police about me raping her, when I was at work so had an easy alibi. She was trying to use her V card in intimidating me. Your logic, is me being a rapist because she said so. My logic, is that she has the right to put forth the allegations. I have the right to clear my name, and prove it isn't true. I didn't have to, because she was known to police, so I never even got a phone call. Trumps personality is high conflict, so he attracts people trying to get an easy buck off of him. You think Stormy Daniel's was slobbing him because he's a kind and stand-up human? She was looking for an easy buck, and saw more when he wanted to become a president.
  4. You seem like an avid sipper. Pinky up during blowjobs, because you come from rich lineage. Also, those acting the most macho are typically insanely insecure and low key homo. Just saying. Of course, nothing wrong in that.
  5. At this point, it won't boil down to likeable. It will boil down to who Americans will trust to get the job done. She should be taken seriously, as so far she looks good just after 24 hours of launching. Trump dismissing her, is essentially making the same mistake Clinton has. Arrogance and letting up, while using your momentum to take them out, relentlessly. He should amplify his efforts to take her out using his policy vs hers. Punching below the belt, will have her using her race and V card, which will lose him votes. This is strategy. She is incompetent, but has many in the media and in the political machine she finds herself in, willing to help her. She will be on the shoulders of giants going against him. Let's not kid ourselves. She likely has been running the country behind the scenes. Barrack Obama is black. My siblings kids are mixed, but consider themselves as black. They are clearly not white. They pride themselves on being half Haitian, and half British. My wife is part Chinese, but she considers herself fully Filipina. The latter is the culture she was brought up with, even though she speaks Cantonese, too. I mean, to me whatever in your blood is 50% of you, allows you to claim it.
  6. I think that this poster is sadly a little bit of both.
  7. You made it as he did it for the good of his country. He didn't. He did it because his party was literally falling apart and making pointed pleas for him to step down, which is humiliating. Him staying would mean further humiliation, from Trump mopping the floor with him. Trump has a united front behind him. Am sure many want him gone, but nobody is willing to risk their political future to risk it. Trump would never have to make such a decision. Also, he is such a narssissist, that if his support fully evaporated, he would just do the same he did in the military, quit when the going got tough. He is fighting now, because he has the incentive to.
  8. Biden stepped down, because the pressure to do so was withering. He refused, until the very end. It took prominent party members publicly stating he was a threat to his party, bluntly along with the media fully turning on him to realize he was in no man's land. He didn't do this willfully. He did it begrudgingly. Also, he has given Harris 3 months to prepare for this. Not exactly generous. Politically, that timing is a d*** move. Him stepping down was because he had to accept there were too many wanting him gone, for him remaining to be viable. I think its more to do with his reputation than his country. He would be damaging any gains he made as a politician, and be remembered for the humiliating manner with which he exited.
  9. Trump actually did very well with white women. Not so well, with any other demographic of women. Kamalas handlers can potentially position her to give Trump headaches with this demographic. She's half black, half Asian. You best believe she will milk the living daylights of her Indian bloodline. Her mothers struggles. How she relates to people like this. And her husband is Jewish. If she has a trans child, and took a couple dogs from a shelter its game over.
  10. Biden did well with the black community. Trump did well with white women. Horrible with any others. I mention this, because those two communities will be hers for the taking. She will need to spit shine her image, but from her being hired, I saw so many ads from her being Indian and female than anything she could do. If they can distance her from her skills and focus on her heritage and gender, she has a chance to topple him. I think Trump is making a grave mistake overlooking her (should he do so), but rather the heavy handed media savvy behind making her look like a filet mignon, when what you're getting is microwaved beef slivers. The American public has a short attention span. I don't think it will be easy with a somewhat articulate or at least....look, at least she has a pulse. This is enough for half of America.
  11. There literally is no such thing as a politician that doesn't pivot, lie and deceive. If there is, I have yet to hear about them. What you're saying, is Trump is a horrible liar. Smart politicians are just better at not getting caught, and many are experienced lawmakers, so they understand the game inside and out. Doesn't make them any more honest. Many of the charges against him, are clearly politically motivated. The lone one to stick, will easily be appealed and he will at a push get a mere slap on the wrist. This is a for show charge, in its conveniently sticking to him prior to the elections. Its effective in officially bringing into question his character, as without charge, its hearsay. Anyone supporting socialism, are essentially connecting themselves to many dictators out there. Supporting the suppression of free thought. Being offended by everything, thus controlling the minds of people or attempting to, are being hypocritical. People are fed up with the long line of politicians doing the same, but in the dark. He is not the problem. He is simply using the publics anger, in order to be able to do the same, and pushing his own interests, under guise of serving you. Like, basically all politicians before him.
  12. I don't know about propaganda, but the weapon she has, will be her race and V card. Trump has neither, and she will use hers so profusely, she will owe interest on it.
  13. I will take a voice that supports Trump, vs one that supports that there are billions of genders. Worse even, okay with pushing this to your kids. Most of the sane voices right now find themselves closer to the middle to either side of the aisle that you find yourself on.
  14. Democrats have done so just fine, I don't see how republicans couldn't do the same. Many in his party have voiced their displeasure for Trump. Some, very openly. I don't see how there is any way other than up, when you've hit rock bottom.
  15. Trump isn't likeable to anyone outside of his base. Trump will have a harder time targeting her. Biden was easy. Old and frail, likely has dementia. Also, incoherent. Oh, and his son was doing well documented drug benders and breaking the law. What ammo does Trump have on Harris? Her incompetence? He will need dirtier ammo than that to convince those those on the fence to pick him, and not her.
  16. He has actually done some brilliant things with some of his policies. He will not get credit for it, because in times of greatness, he tends to shoot himself in the foot. He is incredibly vindictive and petty. Instead of focusing on making America great, he would get bogged down by Twitter wars. Desperately trying to get the last word in against media trying to take him down. He would make it too easy for them to get their "clip of the day", wasting countless time.
  17. Actually, yes. I have competed in track and field competitively for a good portion of my youth. Those genes run in my family as all kids in it, are known for their speed. I think it has to do with naturally having larger, more powerful glutes and quadriceps. I don't think it comes naturally, though (the speed). But if you train for it, my body is predisposed for explosive speed and power, which is why I excelled in hockey or sports that made that shine. Sucked at endurance, which is why I never pursued combat sports, competitively. I ran out of gas, quick. Fittingly, I don't know how to swim.
  18. Nope, just an incredibly narssisstic man, with a half dozen horse shoes up his a**. Jesus died for people. For humanity. The epitome of selflessness. Trump avoided military conflict and threw his most loyal foot soldiers under the bus because the refused to be yes men when it conflated with their morals. I just think he is a better candidate than Biden. That's not an endorsement. Its pointing to the obvious. If Biden was a car tire, he would be so bald, explosion would be imminent. It literally is like picking between between a vacation in Haiti, or one in Somalia. Both suck. One does less, but envy isn't what people would be feeling about the pick you made.
  19. Reminds me of this. Imagine the laughter they would share:
  20. Reminds me of someone I know who bought a half a million dollar home, a luxury vehicle and makes a fraction of my salary. They literally loaned, credit carded and BSed their way into having enough to get it done. Litterally bankrupting themselves and causing their divorce. To their shock, may I add.
  21. Kamala... I can't even type that with a straight face. Better off putting an inflatable doll and draw on angry eyebrows on her, in the oval office. Nobody would know the difference. Scary part is Kamala has more air circulating between her ears.
  22. Sorry, but I speak for all men out there, but that was totally necessary.
  23. You need to be hired as Trump's PR guy o_O: "Trump wasn't shot, he simply had his ear skin accept penetration for political purposes".
  24. He isn't wrong. Porn has ruined many men, and women regarding unrealistic social expectations. Relationship expectations. Heck, even grooming expectations. If you've dated a woman who needs to be punched in the stomach and have her face peed on while you remind her of how worthless they are, then you can thank porn for that. Its just not realistic, though.
  25. I have often been the token black kid, growing up. People as a result, would often open up to me, what they feared opening up to other black people. Asked me questions, and at seeing me being happy to answer, grew in comfort. I remember in the UK, when a child walking with his mom, asked me why my skin was like that, with grave concern on his face. He clearly had never seen anyone like me. I smiled, and hunkered down, and before I could answer, his mother scolded him, and apologized to me, wasting what I felt was an opportunity, as she grabbed his hand and speedily walked away. If you could ask a black man anything, knowing they won't get offended, what would you ask them? What are you curious about? For the record, am Caribbean blooded, if it matters.
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