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  1. Who says Kevin McCarthy was the first Speaker to be ousted? Gingrich was ousted. His successor, Craig Livingstone resigned four days later. John Boehner was ousted. The House Republicans have three choices: 1) Let the eight ultra-right Congressmen decide everything, resulting in bills the Senate won’t pass the the President won’t sign. 2) Compromise with Democrats and get most of their policy initiatives enacted. 3) Do nothing at all and let the government shut down and wait for people to erupt in anger. The Democrats did not bail McCarthy out because he refused to agree to support any of their initiatives. A normal person would look at the political landscape and realize they cant get everything they want with a Democratic Senate and President. But these people aren’t interested in getting things done, they’re interested in creating chaos.
  2. Do your “senses” tell you the earth is round? No, your senses do not tell you that. It is only by studying the facts and science or by traveling around the world or by believing high altitude photos do we know the earth is round. Our eyes, ears, noses, tongues and fingers tell us earth is flat.
  3. You truly live in a world of make-believe and fantasy. You make up any lie that fits your narrative and repeat it over and over until you think it’s true. But that’s not how facts work. Facts are stubborn things, said President John Adams.
  4. Taylor Swift had become the enemy of the Right because she encouraged people to register to vote. Shows you that the right wing is truly fascist and hates the U.S. Constitution.
  5. My senses tell me you’ll fall for practically any fraud that’s set in front of you.
  6. One of these judges needs to throw his ass in jail already.
  7. about half or more of the fraudulent votes which were found, were cast for Trump. People have an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s and cast a ballot for them, parent died a year ago and still registered, stuff like that.
  8. Yes, he’s talking about the majority of Americans who believe that that criminal mother-f*cker needs to be put on trial for his many many crimes. It’s just that simple.
  9. F you. The majority of voting Americans, who did not prefer Trump, are not “communist traitors.” You need psychiatric help.
  10. Who claimed there was “no election fraud”? Every rebuttal I’ve heard said there was “no widespread fraud.” It goes without saying that in 200 million votes, some fraudulent votes can be found here and there, but that doesn’t make it enough to change the outcome of the election. As I said many times, there has not been enough evidence of fraud to overturn the Presidential election results in even one single precinct anywhere in the U.S.
  11. No, it doesn’t work that way. I’m not going to read ten articles which you haven’t bothered to read. You read the articles. Then, quote the text from one or more of those articles which indicates the illegal or unethical behavior, and include the link. That’s how it works.
  12. What evidence do you have that Blum bought or sold a stock based on such information?
  13. You’re the one who compared her to Hitler. Not knowing that someone named “Feinstein” is Jewish… that’s good for an eye roll or two.
  14. Ahh, the old “The Jew is just like Hitler” number. Pretty low blow, Trashcan Man.
  15. That’s just a bunch of hyperlinks. I don’t post lists of hyperlinks, I read the articles, quote the relevant portion, and then include the link. You made this accusation, not me. Your only example of her alleged corruption is that she voted along with every single member of Congress but one to go to war in Afghanistan. NATO joined the U.S. in that war. Her husband was an investor. He bought and sold stocks, like anybody else can. “Hmm, there’s a war on. Maybe Raytheon stock will go up.” I’m not seeing the corruption in that, unless there’s evidence that she told him about contract approvals and the like. Nobody imposed unverified ballots. Nobody claimed there was no election fraud. Nobody impeached President Trump over lies, except for the lies which Trump told.
  16. Dear Stupid Person, When Florida assessed Mar-a-Lago at $26 million, Trump appealed. Trump argued under oath that Mar-a-Lago was worth LESS than $26 million. Can you get that past your thick skull? TRUMP is the one who told the tax authority, under oath, that Mar-a-Lago was worth less than $20 million. Got it? These are public records. It’s not Fox News BS. These are public records available from Palm Beach County Assessor’s Office. Windmills do not cause cancer. The election was not stolen. The earth is not flat. Vaccines save lives. Men landed on the moon. JFK, Jr. is dead. So is Elvis.
  17. How do you know that he knowingly removed the document? He knowingly had a box, but there’s no evidence that he knew the box had a document marked Classified inside it. There are many levels of Classified documents. “Obama is traveling to Turkey next week” could be a Classified document, although two weeks later, the secret no longer matters. OTOH, the description of our nuclear weapons systems and their weaknesses and their designs and security systems… that is extremely sensitive information and that is the type of information which Trump retained.
  18. The oath of the President is stated in the US Constitution: You believe that the President should ignore laws and Federal judge rulings, which would turn America into dictatorship. I assume that’s because you don’t have much education about the history of dictatorships, but they always wind up badly. There would be no US government of the President ignores laws and court orders.
  19. If Biden agrees with the courts, why did the case go to court? Biden was sued to stop the return program because the pandemic had ended. I think an appeal is slogging its way through the system but Biden has to follow the law, and the law says that you have to follow court orders. We would have a very big problem if the Executive Branch operated without regard for Federal laws and judicial oversight; that’s called dictatorship and it’s really bad.
  20. Mere possession of classified documents is not a crime. I see you’re very selective about Biden but not Pence, who did the same as Biden. When the Trump document scandal came to light, both Biden and Pence had attorneys go through their documents to look for any classified documents. When they were found, it was their attorneys who immediately arranged for their return. There was no effort to conceal. No evidence that either man was aware that they were in possession of these documents.
  21. Example? No, Biden was court ordered to stop the pandemic policy of immediately returning illegal immigrants, because the pandemic is over. You would know this if you would only stop listening to media sources who lie to you. Because you are listening to these liars, it is impossible to solve the problem, which requires new Federal Laws which Republicans refuse to vote for.
  22. I’m pretty sure that you haven’t read the law. In fact, I’m certain that you haven’t read the law, because if you did, then you would know that it is illegal to retain or possess classified documents ONLY if it is done KNOWINGLY and WILLFULLY. This is why President Biden’s lawyers returned the documents immediately, as soon as the lawyers discovered them.
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